2021 most popular single items, don’t pick your body, who wear


Summer supreme is, long-term, you can feel the more hot sun and blowing on the body, and finally arrived together.

Welcome to summer

The day!

I believe many sisters add new members to my wardrobe ~

After all, we are fashionable.


It is the most important thing to say, “Your soil, this is the most popular …”

However, in order to avoid everyone “invalid shopping”, the post-discovery is hidden and documered in the future …

Today, I’m giving you a joy.

Summer Popular Single Guide

Follow buying, let you always have a good one more than others!

Our girls, when is it, there is absolutely not less than a beautiful dress!

The most popular cream skirt in this summer is actually referring to

Soft delicious cream ice cream



Low saturation color color ➕ Simply single solid color style, upper body




Compared with the pando skirt in the first two years, the oil painting skirt is compared to the oil painting, it has no exaggerated contrast, the elements of the pattern, so there is more pure and sweet, more


Highlight the gas quality


Wearing a cream skirt, as if adding a soft light to the whole picture, light and elegant make people feel!



Romantic exquisite hair

If you are pure and want, you will not lose the taste of the woman, it is full of escaping the princess!

Throughout this year’s show, it is not difficult to find that the fashion big names are not satisfied.

Putty ordinary


Have started


Waist, chest, back

The positions of highlights have been arranged.


The advantage of this style is that not only Get is careful, but also breaks the routing daily wear,

Eyeight Max✨

Yuzefi 2021 Lookbook

Like recently, there are no young women who choose Pick with a hollow design.


Formal dress


Call the red carpet ~


Everyday is more suitable for follow


Short long wearing method


, Digging empty top + high waist skirt, showing perfect smooth line, slim and the leg is long!

The design of the hollow, it is simply


Small chest girl

Tailor-made, if the hidden little sexy is the most sterling!

There is also a dark dress with high waves, it can highlight the waist,

Lazy, naturally integrated into playful feelings


It is too suitable for vacation travel ~

If this year is going to move this year

Male Star Favorite Single Award

, I think ten eight-nine final winners are “old-headed vest”, sleeveless style, revealing a beautiful muscle line, showing cool young people!

Well, our girls are all kinds of

Fancy hanging vest

Just show

The most slender clavicle line


, Can be worn, can do it, it is the universal single item that the street shoots ICON!


With loose wide-leg pants, put the sling into the pants.


Just the right skin care


Let you look the bee on the back, and there is a long leg!

In the choice

Color or bright color

At the time of the style, it is recommended that everyone is in touch, pay attention to the echo of the upper and lower colors, which seems to be more integrated ~

Sun protection, fashionable two incorrect

Empty top cap must also be famous in the list!

First, the air top design is very intimate, the ordinary hat

Springs and collapse hairstyle

Various problems ~

Increased the coolness, gaining more, and pulling high head ratio,


, Wear experience super comfortable ~

And empty top cap



It is possible to have a good shape when it is suitable for photographing!

Some styles can also get together

Directly wear

, Convenient to accommodate, easy to use, buy it ~


A set of Wuli ancestors a few days ago

Super beauty riding

I really gave me a colorful crit!

The sunset overlash is mixed with the draft and the woven cowboy hat, the atmosphere is full, and I will let me secretly buy the determination of the cowboy hat. This is





The oversized cap of the western cowboy hat is simply


Big head big face girl gospel

The visual face effect is also strong than the beauty camera.


As long as there is it, even if it is just a relaxed T-shirt, you can change

American hot girl

I don’t exaggerate, who is really delicious!

And it can also be used as an accessory, the back is quite, very


Be unwell

Wild charm ~


Wall cracking Amway

拽 酷

Human hand is top!

Popularity, classic forever, for

Love bag


Let us, you can always believe in chanel ~


In recent years, CHANEL has made many

Pearl element

The bag is full of texture, and it is also full of gentle and elegant temperament. Whether it is with a casual service, or the fairy skirt is very, the model can be fired as a whole network explosion model. Nature is also expected.


Recently, Chanel “Métiers D’ART Workshops”


New AirPods Case

It’s even in my heart ~


Positive decoration with a water drill, Chanel classic dual C logo, with pearl leather chain, proper


Out of the street stylus

, This is beautiful, there is really no woman can resist!

Ok, today’s


2021 Summer Album


Just sharing here, u1s1, the trend of this quarter is still very practical drops, how do you have a few pieces?