Deng Wendi daughter takes pictures of girlfriends, wearing swimwear station C, full range of famous luxury life


Summary Time Deng Wendi sunned himself to a picture of a island vacation. This time, Deng Wendi seems to be alone, and a person is leisurely sitting on the lounge chair and appreciates beauty. Although it looks very comfortable but slightly desolate. I didn’t expect Deng Wendi for a long time. The 18-year-old daughter’s lace took a lot of photos with friends appeared in the island, and it was a point of movement with mother.

Grace first sunned her with girlfriends a few people bathing the sun on the beach, and several young girls lie on the hot sand and enjoy the beautiful time brought by nature. After the laser is also drinking with many good friends, it is in a swimming pool, and Glarish is wearing a green wave dot swimwear. There are a lot of girls in the scene, but it seems that only Glarish is in the pool, and others are sitting above her. Everyone has a juice in his hand to raise a cup of celebration.


Perhaps it is a day of play, there is still a few points in a day. There is still a few points. She wrapped in the bathrobe and she was wrapped in the bathrobe and she was sitting in a pavilion. She leaned together to look at the lens, Gray It became a red swimsuit. It seems that the island’s trunk lace is ready to be very adequate, replace more clothes within a day, and strive to show your most perfect side.

Several young girls worked at each other on the yacht, and the leopard swimsuits in Gerais were very bright, wearing a swimsuit to stand up, and won everyone’s attention. If you have to praise the sun, you seem to be thin. The swimsuit is the most testive thing, but the grace is clearly scattered, and the fat decreases, the change is not small, and there is also a multi-set of swimsuits to replace the venue. Show a luxury life of a ladies.


Some netizens saw Gerai’s sun, saying: more and more beautiful, can be more than a mother Deng Wendi, and some netizens said: Gray is successful, and there is no fat on the belly, although it is not slim but win in bodybuilding. It seems that Glarish that I have gone in a fashion week seems to be very touched. I have to succeed how long it will be slim, when I take a photo with girlfriends to the island tour, whether it is a pattern or a temperament, I can recognize it.

Gerae is worthy of Deng Wendi daughter, although the personal low-key is reluctant to be promoted, but there is a master of a social person, she will naturally learn a lot. What’s more, Glarish is just right, it is, you can sway your youth. Deng Wendi intentionally cultivated Grace’s famous diamond, she naturally became more and more beautiful. Former Gerber, because of various reasons, Dang Wendi took her a special trip to Beijing to meet the flowers, such as Zhang Ziyi, Li Bingbing and others, Glarish seems to have a cold.

Now she is a lot of age, and she has not decided to become a social name, but they have been in contact with the mother of the fashion circle with the mother. With Dun Wendi attended the performance of a time, in the scene and Anna Wen Tur, praising the fashion week is very interesting, sincerely expressed his interest.

It seems that Gree is indeed a lot of transformation, the previous brood is almost unsatched with his girlfriends, take a photo, let the c bits, you will be grateful. The grace is quite a bit of Deng Wendi style. Maybe after you have to pick up your mother’s clothes, let us wait and see! Return to Sohu, see more




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