10 sets of went downstairs to lose garbage, no face, keep warm and good, winter must


Today’s inspiration is from my female neighbors. On a day of the week, I went out to meet her downstairs, and I was obviously wearing the coat or down jacket wearing it outside. No matter It is a style or a texture that makes people in front of them.

So we talked twice on this topic, I found out that it turned out

In winter, in pajamas, under the outerwear, the home service is really a warm, and the existence of the event is convenient.

Like us, there is no heating in the south. After getting up, I only wear pajamas will be a bit cold. I am uncomfortable to wear jackets. At this time, I’m most suitable. And go downstairs to throw garbage to take the express delivery, do not have to change clothes, directly put on the home to go out, whether it is warm or appearance.

I will go online, I will give myself two new home clothes. At the same time, I also share the good things I found with you.

But look at a home service, it is good, can’t look at the picture on its picture, there are many details that it is not suitable for you.

So before sharing the specific home clothes, let’s take a look.

Pick a place where you need to pay attention to





Home clothes and coats are different, making fabrics don’t have such a few:


Cotton, hemp, silk, cotton + chemical fiber


. The same fabric varies depending on its weave or manufacturing process.

In winter’s home clothes, we see the most two fabrics are

Cotton and flannel / coral velvet.

In fact, the traditional flannel is made from a more complex process. The plush density is relatively large, the hand is soft and flat, the appearance looks a short layer of fluff, not what we often see now The furry feeling of coral velvet.


The coral velvet is made from the heating, deformation, rich in color, delicate hand, not easy to fade.

Surface layer short fluff, this is a flange


Long hair, touching furry is a coral velvet

The francher is higher than the coral velvet.


But now the two fabrics are mixed together when they sell, and they are often actually coral velvet, that is, the raw materials are polyester fibers, and the furry is touched.

I have bought two kinds of cotton and coral velvet, and I also like it. It’s just that winter skin is suddenly exposed to cotton surface or it will feel more cool, but coral fleet is more skin-friendly, and wearing the upper body is warm and soft.


So, what kind of kind you want to choose, depending on your right

Whether the fabric is pure natural, and the demand of the skin




2. Design

For practical considerations, winter home clothes will be careful when buying.

These three places.

One is the neckline, mainly for the set of sets.

Evergreen is not convenient to be small, the neck is uncomfortable, it is inconvenient when wearing it.

This problem generally buys yourself familiar, reliable brands can’t be wrong, or more look at the model wear, see what the neck is.

The second is no pocket.

Whether it is a top or a pants, there is no pocket really very inconvenient. The mobile phone, paper towel, lipstick, and even a key to the top of the clothes, and even a pocket on the clothes.

And in accordance with my experience, the top has a pocket than the pants. Because things are in pants in pants, I always feel that there is something on the thigh, very uncomfortable.

The third is that the clothes cuffs are not tight.

It is very troublesome to do a family affairs in the family, if the sleeves are not good, or it is very troublesome to fall.

After identifying these three places that need attention, I divided home into three categories in accordance with common style:





The each lists some good examples to give you a reference. (From my familiar, I have selected it. I have an advertisement, I don’t ask.)


one. Set


1. Fenteng coral velvet set home service suit ¥ 229


This is the most basic set. First look at the neckline and the cuffs are all I am very satisfied. There are coral velvets in the trousers, and the legs are not cold. Ink green + sports wind, sometimes the wind is large, and it is also very harmonious when you go out.


2. Fenteng coral velvet cap sucks home service suit ¥ 206

I like it very much on the hat and sleeves, it looks very energetic. The color of the top looks very gentle, pockets on the pants. Like this wide-wide shirt, I will take a thin touch t-shirt or directly in the pajamas directly, very warm. Wearing things at home is also very venor.


3. Fenteng coral velvet long set home service suit ¥ 189

When I saw a long time, I felt like a long time. This set is the match with long top jackets and leggings.

There is also a bifurcation under the top of the top, and it is very spiritual.

two. Cardigan

1. Anzhi companion complex cashmere home service suit ¥ 299.8

I look at this set of colors look good. This set of fabrics in this set is different, the raw materials are polyester fibers, the process is different, the texture is different, but the same touch is very comfortable.


There is a pocket, the texture of the surface of the clothes is much better than the light of the cotton we bought in the past few years.


2. Bengsu coral velvet plus long cardigan home service suit ¥ 198

This winter I was completely unresolved in the long style. It seems that it is very safe, compared with the short money, the waist feels more and more comfortable. And the pocket of this top is also very large, and it is very convenient to spend things.

3. Anzone with compound jacket cotton padded home service suit ¥ 299.8

First of all, this style is very good, the skin is pink, the upper is jacket style, the cuffs and neck are embellished with a circle. Secondary fabric quality is not a chic, the surface is a knitted texture, the appearance does not look heavy, the inner mile is furry, very skin warm.

The style of pockets is also very foreign.

4. Anzone with coral fleece one-piece cardigan home service ¥ 189.8

This biggest feature is convenient, and it is just this one, especially when you get on the night. When you open the air conditioner, we wear a thin point of home service. If you can’t get in the kitchen or outside the air conditioner, you will take this set.

three. Link

1. Anzhi companion lamb sharp series home service ¥ 189.8

Most of the context-aged home service is more cartoon style, which is the texture of polyester fibers to treat this kind of lamb. The biggest benefit of the coil is to wear a set, then pull it off when wearing it.

2. Anzhi companion coral velvet cap co-exchanged home service ¥ 229.8

This back is behind a cute cartoon hat, and the inside and outside is a coral velvet, and the pocket is still a heart shape. It’s really lovely from the beginning to the foot.

Family members of the company have an old-fashioned family members can buy them to wear a wear, very cute, easy to wear, and no need to buckle. But I will wait for women and friends, I’m still counting ~ (Jun, what to wear, what to wear)

Ok ~ The above is Xiao Zhu sister about the home service all the things that I want to talk to everyone.

I started with my fashionable female neighbors to my inspiration, and I wrote it with you. During the process of writing, browsed a large number of various styles of home clothes, I can’t help but give yourself a few. how about you? What style of your favorite home service is, please share with me in the comment area.

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