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Warm water bottles are also called a warm pot, and the name is learning. When the Qi Qin to the Han Dynasty, the container of the water was how to come out. At that time, it was called the pot; after the two Jin dynasties, the pot was gradually incorporated into the water, and it was clearly known as a lot of money. The concept of the pot is consistent; the can warm pot is in the ancient concept, so the name is learning.


Hardware is invented in the Song Dynasty, and there is only a literature that does not see the real thing. There are many literatures in the Song Dynasty to describe the laminated ceramic or metal, and the principle of vacuum is similar to that of the warm water bottle, but unfortunately, there is no physical object, but there is a mezzanine of the oil lamp, sandwich, from this perspective, laminated thermal bottle is possible exist.


Hardbox liner manufacturing

Modern glass warm water bottles are said to be invented by British in 1892, and that is only more than 100 years. This kind of glass vacuum-like silver-coated hot water bottle has been popular in the world, regarding an iconic product of human life. In ancient times, it is not easy to drink hot water at any time, you have to burn, take time, it also needs fuel. So ancient tea is a very extravagant thing. Drink tea today, because there is electricity, there is electric kettle, you can make it easy, there is convenient, less fun, and sensitive people feel that it is not as good as the ancient.

Choose a warm pot

Old can not directly boil water, you need to inject boiled water, keep the insulation can be a whole day, there is no problem in half a day. The big one in the past has a boom. The first thing to go to work is to open the water, line up on the building, and the eight pot boiling water is the limit, hand-saving hurts; , Two points, a pot, when the water is not boiled, people will wait, laugh, the parents are short; in the family, no matter whether the coal stove is still the gas stove, the water is burning, and it is necessary to inject the helmet in time. When I can drink hot water, I can use a warm pot. The sound of the sound judges whether the pot is full, the warm pot of 100 pounds is the most common, when hot water is about to be filled, the sound of the warm pot is the most happy, like the mood, with a long whistle that is difficult to express Did enough.


Open water

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