The short-term short jacket of the simple and profit, let you get free from the Coat Disease



The beauty of the coat, I believe that all the gentlemen men are quite ambiguous, and they all hope that they can drive the coat.


In fact, no matter how long the Leo fee is more water, from multiple angles to introduce you how to choose, there are always many men who are still unsatisfactory for their body, it is difficult to wear this long-lasting 寒 单.

In fact, in accordance with the length of the clothes, the tailoring of or slightly wait waist, has not allowed you to put it in embarrassment.

But if the above suggestions can’t shake your impression of the coat, and I really feel that my figure is sorry, it is so chic to get rid of it. It should be a wise move.


Instead, it is a short design, taking into account warm and visibility jackets.

As one of the development origins of modern men’s wear, military uniforms can not be bypassed. From the initial Brummell, the links and suits have begun, and the deep origins have been concluded.

Whether it is the bonus of the military spirit, it is still a practical functional details of daily convenience, and today is the inspiration source in various clothing.


Therefore, Leo has found several unified military jackets, which is more easily modified than coats, and also provides you with more autumn jackets (there are winter articles, sitting, etc.).

U.S. CVC Tanker Jacket US military tank jacket


The earliest emergence during World War II, the Combat Armored Vehicle Crew offers combat “helmet”.

Because of the evolution of weapons technology, some kinds of killing is more fascinating, the land armor begins to emerge, and the first rush is the tank car.

Since the space inside the tank is relatively narrow, the soldiers are special when performing tasks in winter.

Need a jacket top with functionality and warming

Since this TANKER JACKET came into being.

During the Vietnam War, the short design helps the US military actions in the tropical jungle; and in the face of the cold area, the temperature of up to -40 ° C is still difficult to test the warmth of Tanker Jacket.


It is important to encounter a past part with an emergency to withdraw from the tank. The emergency use of magic stickers behind it makes the rescuers to make the coat to transfer the wounded, thus effectively avoid pulling its body and causing secondary harm.


In 1941, the first generation of the Tanker Jacket, mainly

Khaki (Khaki)


Olive Drab

Two colors are optional.

General choice

Cotton fabric + wool

Combination, and

Round collar, cuffs, waist, knitted ribs

In the premise of protecting skin, providing sufficient royal capability.

However, in the following year, it was replaced by the second generation of Tanker Jacket. Mainly different from the straight pocket bag, this time

Change into a convenient interpolation insertion

It reflects more user-friendly detail considerations.

It is made with flame retardant fabric Aramid made from DuPont. It is said that the highest can resist 250 degrees high temperature, and gradually carbonize heat in the fire, ensuring that the wearer will not be burned in 12 seconds.

Comprehensive excellent functional performance, convenient


Zipper system

It will not drag the short design and other factors, once the Tanker Jacket across the military boundaries, becoming the military darling of various troops.


Even now, the trendy adjustability of CVC Tanker Jacket is not inferior, as is the stream of MA-1, you have to know that it is red by “Taxi Driver”, and TANKER Jacket.


A-1 & A-2 Leather Flight Jacket Leather Flight Jacket

Since the early 20th century, the history of flight jackets has begun writing.

During a war, the Air Force’s military division has not been clear, so there is no targeted unified combat suit. They wear the army’s dress on the land, and the pilots of the fighters cockpit were used to use a variety of warm military uniforms that resist the cold weather (at the time, the open cabin).

Until 1917, the US military finally established the Air Clothing Association for the discipline, and began to manufacture heavy flight jackets of leather system.



Leslie Irvin


Take the first in 1927

A-1 flight jacket


The company has made it a major supplier of flight jackets in the Royal Air Force during World War II.

It takes the lead in laying



Mobile version, from

The wind-resistant can be rectified, the body to the pocket is used in the opening and closing system of the Ming button.


Plus the cuffs, the cuffs and the wool elastic closing design at the test, it looks quite elegant.


Left is A-1, right is A-2




The fabric makes the surface of the jacket show full of smooth effects, the pen is quiz, and it is possible to perfect the elegant topography that soldiers need.

In the pocket, it is generally in the jacket waist.

Two straight-in-slug-covered bright buckles

Preventing the items from falling out of the air to cause dangerous hidden dangers, as for the chest bags, there is no color (generally brown or olive green) to see the specific version.


After all, the current situation is currently the need for the need for jackets, so he should be able to make it easy, and then there are many other contractors to make up. Although not in large phase, A-1 has therefore there have been many details.


Linen version A-1 jacket

Modern suede version of A-1 jacket

Seeing the World War II, US Airlines issued a potential explosion in 1931 –

A-2 jacket


During the World War II, the US Air Force uses a-2 jacket

The overall A-2 style can be seen as an improvement version of A-1, but it has a clearer, unified definition, basically one

Brown horse leather jacket

At first it was made of seal skin and cotton liner, but in the face of sharp increasing demand, long-term seal skin as a raw material is undoubtedly unrealistic practice, so it will then use the traditional

To make a A-2 jacket.


The main difference between A-1 is that it uses

The zipper system replaces the past


Pocket, the tire is secured with a dark buckle

The shoulder increases the shoulder strap that is easy to drag the wounded, and the collar is also changed.

Shirt with leather shades and lapels

However, it is still used in the knit cuff and the hem.

After all kinds of adjustments,

The integration of the appearance is indeed significantly improved

It is also no wonder that you can use different items in everyday, and you can become a classic jacket that soldiers competed.

The painting culture on the back of the jacket is being born from the A-2 jacket.


It records the prominent record of the soldiers, and will also map the complex emotions of life and death to the back painting, and become one of the epitome of social culture at that time.

. Even now, the replica version of the back painting design is still high.


Steve McQueen


Although I have announced retirement in 1943, it was recalled by most soldiers in the US military, finally in 1988, they were willing to pay – A-2 came back.

Re-enabled A-2 jacket has made a lot of changes, first, the fabric changes are slightly flexible.


goat skin

And the oblique bag that is convenient for handle is also used.


Although the version is loose than ever, the comparative modification does not have much impact. When the weather is slightly cold, it takes a multi-level stacking to be more tolerant, which is more comfortable, eliminating the inactive feeling of internal force.

The above is the military short jacket that Leo is more heart-water. In the wearing, there is no more difficulty, and you want to show a more profound male charm, you may wish to create an unhappiness in combination with rough jeans.


Men who are inseparable from the gentleman, you can use the trousers + shirts. After all, such as flannel, corduroy, autumn and winter, wisdom, and military jackets, no need to worry about any violation. And feel, wearing shoes / leather boots proper Rug Gent ‘Van.