Quite comprehensive full-frame Mid-end New Force Review Nikon D750


1 Mid-end FX is more comprehensive and higher speed

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Two-year photokina is an absolute event of the imaging world. Each video manufacturer will bring more new products to win more eyeballs and appreciation at this time. Naturally, this time is also the high tipping period of the new product. As a famous image product factory, Nikon once again brings us a surprise in this fall in 2014, Nikon released a new D750 SLR camera, this positioning is between D810 And the new machines, processors, focus systems, and continuous shooting of D610, making it a comprehensive full-frame new product.

Mid-end FX is more comprehensive and higher speed

In the past two years, Nikon released a lot of new products, from the introduction of D610 from the end of last year, with a retro love DF, and then the D810 that is moving this year, so many Nikon’s full-frame new product makes people Some dazzled. This is still not finished, Nikon brings new choices for photographers entangled between D610 and D810 – D750.

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

On the eve of Photokina, Nikon brought us a new full-painted SLR D750.

Despite the release of the previous rumor, this is a D700 subsequent model, but although it inherits the D7xx naming mode and has the second fast connectivity speed in the FX model of Nikon, its design is more preferred. Improve the D610 of the evolutionary version. Said so much, we still list this freshly released SLR performance parameter information for everyone to learn:

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

24.32 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor (FX picture size: 6016 × 4016 (L))

Keep low-pass filter

Sensor effective photosensitive area: 35.9 × 24.0mm

Support 12 / 14bit RAW

51 point focus system (15 points are cross-focus, support -3ev focus)

91,000 pixel RGB sensor TTL exposure metering

Expeed 4 image processor

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Shutter speed range: 1 / 4000S-30S

Flash Synchronization Speed: 1 / 250S

Maximum continuous shooting speed: 6.5 sheets / second

Sensitivity range: ISO 100-12800 (maximum scalable to ISO 51200)

3.2-inch fluttered display (640 × 480 RGBW four colors)

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Support 1080 / 60p video recording mode

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Built-in Wi-Fi

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Battery battery life: 1230

Magnesium alloy machine back and top

Do not support GPS (National Bank Edition)

Body size: 140.5 x 113 x 78mm

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Body weight: 755g

As a new positioning product in the Nikon full-frame product line, it can be said that the arrival of the D750 allows the original entry – quasi-professional – the full-frame product division of the flagship has increased a mode of mid-range models. The new camera performance performance can be described as now in SLR in Nikon FX except D4S. Further improvement of a new-generation focus system and better continuous shooting makes those who are not ideal enough to entry-level full frame, with a sufficient option to persuade their purchase. Let’s take a good chat of this full-frame medium product.

2 sensors are very familiar with stable IMX128

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

The sensor is very familiar with the stable IMX128

Let’s take a look at the camera’s imaging section. From the published data, this Nikon D750 should still use a IMX128 sensor from Sony. This full-frame 24.32 million pixel CMOS sensor is already our very familiar old friend, and it has also been applied to many Nikon and Sony’s camera. Its stable output capabilities and good quality performance have won a lot of users, and thus after the D600 and D610, the D750 is also a reasonable choice for this sensor.

The full frame of 24.32 megapixel CMOS sensor is also our old friend.

It is a slightly unfortunate that this IM128 sensor has not launched no low-pass version, and there is no exception to D750. For Nikon, which is trying to make his own bottom sensor camera products, there is no launch of 24 million pixel full fracture models with no low-pass version. It can be said to be a small regret. This IMX128 is that it is a wide capacity or high-sensing noise performance. It is the best in the full-frame sensor, and there is no pity that the details of the details of the details are not passed.

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

On D750, 24.32 megapixel sensor first matches the Expeed 4 processor, the image quality is still looking forward to

The reason why Nikon D750 selected this 24 million-pixel sensor can also be said to be considered for model positioning. First of all, D750 is D4S, Nikon’s second models of the full-frame product line can be mainly high-speed model, in order to To ensure processing speed and efficiency, a sensor with a relatively low pixel is a better choice.

3 focus all the strongest -3ev focus finally

The strongest focus is the strongest-3ev focus finally

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

I have seen the sensor, let’s take a look at the D750 focus system. Don’t look at this D750 positioning is Nikon’s mid-end full frame SLR model, but in fact this camera can be called the most powerful and comprehensive in Nikon’s anti-focus component performance. The new MULTI-CAM 3500 II Auto-focus sensor allows D750 to complete AF autofocus capabilities in -3ev’s environment. After many years, Nikon’s dark light environment focus performance finally has a significant increase.

Apply the latest Multi-Cam 3500 II metering system in Nikon on D750

Whether it is flagship D4S or a higher level of D810, the MULTI-CAM 3500 is used. So although the camera is 51 AF focus area selection, those models only have focus capabilities in the -2ev environment. The D750 further strengthens performance on their basis, thereby having a dark light AF focus performance of the shoulder competitors.

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

-3ev environment The focus capacity allows D750 to better adapt to dark light shooting scenes

Although the dark light environment focuses, but the D750 still retains the focus assist light.

Group area focus mode is also indispensable

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

It is worth mentioning that although the camera has the AF focus of -3ev’s AF focus, we still have a focus assist light on D750. The author believes that this is actually a very intimate design. Although the AF focus performance of -3ev, many extreme shooting environments is lower than the environmental brightness of -3ev, and in order to ensure the focus efficiency and accuracy of the camera, one The existence of auxiliary focus lamp is meaningful. Of course, as the latest generation of Nikon full frame, the joining of group area focus mode is also indispensable, which is a very practical design for many high-speed photography and sports photography, and the Nikon D750 is good. I believe it is more effective to play the value of these focus technology.

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

4 Continent 6.5 / sec except that the flagship is it

Continental 6.5 / sec except that the flagship is it

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Next, let’s talk about the camera continuous shooting performance, as a high-speed motor, Nikon D750 has 6.5 / second maximum continuous shooting speed. This is also now Nikon’s SLR in the FX full frame, and the continuous shooting speed is second. For those users who like “murder”, this D750 is indeed a very good choice.

6.5 / second continuous shooting speed, to better seize the exciting moment

Although the handle (new MB-D16) can be installed, the continuous shooting speed will not increase

Compared to previous rumors instead of model D700, Nikon D750 actually has an advantage over the continuous shooting speed. Because Nikon D700 is only 5 / second continuous shooting speed when the handle is not installed, only 8 / sec continuous shooting speed after the handle is installed. But actually the use range of the handle is not as broad. Most of the time we still use separate D700 shooting, so the single speed is in terms of the D750, and the D700 is still significantly improved.

The D750 uses the same anti-optical box design with D810

Of course, in order to reach 6.5 / second, the continuous speed D750 also spent a thought in design. References from the D810 anti-magic box assembly and the more powerful Expeed 4 processor with a more powerful performance, allowing a D750 with 24.32 megapixel to have a quite a good continuous shooting speed. The Expeed 4 processor that keeps the D810 can maintain a stable handling efficiency at the continuous shooting speed of 5 / sec, and the D750 with a slightly lower level is decentralized. It is naturally no longer a file. Believe.

The shutter assembly of the D750 is still a traditional mechanical front and rear curtains.

However, the design of the electronic prostate is introduced compared to D810, and the design of D750 is still more traditional, and a typical mechanical front and rear curtain is still adopted. It seems that this camera is connected to the camera, and there is a mechanical structure also has a sensor’s refresh rate problem. Slightly, it is a pity that the D750 shutter speed is only 1 / 4000s, compared to the D700 1/8000S’s highest shutter speed is slightly info, this is why the author is still willing to make new aircraft as D610 perfect Edition Edition s reason.

5 body carbon fiber + magnesium alloy to keep light and compact

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Body carbon fiber + magnesium alloy remains lightweight and compact

Nikon’s weight loss of SLR cameras in recent years, which is also reflected in this latest D750. The D750 uses magnesium alloy set top + magnesium alloy machine back + carbon fiber panel body structure design, on the one hand, to ensure the strength and durability of the camera, another convenience effectively controls the weight of the camera. The weight of the D750 finally was 840g, and the D610 of the slightly lower level was also slightly 10g.

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Carbon fiber + magnesium alloy, makes D750 more than D610 10g

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

For all metal body control, this design is some of which is entangled. However, it is actually a development trend of the camera. The advantage of magnesium alloys is to effectively ensure the durability and impact resistance of the body, but larger weight is unavoidable. Therefore, there is no so strong body front (can be thought of, the camera falls, the basic first power point is the bottom of the fuselage, the top, the back, and the front focal point will be the lens rather than the front panel), Nikon uses a carbon fiber material already used in many APS-C models.

Carbon fiber front panels are advantageous for providing sufficient signal issuance and receiving area for Wi-Fi antennas

In addition, the front panel of non-metallic materials is also the meaning of practical application. Nikon D750 camera is Nikon’s first built-in Wi-Fi full-frame SLR, and to ensure that Wi-Fi antennas can work properly, it is necessary to keep non-metal openings on the body. It is to know that the magnesium alloy is shielded on the wireless signal. As for the durability of the fuselage, it is enough to be safe. D750’s body protection level and D810 are the same level, dust-proof and anti-drop splash is naturally not in words (this level of the fuselage is designing all day, not a new thing). Therefore, whether it is in the wind, D750 is trustworthy.

6 Show flip screen video low angle tool

Show flip screen video low angle tool

Next, let’s take a look at the Nikon D750 display interface. D750 is equipped with a 3.2-inch RGBW arrangement LCD display. RGBW is also very familiar, the advantage of adding white pixels is in a strong environment The display is still able to provide sufficient brightness to let us see the display content, and can save power in us, which is very important for video shooting, real-time spotlights. Therefore, starting from D7100, Nikon began to introduce RGBW to its own SLR.

Nikon D750 became a full-scale SLR in the first flipping screen of Nikon

RGBW is quite practical in bright environments, and the camera’s parameters are also quite simple.

In addition to the color of the screen, a large highlight of the D750 screen is its fluttering design. In fact, the design of the turning screen is now very widely popular in the model of the APS-C (DX format), but the full frame SLR / single electricity, now only A99 uses this design. Although some professional users have durability of the screen, the flip screen is definitely a very practical design when many low angles and video shooting. Since we can use the flip screen to complete the low-angle photo shoot, why bother to let yourself climb to the ground? It should be noted that the flip screen on the D750 can only be flipped up and down, and it is impossible to flip the side, which should also take into account the result of the fuselage strength and usage.

Especially for video shooting, flip screen design is very practical

In addition to the above mentioned, a white organic EL display element (OLED display) in D750 is also used, which is higher than the early design. This is still very meaningful for friends who use the viewfinder in the light. Ability to understand the body parameter setting without stopping shoulder screen, can also increase the shooting efficiency to a certain extent.

7 details Dual card slots to ensure shooting data security

Detail dual card slot guaranteed shooting data security

Next, let’s take a look at some of the fuselage details of Nikon D750, first to see the design of the memory card slot. Nikon D750 uses a dual SD card slot design, which is still very high in this dual card slot on the author’s experience. The maximum value of the dual card slot is not the improvement of the end of the ship, but is to ensure the safety of shooting data.

Dual card slots have a good help for data security

We know that the flash card is unstable and unsafe, and a card in the picture is suddenly damaged and cannot be used. For the photographer, it is definitely “the disaster of the top”. The design of the dual card slot can reach a record + a backup purpose, so that even if there is a problem in two memory cards, we can still guarantee that the data we needed back in another card.

It has a large five prism that is about 100% visual inferiority to ensure a good viewing effect.

For the fuselage of the D750, the dual SD card slot can be described as the most practical design. On the one hand, the amount of data is not so much like D810, so it does not require a CF card, and the high-speed SD card is sufficient to ensure good continuity and battery life. Video shooting. The double SD card slot also provides users with convenience, no need to purchase two different memory cards, or it is a more economical shooting method.

21mm viewfinder viewfinder is very intimate design for users who wear glasses

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

The D750’s viewfinder eye is 21mm, which is relatively high in SLR, which is a kind of user who is like glasses like the author. It is not necessary to deceive the glasses to the viewfinder to complete the scene, which is also an increase in the shooting experience.

There is no flash terminal interface on the front of the fuselage, which also proves that the status of the D750 has not reached the professional level.

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

In addition, the D750’s handle design also borrowed D610 and D810, and the new model of the handle is deliberately done. For those who are too shallow D610 handle, I believe that D750 can meet your needs. As for the fuselage interface, D750 is also sufficient, and it is a pity that the camera uses the USB 2.0 interface, so that the more professional flash terminal interface is not. It can be seen that the level of this camera has not reached the level of D700.

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

8 new mirror super wide F / 1.8G gold circle new member

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

New mirror super wide F / 1.8G gold circle new member

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

In addition to Nikon D750, Nikon also launched a 20mm F / 1.8G lens. This is also the latest golden ring of Nikon after 58mm f / 1.4g. At the same time, it also means that Nikon’s F / 1.8G lens family has a new member, first to look at the main performance parameters of the lens:

New gold circle: AF-S Nikkor 20mm f / 1.8G Ed

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Lens focus: 20mm

Maximum aperture: f / 1.8

Leading minimum aperture: f / 16

Lens structure: 11 groups of 13 pieces (including 2 ED lenses, 2 aspherical lenses, nano-crystalline coating)

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Number of aperture leaves: 7 pieces

Lens Perspective: 94 ° (70 ° Under DX Format)

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Recent focus distance: 0.2m

Maximum magnification: 1 / 4.3x

Filter size: 77mm

Lens size: 82.5mm × 80.5mm

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Lens weight: 355g

This is after 28mm f / 1.8G, we see a Nikon Super Wide angle F / 1.8G lens again. The golden circle of the front edge of the lens shows us its identity. However, from pricing, the positioning of this lens should be in the middle-level level. Large aura and light quality are the highlight of this lens.

From the structural map of the new lens, special lenses are not a lot.

From the MTF curve, the quality of the lens is not bad.

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Many photographers are the enthusiasts of the super-wide lens, while the large-aperture super mirror is naturally more popular, and the 20mm coke section and F / 1.8 cooperation, I believe that many Nikon users can attract many Nikon users. In addition, the weight of the lens 355g is absolutely referred to as lightweight. So if you use it to hang up in the DX body to do hangs, it is a good choice. The lens is also worth mentioning that the lens front group lens is not protruded, so we can easily install and use the filter. This is definitely a very careful design for super-wide lenses. As for the optical quality of the lens, from the MTF curve, it is good, worth 799.95 US dollars (equivalent to RM4907), as for it, but also to get the real guild.

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

9 small junction new positioning I am not D700 avatar

Summary new positioning I am not D700 avatar

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Said so much, in the end, we are still simple to summarize. As the successor of the D7xx name, D750 relies on its good continuous photographing capabilities and a new upgrade of the focus system, I believe that it is possible to win considerable users. With the current 24 megapixel full-frame sensor, this Nikon D750 can be a most balanced performance in all aspects of the full-frame SLR camera. It can be described as a strong competitive force in the intense market in the whole fierce market.

The new D750, performance is more balanced and comprehensive

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

As for the positioning of this SLR, it can be said that the original D600 is the product of the new positioning concept. When the D600 is launched, we have the concept of entry-level full frame (D700 is quasi-professional, but not a product), while the D750 is smart in the D610 and D810 to find a reasonable idleness, become a Positioning in the middle-end full frame SLR product. On the level, although there is an advantage of connecting, it is absolutely less than D700 / D810 (mode dial, body material, fuselage front port and maximum shutter speed can be explained). Compared to D610, it has a more excellent continuous performance, focus, and control performance. Therefore, for those who tangled D610 performance, this D750 is undoubtedly able to meet their needs.

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

The D750 is not the successor of the D700, but the identity of a new mid-average SLR.

Nikon has now a rich full-frame product line. The author believes that Nikon is gradually subdividing the FX model product line in a way of subdivided DX models. This is actually necessary for the full painting of the more prices. In the fierce competition, there is more choices, and you can also win more users. Take a slightly inappropriate metaphor, if D610 and D810 are eight points in the 28th rule, then D750 will become a strong competitor in two points and long tails. Not to mention with D750, the future D750 is still the main force of the Nikon FX camp, it is really difficult.

More and more detailed full-frame markets can meet the different needs of consumers

Nikon D750 price positioning will make it more welcome

As for the price of this new full single SLR, this D750 is priced at $ 22,99.95, equivalent to RMB 14105. Compared to the price of $ 2099.95, this D750 is still attractive in selling. The price of 1,200 yuan gains these shooting performance advantages to make D750 worth paying attention, it can be said that the price factors are considered, and this D750 competitiveness is even stronger than D610 for photographic enthusiasts. This camera will also come to our evaluation center soon, friends who are interested in this mid-end SLR may wish to wait for us to take detailed reviews later, and also welcome you to pay attention.

10 Attachment: Nikon D750 SLR camera official 张 张 张 析

Attachment: Nikon D750 SLR camera official 张 张 张 析

Focus: 18mm Aperture: F / 9.0 ISO Sensitivity: 100

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Exposure time: 1/1 exposure compensation: 0EV white balance: manual

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Focus: 82mm Aperture: F / 16.0 ISO Sensitivity: 400

Exposure time: 1/5 exposure compensation: 0EV white balance: manual

Focus: 120mm Aperture: F / 3.5 ISO Sensitivity: 400

Focal distance: 18mm aperture: f / 6.3 ISO sensitivity: 320

Focus: 65mm Aperture: F / 6.3 ISO Sensitivity: 1250

Focus: 19mm aperture: F / 11.0 ISO Sensitivity: 100

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Exposure time: 1/0 exposure compensation: 0EV white balance: automatic

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Focus: 35mm Aperture: F / 2.2 ISO Sensitivity: 3200

11 attached: Nikon D750 SLR camera official appearance photo appreciation

Attached: Nikon D750 SLR camera official appearance photo appreciation

Pictured: Nikon D750 camera

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

In the past two years, Nikon released a lot of new products, from the introduction of D610 from the end of last year, with a retro love DF, and then the D810 that is moving this year, so many Nikon’s full-frame new product makes people Some dazzled. This is still not finished, Nikon brings new choices for photographers entangled between D610 and D810 – D750.


Pictured: Nikon D750 camera

Pictured: Nikon D750 camera

Pictured: Nikon D750 camera

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Pictured: Nikon D750 camera

Pictured: Nikon D750 camera

Pictured: Nikon D750 camera

Pictured: Nikon D750 camera

颇为全面全画幅中端新军 点评尼康D750

Pictured: Nikon D750 camera

Pictured: Nikon D750 camera

Pictured: Nikon D750 camera