Beauty attention! How will you pick a underwear suitable for you?


All underwear’s underwear is not returned. If you enter a housing shop that can tried to exchange underwear, I believe you also dare not buy.

Because the underwear does not try to do not return, it is common sense, so how to choose a suitable underwear that is suitable for you, has become a problem with a lot of beauty.

First, we must determine your own waistline, wear the habit of underwear, such as low waist, middle waist, high waist, etc. Then it is a fabric, a colorful yarn, cotton, modal, or a lace.

After the above is determined, the price is checked. The price of underwear is not equal, from a few pieces to hundreds, the disparity is very large.

For example, you want to choose a 10 yuan underwear, middle waist, cotton. After the inner clothing store is very satisfied, it is very satisfied, and it is suitable, and if he is hesitant, you can make the clerk to take the tip, support the underwear to your own ideals, measure, so Panties will be more accurate. After the waist is determined, see the underwear. Some cheap underwear looks very fine, but the bottom of the body is reduced. Come over to check the comfort of the nodes, whether cotton is cotton. Don’t be troublesome, a lot of affordable underwear kids are used with color cheap chemical fiber fabrics! Whether the woman is beautiful, the workmanship is not exquisite, it is not the most important, whether the underwear is very breathable and comfortable, is the weight of the underwear. So many times, I don’t recommend everyone to buy too cheap underwear.

Lace underwear is the first choice for many beautiful girls. Choose such underwear First, you must use your hand to touch, touch your comfort, whether your skin can be accepted, because there is a lace underwear to put it very much. If you have a feeling, you can’t do anything else.

If your skin is a sensitive muscle, you must not buy underwear, although your choice is very expensive, it is possible to make your skin allergies, itchy acne. Sensitive muscle beauty, when you choose underwear, you must turn it into the small label in your underwear, see the cotton quantity, the label must be marked with cotton% more than 90 to wear, but also carefully use your eyes to distinguish cotton quality. The pure cotton underwear is healthy and comfortable, but it is easy to facilitate and does not have a plastic effect.

Underwear with plastic effects must contain the material of the chemical fiber nylon.

Ok, there is a good knowledge about underwear today. I like to buy underwear, I have a good job! More underwear small knowledge is shared in the next period!