Simple classic! Women’s diamond platen cardigan (with weaving graphics)




During the sea, the second part, the Tiantian home except for a three meals a day, it is a poke in poke the most loved wool and needle stamp.

The children enjoy my woven results, and I enjoy the process of weaving, who will be won’t come to weave so much clothes.


Especially like this coarse needle, there may be two weaving three weavings. Refer to the weaving of Mumei sister, attached to the illustration and preparation process for your reference.


Crude wool 800g


4.5mm 5.0mm


Work show:

Weaving instructions:

After the film: 4.5mm 102 knit double ribs 16 lines After replacement 5.0mm needle according to the graphic flower, the two sides of each 5-pin singing, from the graphical second needle to start the pattern, six needles twist change into four needles, the middle 28 28 Needle monetary, left and right side. The rear film rhombus is woven to the five and a half left and right starts to guide the Returr shoulder 2-4-5, 2-5-1, 2-6-1, and leave the nest, the middle is 3 needles, two sides 2-3 -1, 2-2-1, 2-1-1, 31 needles of the shoulders on both sides.

Front: 4.5mm from 50 knit double ribs 16 lines of 5.0mm needle start to woven pattern, according to the height of the subsequent, the front collar will open the position, the front lead nest is 4 pins, 2-3-1 , 2-3-2, 2-2-3, 2-1-4, backpacks and shoulders. The left and right front films pay attention to the pattern to the city.

Sleeve: 4.5mm pin 40 needles, double ribs 16 lines 5.0mm knit pattern on both sides of the knitting pattern each plus 1 needle, weaving enough to follow the two needles to stitch in three rows according to the two needles.

Threshold: 4.5mm needle 5 line 4 knit double rib 10 line, flat needle two lines of opposite side, right door, eye eye eye.

Collar: 4.5mm needle picker, left and right front collar each 27 pins, the collar 44 knit double ribs 10 lines, two lines flat needle, the upper end is closed, the right side is the top end.


• END •


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