HORSEWARE COLAN: Dressing Dance Rider – Swallow


Continental Partner Ireland famous horse clothing brand Hoswell Horseware wonderful recommendation: Dressing dance is also known as pattern riding or horse horse equestrian. The costumes of the martial arts rider are the most delicate and payive in equestrics. The ride is in a black and wide ridiculous hat, dirty tuxedo, pedal high boots. During the entire riding process, people were in charge, the horse and the dance step, the rider and the horse fellow were integrated. At the same time, the power and beauty, tension and rhythm, coordination and unrestrained.

The tuxedo is a dress in the formal specific occasion in a regular basis, the basic structure is short, and the suit leads, the shelf is long, and the sub-clothes is swallowed. The color is more black, expressing serious, serious, sacred.

The tuxedo originated from the UK. At the beginning of the 18th century, when the British cavalry riding, because the long clothes were not convenient, they slammed the military uniforms, and they left it, reveal the lining of their colors. Unexpectedly, no heart has attracted the imitation of other arms. In the middle of the eighteenth century, officials and civilians put clothes that were short-proofed. The sub-clothing piece of the clothing is long, and the middle seam has been opened to the waistline, forming two dovetails, people call this style as “tuxedin”. In the 18th century, the tuxedo has been popular in most countries in Europe and the United States.

Dovetails have two kinds of English and French, mainly from the front swings. British swallow tuxed is mainly high-lapel, and it is a symmetrical triangle. It is a shaped shape when buckle is buckled. The main feature of the French is that there is a longer pre-pendulum, and if it is matched with black velvet shorts, it will appear to be handsome.


Today, although the tuxedo changes, such as collar, cuffs, etc., the overall change is not big. People saw it, there is a feeling of respectful, this is the charm of the swallow tail!

There are also some improvements in the dove rider wearing a swallow, more suitable for riding and competition.