Take the mating in winter, not only warm and charming, no wonder Chen Huilin


The black pants have always been designed to be low-key, the gas field does not exaggerate, but it is too low, and will not leave you.

Very deep impression.

However, after changing a fabric, it can be displayed completely different.

Also black pants, leather pants will not let everyone feel


Will only show more unique, more glare.

Take a test in winter, not only warm and charming, we can’t wear Chen Huilin, and her leg is elongated. It is more charming and very good after wearing a skinny. Unfortunately

Humbleshop has seasonal restrictions

When summer is not suitable, I am still cold in the weather.

Try a try


There are many advantages in leather pants, and the air field is unique and not wonderful.


Look well

Look, the legs are wearing a leather pants, casually

Not low-key

Chen Huilin also likes to wear.

Chen Huilin’s way is very



If you don’t put your leather pants as a very unique clothing to match other costumes, as long as you choose a simple look, you can make the gas field becomes

A lot of advanced.

Simple daily leather pants

Although the fabric of leather pants is already very


There are also a variety of different designs. It is handsome width that can make the gas field becomes more.

Pine version of the wide leg pants

And sexy and simple tight leather pants.

The difference in fabrics is also very large, and some will make the temperament becomes more high-grade matte style, and it is very jealous.


Packed lacquer.

When wearing a leather pants everyday, choose the simple style of the ordinary style, it is best not to choose the paint skin, it is difficult to match, it will be too much



Pants match analysis

The tight leather pants is equipped with a tight-fitting clothing and loose costumes, but it is more suitable for wearing loose costumes in the winter. It can create a more artistic atmosphere. The matching combination of the pine is tight, and the clothing can make warm feelings.

It is better to match the blue bathing sweater, and the set of plaids.


Let the tight leather trousers do not show the effect of too sexy, but maintain a high level

Matching method

However, it is also good to match the ordinary black blouse designed, and the daily costumes have little reflective style, and the contrast between black cotton sweater and tight leather trousers is also selected.


Very clear.

Style mix

Black leather pants and ordinary black trousers are the choice of matching. Leather pants are not difficult to match, just the style of style

Pay attention.

Sexy wind, royal sister wind and cool wind are very suitable for match

Leather pants wind

Geng, choosing ordinary sweater to match, the effect of displaying is classic

Cool wind.

Changed to a suit or

Tight costume

To match, it is showing the choice of royal sister, plus cool wind is very suitable for recreational

Winter clothing,

Dimming effect is also better in winter.

Shoes matching method

Generally, everyone will match when wearing the clothing of the leather fabric.

Matte fabric

The clothing prevents temperament from being strange. However, there is no such thing as wearing shoes.



The tight leather trousers will show the lines of the legs out,


People can match the noble black boots, and the proportion of the legs is also more like.

Accessories and makeup

Not only is it to pay for your skin, you should pay attention to makeup and hairstyle. It is also the same when you are with other very stealing clothes, or you still draw a makeup.

Characteristics of costumes.

It is like mixing makeup, it will look more



Match the thick makeup will be more cool, and the sunglasses also recommends matching pure black, highlighting personality

Especially the momentum.

Matching style of other leather pants

Deductive generous leather pants

Matte fabric will make itself a texture

Unique leather pants

, Become more clean and neat, the visual effect of presentation is much more advanced.

When the line is selected, it is more simple, and it can be presented on a suit.

Business model,

It’s just a stronger, it is very suitable for wearing when you attend the event banquet.

Steady classic


Black suit and shirts can look very stable.


The most personality style designed in leather pants is certain that the style of patent leather, the texture is sparkling, it can highly aggressive effect, but also enlarge the leg.



The general feeling of leather pants is in the wear, prefer to choose the paint skin pants to match, the upper body chooses a tight black costume, or there is a little bit of sprouting belt.


Leisure combination

Although leather pants are designed very unique, there are many people

Everyday wear,

People who like high-profile match must pay attention to the style of clothing, remember to choose bright color costumes


Do not choose a wonderful style.

The slight reflective silver shirt and white T-shirt will make the reflective leather pants are not very bright, but the overall match is more


The design without the pattern will still be present while maintaining high-profile temperament.

Advanced temperament.