Autumn and winter don’t always wear boots, “canvas shoes” roll, leisure age, beautiful


In the season of autumn and winter, everything will be held in the class. Even our clothes match, follow the most basic elements. Coat + trousers + boots, down jacket + half skirt + short boots, short housing + high waist pants + boots. In an inherent match, the status of the boots is really not ignored.

But the boots that bloom everywhere in winter, it is also easy to cause aesthetic fatigue, wearing a lot of time without freshness, and don’t make too much pursuit of fashion, beautiful, and colorful. It is recommended that you have always wear boots in autumn and winter, “canvas shoes” roll, leisure age, let you make your own style.


01, coat + nine pants + canvas shoes

Winter canvas shoes, try to choose some high-top design. Although it is a high-top design, it is more than the boots of the boots. This makes the shoes of the canvas shoes, just outline the position of the most slender ankle in the legs, and the effect is also self-evident.

The mix of nine points of jeans is particularly friendly for little son, slightly fatier. Improve the longitudinal segmentation ratio, create the passage of the long legs. Not bloated, not awkward, with straight coat or windbreaker, handsome with youthful charm.


02, coat + straight pants + canvas shoes

The youth fan of canvas shoes is naturally unparalleled. Self-leisure-aged temperament, you can outline more fashionable models. Winter canvas shoes, breaking the seasons, more refreshing eye. Especially the light-colored canvas shoes, more suitable for women’s feminine temperament.

Handsome leather or h-sex coat, combined high waist straight pants can make the body’s line more superior, the three seven proportions are beautifully good. Especially in straight pants, whether it is a small thick leg, or an O-leg, or an X-shaped leg, you can help you cover your leg-type.


03, contoured coat + wide leg pants + canvas shoes

Although there is a stronger inclusiveness, it is not a style that everyone can support. The tailoring of the contour coat is more relaxed and comfortable, and the inclusive is particularly strong. But there are also possible possibilities, more suitable for tall girls.


If your child is high enough, then you will suggest that you can make the contour coat. Even if the skeleton is strong, there is no relationship, and the outline has a stronger inclusion. Combined wide leg pants, the shortage of the lower body is also packaged. A pair of canvas shoes is more lively, and the aging effect is stronger.

04, short jacket + stovepipe + canvas shoes

Handsome and concise wear, the test is not height, but the body shape. If it is a short loose jacket, it is more suitable for the upper body a little fat apple shape. The lack of lack of shoulder width, the length of the waist, for the abdominal line, the thickness of the 胯骨, can play a relatively strong modification.


The loose short coat combination is a stovepipe, and it is a very good match for the grease of the upper body. Combine youth aged canvas shoes, reduce the overall thickness, and the two-legged lines are more invested. The biggest advantage is to use a combination of thin leg pants, outline the slim leg line.

05, coat + shark pants + canvas shoes


Shark pants are getting higher and higher in fashion, and fashion bloggers also love this tight-fitted trousers. Shark pants have a very large elastic force, can modify your legs, improve your hip lines, and create a more graceful body curve.


In winter, shark pants, it is recommended that you choose a thickest version, improve the warmth, and the fashion feelings will not be poor. The wear of the canvas shoes, revealing a small ankle, and the overall temperament is more fashionable. If this combination is a bit cold, you can match a pair of medium stockings, emphasizing the level of layers, also more significantly.

06, leather + micr pants + canvas shoes

The handsome and pulling wind of the leather are naturally unmatched. Like the street wind, or the girl with a handsome cool shape can be worn with a leather. In the winter, the wind is warm, handsome eye-catching. With the combination of micr trousers with high waist, you can better show high-quality feelings of your legs.

The advantage of micr pants is that the proportion of the elongated legs is suitable for the thighs of the thin legs. It is possible to cover up the fat in the calf, and the overall shape is thinner. Combine a pair of descending canvas shoes, the overall style is more eye-catching.

07, loose suit jacket + wide leg pants + canvas shoes

Blue black color, advanced refreshing, simple and generous. Especially loose black suit jackets, you can outline a beautiful eye-catching, and the package contraction is also very strong. A tall girl is more suitable for the oversized style suit jacket.

A wide-legged wide-leg pants formed a handsome tensile wind. The matching of canvas shoes is not so thick, more lightweight. Lightweight results, more fashionable eye. A high-tech girl can try this to wear.

Ok, the above is the fashion information to share today. Now you know the canvas shoes in the autumn and winter season, how do you share a small knowledge for everyone a day, hurry up! (Text original, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact delete.)

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