Type male first spring new popular, four in the long version of the coat


In addition to basic shirts, what is the possibility of probably? Select three trendy unidentified coat shapes and extended items, let you 2015 open spring, easy to learn the style of the president coat!

Why not wear shirts?

Shirts take a coat, it is easy to flow over business. Don’t want to give yourself an old man, you may wish to change the shirt, change the replacement of other internal single products, you can wear different winds of coats!


Give the people with a copy of the large version of the coat, with the restrained shirt and the complete set of suit, the overall shape is mature and restrained, but the age is not arriving, the momentum is not enough, it is inevitable that there will be “child loaded” modeling.


Coat + white t-shirt

Grab the bright white t-shirt, in the coat, you can break the long version of the careful mature clothes!

Extremely simple and white contrast, false!

The light card is equipped with white T, and the whole is more refreshing!

Coat extension


White T is mixed up in recent years, the big coat, and finally bind the model!

The color of the color of the color of the color of the blue trench coat, a white t with light blue ball shoes, simple color matching is the 2015 spring and summer shape of the setting.


2. Coat + Black T


Whether it is a hard military coat, or a long suit coat, as long as there is a minimalistic melanite, you can lower the coat to give people too serious clothes! The lower body chooses the refreshing light blue jeans with white ball shoes, just subverting the autumn and winter feelings of the upper body!


Worried that the T-shirt will give people too casual clothes? With the gentleman hat, the sunglasses can be added to the overall blessing!

Specially demonstrated the color of the dark blue coat, the whole body maintains the color of the gray-tuning, simply wearing the focus!

In the t-shirt, the T-shirt is used to open the t-shirt, which not only highlights the simple clothes, but also makes the shape more and more.


3. Coat + sweater

The characteristics of light hair, single-through mixing, can also make good use of t-shirt micro-legends and lower swings.


Black sweater takes a white T-shirt, the black and white opposition of the ink detail, low key!

Standard black or white colorless mix, classic is not refundable!


The extremely simple black is wearing, choosing the V-neck cloves, not only can effectively modify the face, but also makes the overall wear a highlight.


Gripeling coat with a unique neck design T-shirt mix and match, you have some long clothes design, fashionable and new!

Knitting stretch


On the occasion of severe winter, I always feel that the sweater is inadequate, and the elegant and fluffy warm-up coarse sweater is the best choice!

The knitted jacket for pattern design, the unique lapel design is more integrated!

4. Sweatshirt + Coat

The temperament coat is mixed with a good casual sweatshirt, and you can feel the feelings of the young and fashionable.


Choose the camelous coat with the light sweater mix and match, deliberately reversed pants tube, reveal the color of the trouser tube, let the shape are more distinct!


Long version of the coat with white shoes, from the lower shots, distinctive shoes, just a unique highlights.

In a suit, choose a gray sweatshirt as a substrate, just form the strongest style comparison with the outer gentleman coat!

Choose a black sweatshirt override in the double-breasted coat, perfectly bake the high-quality taste of mature men.


Multi-level extension

The cold snow, in the elegant high-end sweater and military coat, select leather as an intermediate layer, combined with cold functions and indoor outdoor wear convenience, very worthwhile!

With the white t, sweatshirt, baseball jacket and the outermost windbreaker four-piece mix and match, and the layers are fashionable, and the winter is absolutely learning to learn!


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