Wearing the autumn pants or wearing “light leg artifact” this is a problem


In the mall, the autumn pants put a visual location.

Wearing the “light leg artifact” woman.

The cold wave is coming, the temperature drop, this is not “mother feels you cold”, but really cold, “do not wear the autumn pants” final stubborn seasonal. The reporter noted that this year’s autumn trousers in Ningbo market not only fell more, the fabric “scientific and technological content” is also higher, and it is a young consumer who is “not wearing the autumn pants”.

There is also another group of “resolutely not wearing the autumn pants”, in order to fight the cold wave, they took out “ultimate weapons” – “Light leg artifact”.


Autumn trousers

This young person “loves to wear the trousers”

Cooling and driving warm consumption, “Your mother calls you to wear the autumn pants” this annual autumn and winter season ancient topic is again online.

It is worth mentioning that there is a new “autumn pants” every year, it is getting more tidal and warming.

In the Taobao platform, the reporter enters the keyword “autumn pants”, you can search for a large wave “new autumn pants”. From the sales volume of nearly one month, a small autumn trousers have more than 10,000 pieces, more than 20,000 pieces of amazing data.

From the price, it is not cheap. The reporter saw in a brand flagship store, a 2,000-year-old hot pants sold at a price of 98 yuan. It has sold more than 20,000 pieces in nearly one month. From the product introduction, it applies to temperature scenarios of 5 ° C -15 ° C. The selling point is the fabric technology “hot skin”, which is said to be the winter thermal technology fabric developed by the brand, which is beneficial to maintain the cycle of heating.

In the century Eastern Yintai Department Store, the reporter saw a price of amino acid leggings at a price of 599 yuan. According to shopping guide, the conductive fibers of this autumn trousers can effectively antistatic, and some ingredients can alleviate dry skin. “Very thin texture, but warm in warmth, a lot of guests.”

Taobao data shows that since the winter, Taobao, Tmall’s autumn trousers sales peak 40 days in advance last year, buy autumn trousers a first choice for this netizen to deal with climate change. During only “Double 11” period, the search volume of “autumn pants” in Taobao is 5.8 times in the same period last year; the volume increased by 152% year-on-year; on the Jingdong platform, the maintenance underwear related search volume, the year-on-year increase of nearly 3 times.

How does the autumn trousers teamed up?

In order to impress young people, the new and old brands are run wild in the “Qiu Pants Tour”.

Key to make young people “love to wear the autumn pants” is the upgrade of functionality and product characteristics. In this regard, Ms. Xu after 95 is impressed. “In the past few years, in order to pursue the effect of the stovepipe, it is a special tight ‘pressure’ for selling points. Although it looks with a slimming effect, it is not comfortable; the current trousers will continue in comfort and detail. Evolution, the comfort is getting higher and higher. “

The reporter noted that whether it is a traditional underwear brand such as Hengyuanxiang, a cat, or a new brand of banana, it is further added and subtracted in the product: widen the waist mouth design and high waist flock; the hip is specially designed, waist Hip thin thin; different positions Different weave, decomposition pressure Only from the product level has waved goodbye to “S M L”.

According to Jingdong data, the technology warming in the banana, Ubras, no size, high-end fabric warm goods sales performance is particularly eye-catching; the transaction of the German warmth products increased by 3.6 times, including silk and amino acids The amount increased by 5 times higher than that, the amount of cashmere protein fabric warmed products increased by 6.2 times year-on-year, and the anti-static thermal product turnover increased by 7 times year-on-year.

Reporter Shi Yu

“Light leg artifact” articles

This year, “lower body disappears” this year?

300D, 400D, 240 grams, 350 grams … Maybe in many people’s eyes, these data identifies some no centies, but they may be one of the most popular people in this winter – this is posted “light leg The thickened panty panty socks of the artifact “tagged, becoming a fashionable woman’s cold” weapon “.

“It is better before the sock sales, the last weekend, everyone suddenly comes to buy plus velvet, I know that the cold air is coming.” In the Tianyi Business Circle, a department store chain, the reporter saw a staff Replenishment on the shelves, her “light leg artifact” is selling very well.

The staff told reporters that “light leg artifacts” began to sell, and the price ranges from 23 to 30 yuan. Every day, someone is bought, most of them are 20 years old. “This product has been launched for a few years, but this year is very popular, ‘The lower body disappears’ wear, and many merchants, the platform is pushing, and then especially fire.”

“Light leg artifact” is actually a thickened pantyhose, based on meat, skin color, because it looks like a light leg, but actually plus velvet thick socks, so in autumn Winter is very popular with women’s consumers who have to be temperate in winter.

The reporter pays attention to the different parameters on the “light leg artifact” of different thicknesses, from “80D” to “400D”. The staff said that “D” represents the “Denie” of the artificial fiber, the larger the number, the glow or fiber is clung, the thicker stockings, and some places will use grams to express the thickness of socks. . “Winter is ideally wearing a little lively, this is a must, the short skirt shorts are very good.”


In the same business district, Drum Tower Business Circle and Eastern New City, the reporters saw women wearing “light leg artifact”. The reporter randomly asked several women, all said that it would be “beautiful and thin” so they have chosen “light leg artifact”. “This year, I saw similar ‘species’ or videos in many places, I felt very nice, so I bought a few. Ningbo’s winter wearing a thickness, it won’t be cold.” A young woman told reporters.

The reporter saw more “explosion” on the e-commerce platform, in the hot list of Tmall undergasts stockings, the relevant products have been sold in the nearland, including the first “light legs” Artifacts “more than 400,000 monthly sales, nearly 200,000 evaluation. In the video platform of shake, fast hands and other video platforms, the live broadcast of the “light leg artifact”, the small video is also considerable. The anchors of the anchors tried to demonstrate the consumers.

Product reputation needs to be improved

The reporter noticed in the interview, although “light leg artifact” is very hot, but find a light leg artifact that truly “one-button grinding, beautiful and thin”, it seems that it is not an easy thing.

In Baidu, Douban, knowing, there are such as “light leg artifacts are IQ tax?” “How to choose a light leg artifact” “Bright leg artifact, there is no experience in experience,” Sisters “and other topics, It can be seen that behind the hot sale, there are also many consumption issues that have nothing to do with quality.

Miss Qiu told reporters that she has bought 5 “light leg artifacts” in different platforms, the cheapest price of more than 80 yuan, but there is no exception, there is such a problem. No merchants are so good at the picture or video. “It’s not a fake, it’s a hook, or it is a pair, in short, there is no desired effect, basically will not wear it anymore, money is also white flowers.” Miss Qiu said.

In this regard, the insiders said that due to the transformation of consumer aesthetic and application scenarios, the “light leg artifact” is in a rising period, and the fish dragon is mixed. “This requires consumers to have a rational judgment, should not blindly listen to marketing spells or people plant grass, and should be folded after multiple parties.” The person suggested. Reporter Li Li