Women drink more ginger tea in the seasons, warm and cold


For women, everyone knows that many people’s body is very weak, especially when they come to menstruation, the body becomes very weak, then do this time is wrong, will affect our health, so everyone is In life, you should remember to drink some ginger soup tea, then today is the warm body, and can also achieve the effect of cold.

Many of us know that ginger can help the blood circulation, so it can help us to avoid cold, for women, ginger can help us with cold.

Therefore, the two thumb fashion network Xiaobian prompts, women should drink more ginger drinks, so they can help us warm in winter.


Ginger containing ginger, ginger, and ginger dilute (SHOGAOL) can promote blood circulation and bring warmth to the body. As the body temperature increases, the fat in the body is more easily burning, and the body metabolism is also stronger. Therefore, in the winter, use ginger to make ginger to make ginger, not only can warm up, but also lose weight.

The ginger can be placed in the boom in the tube, so that you can take the ginger tea tea at all times, and you can add a small amount of ginger at any time when you eat.

After following drinking water or diet, after eating ginger, the body will soon warm, and even sometimes sweating!

If you don’t like to drink ginger soup or ginger tea, you may wish to make a cup “ginger cocoa”. Under normal circumstances, people will bubble into the black tea, but in fact, the production of ginger can be more flexible.

Two thumb fashion network Xiaobian prompts, everyone may wish to drink ginger tea early, drink a cup of ginger in the afternoon, or even go home to make a category of ginger sauce soup at night. As long as you think it is good to drink, you can drink it, then the drink made of ginger is a million health drink!

Finally, it is necessary to emphasize that ginger can also adjust the balance of the self-discipline, let the visceral work is more active, may wish to use the ginger to make yourself warm!

Ginger tea practice

Old ginger tea

Material: 6 grams of black tea, 10 grams of old ginger, honey is appropriate.

Production: Put the black tea with the old ginger, and the water is filled with water.

Efficacy: Winter is cold, joining the stomach. Suitable for gastric pain caused by cold evil.

Note: Wet heat stomach pain should not be used.

Brown sugar ginger tea

Ginger: 50 grams of brown sugar: 75 grams effect: warm palace, blood circulation

Practice: Ginger is broken, add three bowls of water into a bowl of water, if you want to bleed blood, please add jujube. Add brown sugar when they are almost a bowl of water. Brown sugar does not have to be used for so long.

Open water ginger tea

Material: Ginger, a cup of boiling water. Production: A glass of water can be made with a piece of ginger, boiled water, and hot drink.

Efficacy: 1. Summer eat cold things before drinking, can prevent palace cold.

2. Ginger temperature, there is a cold effect.

Note: There is “winter eating radish summer to eat ginger”, and the summer is best in summer.

Female friends should be more healthy for their body, we should remember, then you should drink some ginger ginger water properly, because such words can help our body, healthier, can also guarantee our The body can also reach a cold effect, so everyone should remember how much more boiled water is very good.