The crime is 17! Yulin women’s photovoltaic day steals a bicycle, actually to buy drugs


In order to obtain drug, I will hate the drug. On December 19, the Chengxi Police Station has been investigated by many days, caught suspects Chen. At present, Chen Mou has been compulsized by the police for 2 years in accordance with the law.

Optical day, women enter the room theft electric vehicle

At noon on December 10, a woman wearing a dark-colored trousers appeared in Quanyuan Street near the industrial product market. I saw this woman who rode a black electric car with a black electric car, and his eyes kept at the room on both sides. Soon, the woman stopped in front of a building, and immediately took out the door immediately after the door was observed.


Subsequently, the woman rode the electric car to leave the scene. After a while, the woman appeared in front of the building, unscrewing the door and quickly entered the house, riding a red electric car, and then she calm down the bus to bring the building door, and then on the car accelerated to escape the scene.


After the incident, the governance of the jurisdiction immediately intervened.

As early as November 16, Mr. Wang, who lives in the city, is parked at a fire in the first floor hall, and is also stolen.

When she was arrested, she was riding an electric car out of crimes.

After the city’s public security bureau, the Chengxi police station has also involved in the investigation. After a series of surveys, the police found that Chen had a major crime suspect.

Chen Mou, female, 38 years old, 2016, 2018 was sentenced to 9 months due to theft, in 2016, 2021, was detained 2 times due to drug abuse. The police began to discover the whereabouts of Chen’s, and the opportunity to arrest.

After further investigation, the police found that Chen Sou lived in the famous mountain street in the county street. On the evening of December 19, the Chengxi Police Station Cheng Haoli took the team to carry out arrest.

The suspect recognizes the crime tool.


Caring the police, just arrived at the village, found a blue electric car, and the driver was arrested to arrest the object Chen. The police immediately control Chen Mou, search for dozens of house keys, electric car electric shutters, screwdrivers, sleeves, etc. in their cars. After viewing the electric vehicle related number, the police found that the car was the electric car who was stolen from Mr. Wang, Bai, November 16. When I was searched after entering the house, the police discovered a motor, the frame number was applied to the white electric vehicle and electric car raincoat, umbrella and other items.

In the face of evidence, Chen has had to confirm its criminal facts. Chen Mou said that in order to raise toxic, she recently made 17 residential buildings, shopping malls and public places in the urban area. On November 16th, the two-stage theft in Quanyuan Street on December 10 is also her. . Many of the umbrellas in the family, raincoats are on the pirated electric car. The stolen electric vehicle, the battery was sold at a low price, and the resulting money was used for drug abuse.

At present, Chen has been compulsized by the police for 2 years, and the case is under further investigation.

(Original title: 17 committees! Yulin women’s photovoltaic daily stealing electric car, just for …)