Use green to plant beauty, not as simple as you think!


Green planting, there is more or less in everyone, not putting on the balcony, is it placed on the windowsill? If you want to use green to plant it, you can be so simple. It’s not that we will put a few pots of green planting in the home. How to put the green to plant a beautiful beauty, this can play the role of the United States!

First, give the green to the new “new clothes”

Buy back green plants, usually put in a simple container, we may wish to replace the good “new clothes”, watching the value of a few times!

Recommended 1: Hand-painted stereo

Simple modern design style, fashion and beautiful, hand-made, water outlet, practical and convenient. Various sizes, unique shape, a green planting machine with literary breath, must have a must.


¥ 50.00

Hundreds of meat plant flower pots coarse pottery pot hand-painted stereo ceramic potted random ten specials

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Recommended 2: Mini Eggs

The design comes from life, mini egg thumb, polymeti plant, using imported high-strength cement synthetic fibers, making eggs. A variety of egg color selection, it is recommended that you choose multiple colors to match, it looks more and more!

¥ 36.00


MEMA Half Egg Shell Handmade Simulation Multi Meat Tort W152

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Recommended 3: Wooden flower pot

US imported solid wood carbonization, export quality, wooden super good; useful service life, this can be planted in various vegetable flowers, not afraid of wind and rain, not easy to rot and pest.

¥ 68.00

Anti-corrosion wooden box outdoor carbonized solid wood flower pot long square materium vegetable basal large planting box wooden flower

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Recommended 4: Retro Iron Leather

Do the old manual iron, keep the texture of the iron; retro craft, give people an episodes; suitable for placing a variety of more meat plants in the home, Mengmeng’s appearance, complement with many meats.


¥ 28.00

Retro do old hand-made iron flower simulation multishorse flower pot home decoration floral creative ornaments

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Recommended 5: Idyllic

American rural flower instrument design, exquisite and realistic, colorful color matching, antique real effect, super eyeball. Tiecles create, to perform a beautiful vicissitudes, very literary.

¥ 26.00

American country pastoral zakka home decoration creative vintage wrought bottle flower iron pot sprinkle kettle

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Second, the way placed green plants is very important

There are a lot of green plants in the home, it is important to place them, the flower stand, cart, wall hanging these ways, not only makes the green plant do not look unrest, but also meet the effect of the US family in minutes.

Recommended 1: Multi-layer wooden flower stand

Multi-storey floor-style wooden flower frame, multi-layer design makes it more practical, put some flower grass, simple and generous; friends who like wooden crafts, don’t miss ~

¥ 94.00

Yuyi Nanzhu folding flower frame garden bacon solid wood wooden multi-storey landing room balcony flower shelf special offer

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Recommended 2: Arch flower stand

Unique design, beautiful lines, pure and translucent white, unparalleled high, is a pleasant corner of the living room. Brings a fresh chic pleasure experience, cooperate with fresh potted plants, and enjoy the quiet romantic new life.

¥ 329.00

Ou Run Zhe Arched Flower Bage Balcony Double Flower Pot Rack Living Room Floor Flower Rack European Wrought Flower Plate

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Recommended 3: Wall-mounted flower stand


The balcony wall is hanging flower stand, more baskets, flowers are more beautiful; matching a pad, let the flower stand look more artistic; the balcony has it, instantly reaches the effect of the USA!

¥ 700.00

Ye Ltd’s European Iron Balcony Wall Mount Flower Shelf Valley Iron Art Plant Rack Chamber Suspension Specials

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Recommended 4: Iron railing flower stand

Simple and elegant pattern fence, simplifying complicated structure, outlined with the atmosphere lines, using high-temperature paint technology, hard texture, attachment wall, even if the outdoor wet environment will not rust; let the green plant hang, it is also a kind Aesthetics!

¥ 107.50

European flower rack balcony railing flower rack Iron multi-layer hanging green lobe windowsill wall hanging polymet flower basin stand

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