Meng Mumei is a “iron plate” in the waist, 10 cm wide belt, “iron plate”, looking at 5 kg


Meng Meiji is also a small and medium-sized singer, because her itself is a female group, so many fans have been obtained in the early days of the election. As a C bit, she is more superior on stage strength and love beans, and now Meng Mei also has its own personal studio, and there is still a lot of personal activities.

Although Meng Mumei is a very young girl, her long-term phase is mature, so her dressing style is also more mature, and will wear a noble woman.


In a recent event, Meng Meizhen wore a big red dress, which wearing a very noble and elegant charm. Let’s take together to analyze what highlights this model!

1. The upper body is a double-layer design, and it is a red sling.

Because the small strap is a very sexy apparel, if the single wear may be too exposed, this conservative skirt also thought of a good way, that is, in the sling, there is a layer of mesh, which looks covering Many.


2, loose version, bubble sleeves will look more sweet

The red dress wearing the original Meng Meishi does not take a sweet style, but if you don’t add some young elements, you will look very mature, just not suitable for her age. So the sleeve design of the bubble sleeves is to add some integrity to the whole skirt.


3, wide waistband is not only thin, but also improve waistline

To say the bright spots of the whole dress, I am afraid that this belt is required. It can be seen that Meng Mumei is also in order to match the skirt, and I chose a wide belt equally red, and the belt looks 10 cm wide and has a strong sense of existence. In addition, the material of the belt looks more hard, like a piece of iron plate is tied to the waist, it seems that the waist is afraid to have 5 kg.

However, after the role of the belt, the waist is highlighted, it seems to look more more and more interest.

4, the pleated dress is more excellent, and will be conservatively


In fact, Meng Mumei’s dressed does not have too many bright spots, and the dress is all the pleated dresses that are being passed. The pleated skirt will give people a well-behaved feeling, while the long skirt is also highlighting and elegant and syndrome. So the overall style is still very simple, so that Meng Meng looks more well.

It is also a girl who has a gas field, so it is more charming more than a sweet girl uniform. Just put on a blue dress, she also chooses to show black boots, which will make her look a little rebellious, just like unspeakable princess.

This blue dress is a bit old soil, it seems that it is not a style that she is able to control, after all, the design of the skirt is too exaggerated, and even there is a sense of game cosplay. The peacock feathers in the skirt are also like excessive embellishments, and there is no effort to add points.


How much is Meng Meizhen? Others wear tight “half-leg riding pants”, she is very loose

They were cheated by Martin boots, thinking that the more of the shoes, the longer the legs, see Meng Mengyu wearing: not necessarily

Martin boots are not hot, now popular “lizard boots”, Meng Mengyu is so cool.