Pain injured breast, I use cotton vest underwear!


Guide: If you are crowded on the subway, you are unfortunately hit by the corners of others’ elbows or backpacks, what do you wear to save a hurt breast?


Unexpected breast pain

Many office workers have such a feeling: Guangzhou Metro, Pearl River New Town, Sports West, Lin Hexi, etc. Walking, the compartment is more squeezed.

Every day, I took the Subway Line 5 and I transferred to work on the line. I was unfortunately hurt for more than 10 days. The matter was like this. I was pushed into the subway. In front of me is a burly and strongman backpacker, maybe he is also uncomfortable, he returned to the top with elbow, I want to fight for someone standing for someone, his strong elbow Plus the laptop ribs in the backpack, check it up to the left chest part of my armpit.

May be the reason for the low immunity, wake up in the second day, start to feel the left breast outside the left breasts, the cross-stranded bracers, the hard steel circle bra It is also an increase in pain, I have to turn out a built-in thin cotton vest from the wardrobe, soft skin-friendly fabric tactile slightly alleviate pain.

It’s so uncomfortable that, my left arm darently worked hard, wash clothes or brush pot wash the dishes, and even hicked, sleep on the side of the evening, can clearly feel the left breasts of the armpit. The underwear did not dare to hurt again. I bought a few pure cotton vest underwear (with thin liner) to protect the collision to injure.

Vest cotton underwear is intimate comfort

Today, my breast pain has been solved. I think I am very grateful to the original underwind underwear when I was injured in the breast. After experiencing this incident, I summarized the following lingerie, and you will travel to you frequently:


1, whether breasts are hitting pain or a big aunt’s quick pain, you can wear more cotton pad vest bra, such underwear without the binding of the steel ring, the fabric is also skin-friendly, can effectively avoid breast pain intension;

2, when the breast is injured, it is best not to wear a sports bra fitness, because this exercise is more painful.

3, if the subway is particularly crowded, pay attention to the backpackers to keep a certain distance, because sometimes with the car bumps, his backpack items or elbows may just get to your breast;