How to wear a suit? With spontaneous shoes, the trend is full, you can try the spring


I mentioned the single product in a suit, I believe many partners will think of formal, elegant, gentleman, but they will give people a stencil and conservative state.

Of course, in addition to the necessary prerequisites of the business style, it can also be presented with a unique side of the style. In the spring, wearing a good season in a suit, comfortable and easy to respond to the temperature difference of the afternoon.


In daily leisure styling, in order to avoid too formal, serious or dull, you can start from the suit, the whole style, the whole style, the combination of single items, etc., let the shape be more charming, show the suit show Different fashion features.


Choose a pair of sports shoes for suit

In the eyes of many partners, the suit and leather shoes are standard, but they want to make the shape to be more eye-catching, can make changes in the choice of shoes, a pair of youth trend of sports shoes are perfect, it can make the shape More energetic and fashionable.


The shape of the suit with leather shoes and sneakers, the overall style is very different, and the shape of the leather shoes is more calm and is very suitable for business men. And the shape of the sports shoes has a lot of pairs of fashionable winds, which greatly reduces the serious feelings of the shape, and is very suitable for daily leisure.


When using a suit with sneakers in a suit, you must pay attention to the overall coordination of the shape. At this time, pay attention to the style of suits and shoes, and the overall tonal and style change, the shape of this creation will not seem to be violated.

In the spring, we wear trend in the spring

In spring, a suit is a single item that is very suitable for commute, even if it is fitted with sneakers, it can still be applied to different work.


1 The shape of the suit with trousers will not be conservative

Suits and trousers are a perfect combination, which is very suitable for formal occasions, and the shape will give people a gentleman. Under such a style, a pair of sneakers can change the shape, and the overall is obviously more stylish, but the shape will not be very casual, such a match is also very popular among the star ICON.

Many young trend icon also likes this “upper body official, lower body leisure” with the color of the suit and trousers, can also reduce the formal feeling of the shape, plus a pair of hundreds of sexual white sports shoes, the shape is very very overall.


Inner and pants are properly recreated

Although it is a combination of suits and trousers, it can make overall loice through the change in the inner and trousers, so that the shape does not look too much.

So taking a high tie or t-shirt in the spring is a good choice, the shape is very atmospheric, and it is easy to show the type of male temperament.

Spring appearance is also a kind of comfort, so a nine-point trousers are very intensive, plus nine-point trousers, the casual feelings, can be combined with various style sneakers. To create a characteristic shape.


2 suit + sports shoes to create retro trend

Retro trend wind is also a style that is very popular in the current fashion circle, but it can be easily interpreted with suit with sneakers.


Suitable loose version

The loose version of the suit is also a very popular style in the middle of the 20th century. Today, it is very retro storm. When you use sneakers to create a leisure style, the shape is very literary and artistic style, so it is still in the fashion circle. very popular.

The loose version makes the whole more and more, and many of the sports shoes are also a wind call with retro trends, plus a pile length trousers, and the styling retro feels are very prominent. Such suit styles will not be conservative.

Match a classic jeans


Suits and jeans have always been very good, especially when choosing a pair of sneakers, the model retro trend is more prominent, and this kind of matching is also very viable, which can play an aging effect.


Gripet suit with jeans and sneakers are a kind of wearing, very popular, very popular, and hipster feeling. When in a suit, the style of sports shoes can be light, so that the shape is more likely to control.


Sports small white shoes and suit are very suitable, no matter what kind of state, it is very suitable, and the shape is simple and fashionable. There is a hooded sweater in the suit, the wind is more strong, easy to change into the trend icon, so the spring suit wear, the shape will not be dull, but also can create a personalized hipster charm.

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