This is the middle-aged mother should have! Cashmere coat + high albeit shirt,


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Every woman will experience the mainwood stage of the fireproof salt, some women have only this identity, and some women will have other life pursuit. Whether it is the housewife behind the scene, or continue to shine on the workplace, the same choice is worth cherishing. As long as you have the right understanding and control of your life, manage your life, you don’t have to envy others, you are a bright light.

For women, elegant and decent is a long-lasting fashion, which is a fine life. Today, let’s talk about it together


Middle-aged woman



1. Khaki cashmere coat + brown high tie


Cashmere outlets made of cashmere materials have been very popular among middle-aged women in autumn and winter, but it is very soft, but it is very satisfied with middle-aged women’s pursuit of comfort, and cashmere coat can also be effective for us. Reduce the bloated feelings of autumn and winter, so especially in the middle-aged women who have some blessings, wearing a comfortable and elegant.

Khaki cashmere coat belongs to a very classic jacket style, it will not be easily out of time at all times, and can also match with many style costumes. This khaki cashmere coat is mixed with a brown high-tie, the exposed brown high tie despite the small area, but it is able to enrich our cashmere coat, appropriate increase in middle-aged women’s clothes. Stabilize.


2. Gray cashmere coat + white high tie

The gray cashmere coat is just between black and white two colors, which combines black and white and white bright fresh, and the middle-aged woman will not only be old, but there is more pretty and young. Sharp the white high tie in the gray cashmere coat to wear, white high tie played a good visual brightening, so that middle-aged women’s wearing a visual highlight.

This gray cashmere jacket belongs to a simple neutral solid color style, and the shape of both sides of the pocket is designed on the gray body, which has played a good decorative effect. In the gray cashmere coat, it is not easy to stay with the cashmeral jacket in the gray cashmere jacket. It is not easy to be old.


Suitable for middle-aged women choosing cashmere styles, if middle-aged women are worried about pure gray cashmere coats, we can also choose this kind of gray cashmere set of irregular pattern designs. Like this gray cashmere jacket, the shape of the black button is made in the shaded body, but the style design is simple but resistant, almost anything, the middle-aged woman in the skin color can choose to wear.


3. Brown cashmere coat + dark brown high track shirt

Brown cashmere coat is the most in line with the mid-year woman’s mature temperament, which is very suitable for middle-aged women who pursue clothes. This brown cashmere exit style classic wild, brown cashmere coat uses generous lapel shapes, and has a good modification of the middle-aged woman’s face. In the brown cashmere coat, with dark brown high tie, colors with cashmere coats, wear coordination and advanced.

4. Black cashmere coat + black high tie

The black cashmere coat is the most unparalleled jacket style. The black costume color is dark. It can naturally generate a sense of contraction. After the middle-aged woman puts up, the overall body can also get effective modification, don’t worry Will expose the shortcomings of our body. The cashmere coat is matched with a black high tie, the color is maintained, and it is very simple but the level is very rich.

As women have arrived at different age, we are not the same. Simply, when we choose the costume, the version of the apparel should try to fit our own body outline, the style of the costumes must meet our age and temperament, so the beauty is suitable for our own, too Middle-aged women should most pursue.

This is the middle-aged mother should have! Cashmere coat + high albeit shirt, 寒 减 减 不 输 输