Practical simple and practical liner down jacket. You must do one for your child, novice can also try


The simplest and practical line of practice. You must do one for your child, novice can also try

Today, I will share a foundation down jacket, don’t look at the down jacket, this is really simple and practical.

We don’t have a good job in the family in the family. If you don’t have to change your clothes, you can take a jacket. When the outer sleeve is worn, it can be used more practical. The down jacket is thin and warm. This is everyone know, but the general down jacket is really difficult, so I want to try to learn to do the down jacket, I will get a very good choice from this beginning.

First look at the style picture

Ocean gantry, men and women can wear, casually, it is very fashionable.

If you think that the above color is too dark, you can try to compare the playful wave point, beautiful colors. More like a warm sun in the winter.

Today, everyone share 110 yards

Other number types can be pushed by the length of 3.5cm sleeve length 3.5cm bust 4cm shoulder width 1.5cm can be pushed.

The platelet unit is centimeter, and the cutting diagram does not have a sewing edge. When cropping, seam according to the sewing process.

This can be sewn and packaged in two processes. Just like the feeling of pictures. The outer side and the cuffs do not need to sew

You will not be able to make a net side directly, you can add 1CM seam edge.

Crop chart

If you don’t understand the strip of the above, you will not push the board, or you want to learn more children’s clothing, you can click on the circle card into the circle from the foundation to learn

(Add a circle card here, please see the headline client today)


Down sewing process and sewing process solution

The selection of fabrics, the special fabric of the down jacket.


Based on the top cutting drawings and cut it after your baby’s size. The down jacket fabric will not shrink so, the fabric does not need to shrink in advance can be cut directly.

This requires four-layer fabric, one layer, two-layer courage, one layer. The face is a down special purpose.

When cutting, it is surrounded by the neutral plus 1 cm loose amount, so the sewing clothes will be relatively flat.

Sewing process:

1 level, two layers of gallbladder, three-layer strip, scholar, 0.5cm wide, the last port 6cm is used for hypoding.

2 After the middle of the two-layer coupling, the sealing, the flat, according to the paper sample, a fill line quilted

3 Stitching the front and rear side seams and sleeves. Sewing of the sleeves and cages. (You can give your child a pocket bag in front of the pocket. My family is not willing to make me make up a patch.)


4 ribbed with the face of the face, stitching the sleeve, towed the mouth, flip.

5 Want to make a net, you can be able to

6 Doing the surrounding edge width 0.8cm

The finished product is completed.

Is it particularly simple. Is it a heart? There is also a better down jacket behind.

If you want to try it, you will start to start.

Ok, today’s share is here. If you don’t understand, you can leave a message or private letter to the comment area.


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