Girls denim thick plus velvet jacket warm fashion and beautiful


In the small editor, the jewette is a four seasons. Whether it is a warm spring or a cold winter, as long as it is suitable, you can wear a jeans.

女生牛仔加厚加绒外套 保暖时尚又靓丽

Today, Xiaobian organizes some good-looking cowboy jackets, come and take a look at me!

1, hooded cloak denim jacket

This denim coat uses high quality natural cotton fibers, clear texture, close texture. Plus faint water washing white, appeared fresh and fashionable. And this fabric also adheres to the good breathable performance of cotton, as well as comfort, but not only the upper body is relaxed, but also looks good. In addition, it is incorporated with knitting elements to make the cowboy jacket less tough, there is a feeling of affinity and leisure. And its luxurious big fur collar hood design, unique but different. The whole dress is like a gentle heart, and there is a special charm.

2, winter thickened denim jacket

This denim jacket is a small fresh-style jacket that uses cartoon stars pocket design, on the one hand, it has been cute and playful, on the other hand, it is practical. And it is super thick to cotton’s excellent liner, soft texture, comfortable skin. In addition, its waist drawstring design allows us to adjust, slim and slim according to waist circumference. In addition, when cleaning, you can put a spoon of salt in cold water and then soak the denim jacket, which will reduce the fade of the jeans, so that the denim jacket is beautiful and fresh.

女生牛仔加厚加绒外套 保暖时尚又靓丽

3, waist hooded denim jacket

女生牛仔加厚加绒外套 保暖时尚又靓丽

This denim jacket is a slimming version, a plurality of divided lines, stylish and generous, and easily can take out the body of the face, meet the wishes of the sisters. The clothes are comfortable to furnish the hair cap, which can play the role of the face, and the more beautiful faces don’t worry. In addition, this dress has a highlight, that is, it has a very delicate big pocket. Unlike other clothes, the big pockets of this dress are very practical, and it is more close to the fashion trend.

女生牛仔加厚加绒外套 保暖时尚又靓丽

4, short loose denim jacket

This denim jacket is a short section, which makes it different from other jackets, with more ways. And it is different shallow cattle blue, which also reflects independent and tough denim spirit. The clothes are used in Xinjiang long velvet cotton, skin breathable, and it will be very comfortable. In addition, the bright spot of the clothes is its designer design, and the three-dimensional enclosures are embodied, which is dotted, not only relaxed, but also literary. Double patch pockets before the clothes add a retro atmosphere.

5, windbreaker denim jacket

女生牛仔加厚加绒外套 保暖时尚又靓丽

This denim coat uses a slim version, using classic style, showing women’s casual playful temperament. And it still uses a unique lapel neck design, but simple and generous but does not fool. In addition, it uses tips in the sustain of the clothes, pending with a circular arc shape, on the one hand, the effect is the effect, and on the other hand, it is very fashionable, and the two are beautiful. And the whole clothes are not particularly long, and the little short-legged sister does not have to worry about it.

6, thick plus velvet denim jacket

This denim coat is a bicycle coat, which uses detachable super large fur collar, warm and comfortable, and can be taken down when it is inconvenient, convenient and practical. And it uses the simulated scorpion hair, not only the length is thick, but also the hand is soft and smooth, but it is not easy to drop. In addition, there are still a lot of highlights, which have atmospheric pattern patch decoration, which gives people a different feeling while cute playful. In addition, the clothes are simple and generous, so that the wearer has a charming charm, becoming a beautiful scenery of the stylish street.

Different denim coats have different styles, as different people have different character. I hope that you can find the one yourself in these jackets. If I like me, please pay more attention to us!