Can’t liberate your hands, why can you win a gentleman’s heart?



In front of daily, consider the modeling, the most direct and simple embellishment is to add an accessory to the overall suit, such as tie, pocket towels, belts, and hats.

But at the last moment of the concave shape, some of the fragmented small things will be started, and it is also from this time to fall into two difficulties.

Such as mobile phones, wallets, keys, charging treasures, sunglasses, etc.

Pixabay pocket, slightly heavy, small things are not very friendly to the clothes, and there is no sense of war with its battle. It is better to take a commute bag.

at this time,



It is particularly gratifying.

Slow, the bag is tens of thousands, why should I choose a handbag? Others like shoulder bags, bags and pockets, can also liberate your hands?

Beauty and practical coexistence is undoubtedly the first to be aim, except for walking,

It can affect the factors of the natural appearance of the suit to avoid it.

, Good clothes are pulled to crumplers, obviously unrequited, not to mention decent or not.

Like backpack, shoulder bag, bag, including shoulder straps,


How much will let the suit deformed under the double pinch of gravity and physical activity

And what is definitely not taken into account, especially the strip of the beef should be the big enemy of the west service.

Unlike the beautiful arc of natural curly, don’t you want? Do you still do not deduct a button? Then come to a postman bag, return to the campus of the shallots?

On the other hand, many of the time this kind of functional bag capacity and volume are large, in fact, most men’s daily commuting use will

Excess capacity

Therefore, it is more important than the hierarchical separation of a reasonable configuration than the large head.

Just choose a petite, it is not enough atmosphere, but also worried that it is not easy to say by others, and it is not easy.


In summary, Leo feels that

Matching temperament with suits, taking into account functional bags will be more favored by suits

. Like the Pitti venue, buyers, media, and even the streets of the men, the hand bag has always been one of the highest-end bag categories.

It is more than being satisfied with the need for embellished and practicality, and it is also necessary to take care of the hand of the participants in the streets.


, Facing the photographer’s pendulum requirements, no need to install your bag! Hold a handbag, better knowledge of wise.

Type of handbag


In China, the past has not become a common accessories for men, but as the aesthetic in recent years has improved, plus the growing styles and functional advantages have finally broken through a lot of straight men’s psychological defense.

Maybe many people have a relatively blurred concept, although there is no unified sign, but at least the bag is not a hand-held orthodox briefcase, or hand-held travel bag.

We now generally cognitive clutch bags are basically no handle or hand-tape, and the shape is more slim, the size and capacity are also slightly more than the briefcase.

However, in view of such sensibility, it may be more general, it is recommended to combine to refer to foreign countries to divide these men’s habits.

Clutch bag usually









Most of them are the horizontal quantity of the rectangular shape, where Portfolio is generally not equipped with a handle and shoulder strap, looks like a big envelope;


Folio has a single or two scalable handles, and the three foreign exterior is the most like briefcase or document bag;


Compared to the top two, the capacity of Pouch is small, and there is more zipper.

In fact, many manufacturers of these three packages have no quite distinct lines, whether it is a buckle or zipper style; and the handle is difficult to become a distinction sign, like a well-known brand


Swaine adney brigg’s Salisbury and Harrow are all returned to Folio, and the former is a handle of Folio, while the latter is not.

SAB SALISBURY FOLIO package with telescopic handles

SAB Harrow Folio package for no handle

The flip-form ETON in the fidelity agent is Document Case.

SAB ETON package

Just a lot of time Portfolio has the largest capacity in three, aiming to accommodate a large number of item organic bags. There is a space for large-area items on one side of Portfolio, while the other side is equipped with extra pockets to place fragmented small things or office supplies.


If it is not a very high professionalism, it is clear that BRIEFCASE is not suitable for modern men’s commutation.

And the Tott package is based on casual adjustment, multi-use canvas and other wear-resistant materials, and it is not enough to deal with business.


. In today’s digital environment, the appropriate capacity of light happiness believes that it will be more suitable for Smart Casual business casual style, and it is not unrecognizable.

how to choose


It is not too difficult to choose to choose, more is a comprehensive view of the scene, actually need to place the probably capacity and preferences of items.

It is necessary to cope with a slightly official business negotiation environment, then the calm color is still safe to equip, for example






The fancy pattern will convey a relaxed, playful information, natural and more rigorous occasions are not very fit. After all, the key work is in terms of professional and ability, talking, laughing, but excessively promoting the details of the personality or leave the time of leisure time.

Ordinary working environment can be appropriately selected


The package, such as embossed, woven, etc., low-key, and a sense of property.


As for the business, design and other creative work or access to the leisure scene, it can be a picture board that you highlight personal style, of course, how the effect depends on your personal aesthetics.

In the past, some men will disappear to take the bag of the masculine gun, and many times are misleaded by some styles, such as


Size is too small




Texture soft

Look at the proportion of personal, you said a 1 meter 8, the big man with a thick buttons took a palm to the bag, and it must not say that it is not atmospheric and component. But long, the bag like a wash bag is also residual, and I am afraid that I am very handsome. I am thinking that it is holding a cosmetic bag.



The size is similar to the A4 paper


It can install the next tablet computer, this capacity is suitable for most men’s commuting needs; the inner bags don’t need too meticulous, otherwise it will not put large objects.


The texture is not necessarily too hard, but

Must remain up


. The first choice is undoubtedly



, Like most leather, horse hip, suede, a fine texture, a certain natural gloss feels forced, as for the specific material to be selected by budget.