Winter straight pants “true fragrance”, wild practical and identical leg fine, with coat down jackets are good


In the cold winter, most people will dress up because they are too thick and worried. I don’t know what to match. They are worried about the foot pants.


So this winter you need a straight pants, straight trousers are straightforward, and the looseness is just right, and the thick coat does not have to worry about the dress. This winter straight pants are “true fragrance”, wild practical and identical legs, with coat down jackets!

First, why choose straight pants?

Steel pants are very popular pants in winter, but this is because they have more advantages compared to other trousers, and they don’t pick people, pick, and practical.

1, wild practical

I believe that everyone feels the same, some kinds of practical wild and unlunished quality are more favored, and the pants are no exception. The straight pants takes into account the use of wild and simple generous, in the winter, no matter what, whether it is a workplace or daily, as long as there is a straight pants, you can create a good look and fashionable style.

For example, use straight trousers with long coats, combined with collar, with a lump dress, can reduce the bloated feelings of the upper body, so that the dress is more typeless.


2, modified leg type, not picking people

Perhaps many people are more tangled in pants, they are because they are not perfect enough, such as small heads, thick legs or calves, these problems can also be resolved by selecting straight pants.

After all, the biggest feature of straight pants is that the pants tube is properly and tailored, and the middle-aged woman who is very suitable for the thigh thick, the small legs is also a pity.

Second, how to choose straight pants?

Most of the straight pants refers to the straight line tailoring and the trouser pants straight down, it is more classified in materials, colors or styles. It takes two main points for ordinary masters and winter recommendations.

1, choose high waist cowboy straight pants


As we all know, Danning material has other materials that are difficult to enter, and can enhance the dress and leisure, plus the material is more tough, and the leg-type modification is also more abright, not picking people and fashionable.

Like blue, black or white denim straight pants, it is more practical.

2, choose nine points

The straight pants tube is more slender, and the legs wearing the legs can be modified to make long-term slim, but they choose the length of the trousers. It is not recommended to be too long, and they are relatively good, even giving people a sense of typing.

In general, nine-point straight jeans are most popular, and winter can be seen in winter, or they can be worn with short socks and warm.

Third, a variety of mounts in straight pants

Strip belongs to the utility models that can be paired, like coats, down jackets, windbreaker, sweaters, knit cardigans or sweaters, etc., combined straight pants can produce a wonderful chemical reaction.


1, woolen + straight pants


In winter, I believe that most people’s wardrobes will not lack of coats, compared to pants, combined high waist nine-point straight pants are both trendy, and can modify the leg lines, especially suitable for small children.

Especially blue or white straight pants, combined neutral color coat coats, can also be easily aged.

2, lamb hair short coat + straight pants


Lamb jackets are the most warm and comfortable, but long-lasting is not friendly, replacement into shortness and high.

But in the selection of trousers, or straight pants is more suitable, not only modified the leg lines, but also avoiding lushing.


3, sweater + straight pants

Sweater is superior and comfortable, and it is the first choice for many middle-aged women in winter. Whether it is singing or combined with coats. Such a casual sweater combines straight pants, and it is more concisely and generous.

However, the sweater version is not recommended to be too loose, and the elastic and appropriate short sailo can be, and youth is full.

4, knitted short cardigan + straight pants

Perhaps many people think that the knitted short cardigan is not practical enough in winter, it does not go out, in fact, short-term sweaters can be dressed in indoor, outdoor can also be used to act as coats or even cotton clothes, make the dress more level.

The key to resolving the bloated bloated is to combine high waist small straight jeans, falling generous and temperament.


5, down jacket + straight pants

Short down jackets and straight jeans are called the born pair, down jackets can improve the cooling effect, straight trousers quietly resisted the fluffy bloated, most people can learn from this work.

Talking about the true straight pants is winter yyds, practical wild and identified legs thin legs straight, if you don’t know what pants you have, then you will not choose it!

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