Dili hotbash teaches you to shoot a sense of place, sky blue diamond shirt + cat earband, sweet and beautiful


If you want to mix in the entertainment industry, you must not only have business capabilities, of course, the value, and the body is not possible. Xinjiang beauty Dili hotbal, can be said to be the top flow of the top flow. And in the current entertainment circle, Dili hotbat is the highest commercial value ranking the highest female star, and even the brother of the brothers of the hell of the year, it is really a strength and color value.

As we all know, Di Li’s hotspots, and “boss” Yang Mi has thousands of contacts. Of course, as the most effective way of Yang Mi Company, whether it is fashionable or modeling, and has been influenced by Yang Mi.


Recently, Di Li Hot Birthday will release a group of indoor atmospheres, and the whole show is comfortable and sweet and sweet, and the clothes are mixed. Whether it is to dress or take pictures.


In shape, hot bus is wearing a Alexanderwang Crystal hot drill shirt and shorts in white t-shirt and shorts, visually fresh and clean, and shaping the disappearance of the lower clothes, sexy and shaping legs. Sky blue striped shirt, a long post with sex, wearing a cat headband, playful refreshing ~ relying on the side of the white bed, instantly fixing summer, perfect unlocking the first summer new style.


Want photos are not monotonous, you can take a bubble machine or light and shadow in your hand, let the photo overall texture.

Leaning on the wall and the toy bear, look at the ship, the blue-tune atmosphere is beautiful, the lazy long hair is equipped with small ear hair accessories, cute and full of points ~

Hotspotyling analysis:


Crystal Hot Drill Shirt & Shin Alexander Wang


Earrings Tacit Esthétique

Lock necklace Cough in Vain

White sneakers starwalk

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