“After the knee coat” is not favored! Recently popular “short coats”, this is really thin


Winter “Jacket Hot List” has always been dominated by “coats” and “down jacket”, if you want to ask whom you prefer, I will be very subjective to give the first place in the winter jacket. “Coat”.

The overall version of the coat will be more integrated than the down jacket, and it is more like the wearer’s gas field, from the fabric texture, the coat also spikes the down jacket.

In fact, this year’s coat trend is seen, the long big coat of the knee is no longer shorter coat. Today, I will have a short coat to analyze short coats. How to wear more fashionable, thin ~

Advantages of short coats: for small children, more legal

If you feel that you can’t control your long coat, why do you have to drill the corners of the corner? Short big coats are more friendly, more self-cultivation, and can be visually lifted, effective.

Short coat design epidemic trend


(1) Trip is more high

The belt design is not only to emphasize the waist line, it is highly designed, and the strap coat will make the wearing a more profound, clean style, and the more risky risk is lower.


(2) Cute decimal age is not awkward

The coat is not only a fabric, and the fleece is also the hot fabric of autumn and winter. It combines it with the version of the short coat, and it will not have expansion, and it is more than the fur, and the shake felt is not so public. Good care.


(3) Suits more domineering


Everyone knows that the synonym of the suit is shed, handsome. Adding a suitcase in a short coat will make the big garde gardens, the short coat is more eye-catching style.

According to these two Raiders, match the short coat, thin and foreign

Raiders 1, “The upper width narrow” dressing law

Wide narrow contrasting the concept is that we must be in place in everyday wear, from the transformer single product, the fabric can be seen, people can see the warmth of warmth.


According to this feature, when wearing a short coat, you should try to choose a slim single product, not with a wide leg pants, otherwise don’t blame you to look and fat.

Applicable figure – leg fiber

Of course, we must have a targeted body, and the narrow wear attack is slightly wrong. The effect is not good. The thick body is not recommended to use “upper width narrow” wear, because this idea Enhance your figure shortcomings.

(1) Fear of printing


1 taking the body, neck the skin


Under the width, it is more suitable for the long apple shape, but the apple model is wearing a jacket to pay special attention to the choice.

The apple-type body is more bloated. We do not only choose a more slimned inner-line, “fixed” curve, but also pay attention to the neck and chest, to increase the “breathable” of the upper body.

2 jacket open to wear

“Strike” and “Leave White” are essential for apple models, so it is not recommended that everyone deducts the jacket buckles when we wear, and strict.

The advantage of opening to wearing is to use the line of the neckline to modify the upper body, compared to “full enclosed” wearing, open to wear more slim.

(2) “upper narrow width” in short coat

First set: short coat + tight black pants

Tight small black trousers with short coat to avoid the rustic, the mediocrity method is to work hard in the shoes, change the small white shoes, sports shoes to boots, boots, boots can, instantly let the wear more advanced.

The second set: short coat + denim straight pants

The advantages of jeans are in its wild color, which can be well included in the color of the short coat, and jeans as a casual single product, more daily, commute, dating, girlfriends, short coat + straight jeans can get .

The third set: short coat + pipe pants

Tobacies are a pants that I like this year because it is also a “upper lower narrow” version, which can effectively modify the legs.

But also note that the radish pants cannot choose a wide version, otherwise it will turn radish pants, and the legs also turn radish legs, and it is obvious.

Raiders II, “Heat cool” dressing law

Applicable figure – width leg thick pear figure

The short coat of the crude pear shaped figure just said “True life with Raiders” is the lower body chooses a half skirt, the skirt does not have a pants to expose the body curve, and the girls who are more suitable for the lower body fat.


1 The design of the shoes is very important

The ankle design is critical to being thin, and the high is critical. Don’t sword to take the front to choose the ankle. The pleats have a pleats, it looks short and swollen.

Focus analysis (1) When matching, the lower body is left

Especially the lower body, the long boots are, you can choose the shallow Loyifiu shoes to extend the ankle line, or choose the Midi Dress and the boots to flow out of the 3-5cm space, which will make the wearing effect better.


Key analysis (2) The ankle design of the boots is very type, and the lines are smooth

The version of the boots should be seen in front of it looks narrow, which can emphasize the slender effect of the ankle, and the hard skin does not cause the soft skin accumulation.


2 Short coat version is selected

The shoulder design has a decisive role in the upper body is slim, and the shoulder line is no matter whether it is a high and lowest choice, and the shoulder line is also strong for the shoulder’s modification, and it does not hang a smaller as a smaller.

Another set of attention is the design of the coat sleeve, don’t be the design, the H-type design is more secure, and the sleeves of the cockroaches are easy to make you unhappy.

(2) The “hot cool” of the short coat is taking a template


First set: short coat + a word skirt


If you are a width, but the leg line is uniformly known, you can choose the A-a-a-a day to cover it. When you choose a skirt, you should properly choose a wrinkled style, you can make the skirt more intense and light.

The second set: short coat + onk skirt

How should I increase the “breathable” wearing long skirt + boots? It is clear that a knife cutting fork design is the correct answer, and the positive fork is more gas field, the side boots are more sexy, and according to the needs.


The third set: short coat + pleated skirt

The breathable feeling of wearing is not necessarily to use “dew” to express it. Choose a smart, light feeling, can also harvest “breathing”, pleated skirts through special pleating processes, layers of pleats The skirt will enhance the “breathable”.


Wearing is the process of vision avoidance, if you are not suitable for long section, don’t drill the horns, maybe short can bring more amazing wear effects? Right.

(1) Fear of printing