As seen from Spring Festival Street: Woolen coat + long skirt, the highest image rate, elegant and fashionable


The Spring Festival begins, the return is fixed, not only is full of joy, a warm, but also have our full value ~


The Spring Festival is a return, returning to the place where you have a heart, we can certainly can’t gray your face, a tired and tired, so you will arrange your simple and nice coat + long skirt, let you debut is the focus!


>> Recommended today: woolen coat + long skirt

On the way home, you must be elegant and generous.

Let’s take a look at the woolen coats recommended by many fashionable people. What kind of surprises can you bring you!

The distinctive mustard green hair is long, as if people look for the spring day. It only needs a simple black long half dress, with the bare boots of the same color, you can make you transformed into spring symbols, winter elf.

The contained shawl seems to be free to take the shoulders, and the irregular tailor of the top is brought to the white skin. It can touch the people. Who is said that “the woolen coat with a long dress” is not good?

[One] Why do you recommend coats to be harvested?

* 01.

From the material, the moother material is a blended fabric, the advanced wear, the texture is thin but very warm, and it is very suitable for the winter season that wants to keep warm.

* 02.

In style, most of the woolen coats simple classic, very wild, and high temperament.

[2] How to choose money coat

* Target item: Woolen coat color is very high color, version length fit, high texture

(Target 1) Amisted coat color

For sisters who are black and yellow,

Let the woolen coat and auto-skin form a certain color contrast, there will be a better environment.

If your skin is dull or more, it is not suitable for coat coats in color.


Instead, you should choose a light-colored coat with high brightness, such as a white system, beige system.

(Target 2) Length

The length of the short coat near the waist hip selects a loose and hard straight type, or there is a clear belt design X-type.

Just place the slim part of the waist, or just able to cover the short coat of the lumbar position, it is very suitable for small children.

The short child should be cautious choosable to choose the long waist X or H-type long section.

The micro fative person wants to choose a loose and hard long coat, but don’t have too exaggerated shoulder design. The length of the long coat can’t cover the ankle 哟 ~

(Target 3) Advanced and warm texture

Common animal hair is prioritized with cashmere, camel, alpaca and wool.

Try to purchase a woolen coat containing more than 80% of the velvet.


This will look more texture in the whole coat.

If the economic conditions are sufficient, then more than 95% of the high-grade wool coats are all materials of 100 to 120.

[Three] The advantage of choosing long skirts in winter


From warmth, the long skirt is the most warm in all skirts, choose loose style, and it will not be more fat.

The long skirt is elegant and generous. The long skirt has a wide range of bags, self-contained goddess temperament.

[Four] How do you choose a holiday?

* Target item: long short and suitable is thin and high, design elegant temperament, with trendy foreign

(Target 1) Very thin version

If it is a long skirt,

Then choose to expose the length of the ankle. On the version, it is preferred to relax straight and a type.

Sisters with good waist hips can choose bags or pencil skirts.

If it is a long dress, a soft material must have a high waist and waist design. The hard-working dress is preferably a fork design in the skirt, the neckline position has a skin cut, put the center of gravity of the skirt in the upper body.

(Target 2) Detail and temperament

When choosing a skirt, some small details with design can also add points to the whole ~

If the skirt is designed with an inverted V-type, it can be more profitable.

Walking cold and cool sisters, there is a small amount of metal decoration on the skirt.

(Target 3) Fashion attributes of wild


If you want to make your skirt more and fashionable, then,

On the selection of fabrics, you should choose a fabric with a bone feeling and dreamer.

On the color, the most common foundation is optimal. It is also possible to select the same color grillat pattern.


>> Matching Guide of “Coast coat + long skirt”

[1] Universal practical matching skills


1 has a thickness of the upper and lower

If the quantity and thickness of the wool coat and the skirt are exactly the same, the whole will be more fat. But if there is a thick point in the upper and lower, or the size of the size is completely different ~


More recommendations, sisters choose a thick fabric or a lot of sense of feeling, and the skirt selects a lightweight material, or a minimalist slimming design.

2 exposed a skirt


If you choose to use long woolen coat to match your long skirt, you must remember to show a skirt!

The skirt does not have to expose too much, usually 4 to 7 cm or so.

Then a pair of self-slim or pointed boots, it is too perfect ~


3 long skirt stacking

Some simple long sewers can also use the superimposed manner in the upper body to increase layers in the upper body.

The dress is best to choose the design of the low collar, with the high collar of the slim,


With a woolen coat, you can more charming more than others.

[2] Different people wear “woolen coat + long skirt”

1 short children

The combination of short children and drivers and long skirts is actually very simple.

You can choose a lightweight skirt.


For example, the chiffon skirt above.

A relatively heavy skirt must be equipped with a high waist line and a minimalist.

You can also pass color, such as

Wool coats choose light colors, skirts and lower body keep color and choose a deep color.

2 Tweet fat girls

Micrigery girls can choose to have a dark system.

For example, the black woolen coat here with black long skirts, visually super thin!

The woolen coat chooses to have a straight line,

The skirt of the long skirt should not be too loose, the shoes choose the pointed design,

Let you become a nine beautiful woman ~

3 trend people wear


As a qualified fashion, you want to become the most exciting in the village, then you must learn the following three ways:

The first is the overall comparison basis, which uses popular accessories; the second use of color and black and white no color combination; third, if your personal gap is stronger, then choose the personality set similar to the above figure.


4 temperament goddess wear


If you want people to see the temperament goddess of love, it is another matching idea.

It is best to choose the matching method of the same color system, and the bodies are not strong enough, then choose light or earth-colors.

Out of an ankle, equipped with a variety of temperament accessories, such as silk scarves, leather bags or pearl necklaces,

Let your temperament rose immediately!

>> Conclusion

Spring Festival = go home, after a long wait, go home only one ticket, a date, but when we set foot on the top of the hometown, it must be bright and beautiful, show your best look.

A simple woolen coat writes a full position, with an elegant and exquisite long skirt, let you feel the warmth and beauty of your tentacles, open the new year of the beautiful value of the explosion!

* 01.

* 02.