Promotion || Explosion Book! This year’s popular bag, shoes, less than these


Good evening ~

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

Are you gathered in your New Year? A few days ago, I chatted with my old friend as some experiences, it was quite emotion. I used to find out what new products or good use, or I will go shopping, or turn the fashion magazine. Information. One of the biggest happiness after the blogger is that the brand invited to participate in the event, sometimes can even be exposed to the new product a few months in advance. I admit that it is a bit of Versailles, haha, this is a well-welfare!

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

Last month I went to Shenzhen to see FENDI 2022 spring and summer women’s preview, it is very full of eyes, go to the scene super excited!

There are a lot of fun monots, such as fluffy clothes, shoes, shoulder straps, look exaggerated, but actually very fun, cheerful, spring ~ ▼

In addition to interesting, there are also some relatively wear items, such as suit jackets, and recently, many stars have already worn, Song Zu, Cai Wenjing. ▼ ▼

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

This is the second garment series after Kim Jones came to Fendi, and the disco style of the 1970s. Since his previous year, the FENDI FENDI women’s series is designed, Fendi overall color is getting younger. ▼ ▼

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

Today, many new products in the spring and summer series are officially launched, let’s take a look.

Have you worth buying

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款


推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

The latest FendIgraphy,

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

Visual test becomes the next explosion package

Now a lot of brands have begun to be out of the moon’s teeth, FENDI’s latest bag fendigraphy is the moon tooth bag, listen to Sales, not officially listed, there are more people in the store! Visual test will become Fendi next explosion package ~ ▼

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

The rounded contour is matched with a short shoulder strap, the most particularly is the bottom of the package.

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

Oversized Fendi metal logo

, Very high identification ~ ▼

Its sense is super good, touched is a very soft calf skin, which is particularly comfortable, and the arc of the body can fit the body’s curve, and there will be no feeling of a hard box. Song Zusher ▼

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

Fendigraphy is selling 2 size, this size is friendly for me, but enough. ▼ ▼

It can easily install mobile phones and folding umbrellas, and zipper, solve some worries of the armpits. The short shoulder strap can be adjusted, and the buckle that can change the shoulder strap is also reserved. Very intimate. ▼ ▼

FenDigraphy has nearly ten different styles, the most colorful black. The pink is also good, very gentle pink, will not be treated. ▼ ▼

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

There is also a mini, called

Nano fendigraphy

Like a small ingot.

It is both a bag and an accessory

It can be concave on the wrist, usually with a chain as a small bag, or hanging on a big bag or belt. ▼ ▼

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

The American drama “River Town” starring Madlena Peace before, it also went to the street. If there is no package, the wrist is always less ~ ▼

However, its head is relatively small, can only put a small object such as headphones, lipstick, can’t put down the phone. ▼ ▼

Vibrant bag


推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

How many small partners are the first Fendi package for Peekaboo? Please raise your hand ~

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

This is Fendi’s classic bag, already “teenage”, many people will consider it when they buy textive commuter bags. Song Huiqiao had a few Peekaboo to work in “Now in breaking up”. ▼ ▼

Peekaboo has two compartments, and the buckle is easy to open, and the safety is also relatively high. It has several size, I have a small and medium.

If there is a relatively large demand for capacity, the medium will be more practical, install two books, and can also install iPad mini and cosmetics, card packages. However, I usually don’t feel too full, otherwise the whole package is very drum, affecting beauty ~

The peekaboo iconic mini version of this new amount, and it can be installed and it is very light. It is the most special to add a picture pattern, and the classic old flower pattern plus a colorful color, it will become active, there is it, it will not be very dull. ▼ ▼

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

Kim Jones likes to engage in the name and cross-border, this time he adds the illustration of Antonio Lopez to Peekaboo, the bright color, which is bright in front of him. ▼ ▼

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

Who is Antonio Lopez?

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

He is a fashion illustrator in the 1960s, specializing in color, line portraying vivid stylish styling, even Andy Warhol, Steven Meisel and David Hockney are all his fans, and FENDI predecessor women’s series design director old Buddha Karl Lagerfeld is also friends . ▼ ▼

Baguette strip package

These years, the bungee, the superman’s Baguette rutt, very light, there is a kind of fashionable fashion. It has launched a wide range of materials since the 1990s, through countless “flower clothes”

. ▼ ▼

Compared with Peekaboo, it is also a illustration of Antonio Lopez. Its overall giving more more modern, which may be related to its leisure-type, more suitable for cool girls. ▼ ▼

If you don’t want to buy a new bag, the original classic bag,

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

Change a shoulder strap is also like a new package.

Fendi is a sign of a separate shoulder strap.

Strap you shoulder strap

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

Almost every year will make new. ▼ ▼

Last autumn, the golden metal strap you shoulder strap, more refined, this year, the new silver, spring and summer is more refreshing. In fact, the metal chain can be used in four seasons, and the wide shoulder strap is a completely different style.

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

This metal chain has a certain amount of weight but will not be particularly sinking, the O’Lock double-pinch is very identified, but also adapts different package. ▼ ▼

Fendi first

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

The new Fendi First is my favorite! At that time, I didn’t let go of the fluffy rainbow bag when I was trying at the preview. ▼

Skirt: Fendi 2022 Spring and Summer Series

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

Fendi first is the first main package number of Kim Jones in FenDi, a blockbusted cloud package, plus the oblique F logo metal buckle, is handsome, these two years have been very hot. I have a black trumpet. ▼ ▼

When you participate in some important occasions, it is very suitable for it to make your handbag. ▼ ▼

This time, Kim Jones played new tricks on the material, using different touch and colors of leather to splicing, is it not the same? Is it not the same? ▼ ▼

New splicing color is richer, more playful feelings. If the base color bag in the cabinet is more, you want special styles, you can consider color matching, which is very special in the middle of this base color splicing. ▼ ▼

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

The color color of the saturation is compared, it is best not to choose too big, the trumpet is enough. There is also a smaller NANO, everyone said it is like a small bag, you can make a change in a coil. ▼ ▼

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

Some daily wear clothes

In addition to the bag, his family’s spring and summer series is also worth mentioning.

I wore FENDI’s suit to participate in the event, and many people ask what brand. The version of his suit is very good, and it is very high. ▼ ▼

There are several sets of suitcases, lines, and self-contained women’s gas fields, which is very suitable for wearing some grand formal occasions. ▼ ▼

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

This white-west dress is high in the probability of the female star, Song Zuther, Jike Yiyi wears a large piece. ▼ ▼

Another beige suit, the Fendi O’Lock element on the belt is a pen, simple and fashionable. ▼ ▼

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

There are many white items in this season, this white wool coat is very popular, Song Zuer and Li Yitong pass through, the big pocket in the chest has a Selleria suture pattern, which is very memorable. ▼ ▼

There are also many new series, and there is an antonio lopez illustration shadow, so that the clothes become more integrated.

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

The print on these three clothes is Antonio’s brush stroke. It is a very light material, plus the feeling of illustration after the illustration, and the wind is like walking ~ ▼

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

This high-neck sweater is a good look, the pattern is inspired by Antonio and artist Juan Ramos design a tight-fitting brand packaging, also known as Antonio girl print. ▼ ▼


When I was previewed by Fendi, I wore a pair of Fendi First strap sandals, and the sole hidden mystery is actually a tilted “F” logo. ▼ ▼

This series is also Maohai, too cute! The first time is a pair of hairy shoes! ▼ ▼

This double-printed white boots with Antonio girls are very eye-catching, just like an art. ▼ ▼

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

Fendi match sneakers also have new color matching for spring wearing, and seeing bright colors will think of the scenery of the grass, Liu dark blue, want to wear them to go to the green ~ ▼


推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

I have always love to wear a more exaggerated earrings. Every time I wear the big metal earrings in O’Lock, I have a prerurage. ▼ ▼

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

Of course, there is still O’Lock, plus color acrylic, and there is a feeling of spring. It is not small, it may be a bit sink. ▼ ▼

This element makes an earrings, bracelets, rings and other accessories, and recognition is high and good. I don’t think that the preview is the top right. ▼ ▼

O’LOCK necklace is also super beautiful ~ ▼

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

There are still many good items, limited space, just introduce it ~ Let’s take a small program to go shopping ~ ▼

Don’t forget to take a picture of your favorite item when you visit, come back to me, remember to mark

#want to#

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

, I will smoke 3 friends to send a small gift ~

I am here today, I wish you all a happy day!

Good night:)

推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

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推广|| 爆款预定!今年流行的包包、鞋子,少不了这几款

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