Clear sports BOY, cowboy baseball clothing Get


Baseball jacket + short-sleeved T-shirt + casual straight pants


Shoes: wild sports shoes


Want to exercise, but you can’t lose your casual adjustment, what should I do?Be a casual movement boy?Cowboy baseball clothes have learned!This match, the upper body chooses a baseball jacket; the choice of light cowboy fabric makes the jacket with a new sense; the letter embroidered in the chest, the colored ribs of the neckline and the cuffs are the highlights of this jacket; if you want to have oneThis is really not wrong!Short neck boys can also try!Take a white short sleeve; others are only looking at the half-length wear, it is already very profitable!Choose a khaki casual straight pants, and you will remember to fold it; don’t think this version is wide, this version is just right!I have a style!Shoes must choose a wild sports shoes; the whole set is simply a ceiling in the casual sports wind; the speech!Xiaobian first into a set!