Various bird cages for specifications


The bird cage is the main environment of the ornamental birds to act and habitat, so there is a need for the shape, structure and process of the bird cage, so that it is suitable for bird activities, and more beautiful. The bird cage can be made from the materials such as bamboo, wood or wire, and the shape has

Rectangular, round, square, flat, semicircular, room, waist drum

Wait. my country’s bird caters are well-known, and they are well known for their workmanship. In order to adapt to the living habits of different birds, the ornamental cage is roughly divided into two types of bird cages in the valley and the groceidium. Cuisine bird cage

Golden Squel, Of Cage, Wen Bi Cage, Bai Ling Cage, Embroidered Eye Cage

Wait, the creative bird cage has

Phatteng, point cage, eight brother

Wait. In addition, there are also suitable for feeding


Tiger skin parrot cage and various ferrousings, etc. When choosing bird cages, the size and shape of the cage should be adapted to the types and size of the breeded birds, ie in the principle of life and convenience of life suitable for the breeding bird. generally

Body shape

The larger bird is selected with a taller, but the cage is dense, so as not to damage the tail feathers. Although Bailing, etc. is small, but there is a good habit of singing, it is best to use special high cages. Generally, the birds have a secret small cage. Parrots, extraordinary and other body types, special hard food birds, to raise metal cages or birds.

Golden Square is also known as hibiscus cage, jade bird cage, suitable for feeding, white wood, grayemird, light headless bird, North Squash, Jinshan Pearl, Acacia, three eyebrows, etc. Small Grain bird. Can be made with nickel-plated alloy or bamboo,



Round, square or rectangular (breeding cage) bird cage. There are two kinds of flat top and dome in the top, and there is a bottom circle in the bottom of the cage.

Circular cage is about 33 cm


20 cm in diameter; square length 24.7 cm long, 24.7 cm wide, 33.7 cm high

. The spacing of the cage strip is

1 cm

Rough 0.2 cm

. There is no bamboo strip in the cage, made in plastic plates, the bottom plate can be moved, easy to pull out to scrub. On the cage, put a pike, and put a cans and drinking jugs, the top of the top, to change the habit of the bird look up.

The orange rod is suitable for the orchestra, the big tits, golden wings, Suzaku, Zhu Dench, and a variety of small food valley birds. Generally, the flat-top small cage or small cage of bamboo.

The height is 20 to 22 cm and 30 cm in diameter. The pitch of the cage strip is 1.2 cm, the rough is 0.2 cm.

. If you raise the swamps, the coal tits, the yellow stomach, the brown drench, etc., the spacing of the cage is 1 cm, also known as the tits cage. The bottom of the cage is a wooden board or plastic and a closed bottom (commonly known as the dead). The bottom is 3 cm high, and it is not paved with a pad. Two inchisms are placed in 5 ~ 6 cm at the bottom of the cage, 2 of each end of the inch


Compact food tank and jug.

Embroidered eyebird cages are the smallest type of bird cage, suitable for breeding embroidered birds, swamps, coal tits, yellow stomach, brown chopped birds. Most of the small cages, bright bottoms, no bottom, and dung. The cage is long, and the width is 17 cm. The cage is 24 cm high, the top is arched, and some use bamboo pieces. The spacing is 1 cm and the strip is 0.2 cm. Each of the top and bottom is one of the bars, food, and water tanks, and there is another soft drink. The binding of the cage does not need to be coiled, and the tendon or wax line is used.

Bai Lingcong is suitable for feeding Bai Ling, Feng Bine Ling, Sha Baing and Skylark. The shape is circular, and the top of the cage is divided into the dome. The size of the cage is divided into three specifications.

Large cage, 55-160 cm high, 50-60 cm in diameter

. In order to carry, it can also be made of high and low can rise 2 to 3 sections.


“, Lowered, raised when hanging.

Medium cages, 40-50 cm high, 45 cm diameter. Small cage, 25 cm high, 30 cm diameter. The spacing is 1.2 to 1.5 cm, the strip is 0.2 ~ 0.3 cm.

Small cages are divided into two types of large five cones and small five laps, a large five-circle high of 28 cm, 34-36 cm in diameter; 25 cm high, 30 to 32 cm in diameter. Cage central part (commonly known as patio or top cover) is good with copper plate, beautiful and generous. The bottom of the cage is closed, and the bottom of the sand, the bouncing bath and consumption can be protected from the bodies, and can protect their toe. The bottom plate is from the bottom of the sand and the sand of the sand bath and the foodable sand. Bailing is the land, so there is no penetration in the cage, only put a mushroom shaped table in the bottom of the cage, and also called the Phoenix Station, and sing the birds and dance. The Taiwan is 15 ~ 20 cm and the table has a diameter of 4 to 7 cm. The countertops should be rough. As a circular hole at the bottom of the cage, the size of the hole is suitable for the head of the bird, and a jug is provided below the cage, which can make the bird’s head to drink water outside the hole. The drinking jug is fixed to the outer cage of the hole, one prevents water from pouring on the sand, and two can prevent bird feces from pollution. The food can hangs in the cage.

The sand is preferably used in the river sand, because the sand is soft, and the coolness is large, so that the bird’s sand bath is cool and comfortable, and can wipe the feathers and make the feather. The sand in the cage is often used aside, and the bird manure and other debris will be cleaned in time, it is best to wash it with water. After a while, the sand should be exposed to the sun below the sun.

Point cage is suitable for breeding red dot, blue dot, red tail, dipdrop, etc. Generally, bamboo is a flat round cage. The cage is about 30 cm, the bottom is 20 to 25 cm in the bottom of the cage, from 1.5 cm, strip thickness 0.2 cm, and the central closure portion of the top is 16 cm. The bottom is the bright bottom, lay pad or trap. Place a hibbon in the cage, put 1 food can and the jug on both ends of the inibuting, and there is a cylindrical soft drink.

There are many models of the eyebrow, suitable for feeding birds with a variety of body-shaped size and crossbrows, such as all kinds of 鹎, 鸫, 黄 鹂, mountain pepper, 椋 椋, Taiping bird, 鸲 鸲, etc. There are two main classes and bright cings, and there is also a half-board cage between the two, all of which are bamboo. The plate cage is a rectangular or square, also known as the square cage or the slot, the cage is small, and the shape is stable. It should be a shroud, which is easy to carry, and easy to suspend, especially for strain. Generally, the length and width height is 24 cm × 21 cm × 27 cm. The front bamboo strip has two kinds of and 11, and the side is 11 or 13, or the top, back, and left and so on are sealed with bamboo. Because the shadow has a large body shape, the bamboo strip will affect the sight of the view, and the spacing is 1.7 to 2.0 cm. In the cage, a piph, its position is on the side of the fifth bamboo strip and the sixth bamboo strip. On both ends of the inibuting, placed a pair of porcelain food tanks. One mi, the other is full of water. The height of the hibernation is about one-third of the cage. In principle, the birds are required to stand on the inch, but the head can’t touch the top, but it should not be too low, avoiding birds under the inhalation.

The bright cage is mainly circular, the variation of the model is more, with a cylindrical, waist drum shape, hexagonal polygon and steamed steamed shape. The top of the cage is closed.

The diameter and high of the cage are 33 cm, the spacings are 2 cm, and the rough is 0.3 cm.

. The bottom is the light, there is a manure. There are three hibiscies in the cage, which are equipped with a waist triangular setting. The previous one is a main inhabit, a sandwood having a diameter of 2 cm (after painting a layer of paint on the surface of the inhalation, immediately sprinkle a layer of fine sand (Kiming) The rest of the two do not need sand, only as a thrush jump or jumping and turned to use, is auxiliary hibiscus, both relative, and at the same height. The thickness of the peripherals is suitable for one-half of the peripherals that can hold the peripherals.

The octopus is also known as the boycove, suitable for feeding eight brothers, 鹩 brother, 椋 椋, rhododendron, lace, blueme, red mouth blue, and 鹛, 鸫, 鸫, 劳 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中The cage is relatively high, which is a cylindrical shape made of large bamboo or by lead wire 14.

High 45 ~ 48 cm, 36 ~ 38 cm in diameter, 2 cm, thickness of 0.3-0.4 cm

. Due to the large amount of eating birds, there are many defecation, it should be bright, the bottom bamboo strip is protruded up, and there is a tray or bottom plate that undertakes the manure, the bottom plate is 5 cm from the bottom bamboo strip, which can reduce bird manure and the residual Pollution bird. There is a hibbon with a visor. Large and deep food tanks, 1 drinking water tank, hanging in the cage, and set an egg ear, sand, Lai Xinquan.

Tiger skin parrots are suitable for breast parrots, peony parrots, tiger-skin parrots and other small and medium parrots. The shape of the cage can be divided into two types of circles, and the circular cage is better when feeding. Since the mouth of the parrot is strong, I like to bite, I can’t use bamboo cage, I must use iron cage, the bottom of the iron cage, and have a bottom circle, and there is a drawer chassis. The top 12 wire is used in the roof and the size of 35 cm long and 35 cm wide and 42 cm. The diameter of the circular cage is 36 cm, 42 cm high, the top and cages are also composed of a wire, and the spacing is 2 cm. There are 2 to 3 pits in the cage, layered, easy to make the parrot’s daily activities. The wire is preferably brushed by a paint brush for 1 to 2 times, which is convenient for daily scrub, and can prevent rust. There is a cupping in the cage, a jug and a jug of eclipse. On the chassis of the cage, the fine sand is paved, which can be both birds and protect the bird’s toe. The sand is often sieved and dried to keep the sand clean and hygienic.


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Various bird cages for specifications