2.30,000 bought a “question bag” in Prada counters


Two thousand women buy a second-hand package in Prada counters in Shanghai Henglong Square?

Lined scratches, off-line, stains …

Recently, Ms. Zhang purchased a bag in Prada counter in Hanglong Square, Shanghai. She bought a new package was very happy, but when Ms. Zhang was ready to use, it was found that the lined lining of the bag appeared. The defects, including scratches, off-line, stains … This makes Zhang Ms. Zhang very sad, “I feel that I have used the second-hand bag used, I think it is difficult to accept.”

Heart crushed: Prada new bag appeared stains, degumming


On December 20, Ms. Zhang and her husband walked shopping in Henglong Square, thinking about the end of the year, I can buy a luxury bag for myself. Two people have compared between multiple brands, and finally Ms. Zhang’s black leather bag in Prada.

Although the price of this bag is not cheap, no matter whether the style is still a brand, the heart is deep, “the clerk said that their brand bag is imported, very late.” After that, Ms. Zhang spent 20 million yuan to buy this favorite bag.

Ms. Zhang bought a Prada bag.

The clerk took a new bag from the inventory, before paying the order, Ms. Zhang roughly saw the appearance of the bag, and confirmed that there was no problem, pay. However, “unexpected” happened after two days.

On the evening of December 22, Ms. Zhang took a new package to prepare, where, after opening the bag, she found a thumb size stain on the inner leather, “I feel very strange, brand new bag How can there be stains! “Ms. Zhang that was confused took out the flashlight and carefully observed the inside of the bag.

I don’t know, I am scared. Ms. Zhang discovered that there were several new bags, and the edges of the links were also phenomenon in the edge of the link. The longest gelatin was about 7,8 cm long. Then, Ms. Zhang took the zipper in the middle of the package, but found that the zipper’s card is abnormal, and it is necessary to support the bag to pull it, and the zipper is pulled to the end.

Ms. Zhang discovered that there are many 瑕

In the face of this situation, Ms. Zhang is angry. “I feel that this bag is very like two-hand goods that have been used, or the product quality is too problem, I can’t believe it, this big The brand actually produces such a product. “


On December 23, Ms. Zhang came to the Prada counters of Henglong Square. She fed back to Prada, counter, requiring refund to return, but the clerk can only provide replacement service, If you need a refund return, the quality inspection department needs to be further identified. For such processing results, Ms. Zhang is not satisfied.


Ms. Zhang suspected that the package is second-hand

“I want is not only to change the package, I hope to get a statement, why do their brand bags will have this problem, is there a sales of second-hand packages, and a disabled.

On December 24, Ms. Zhang showed the Prada black leather bag she purchased, and the reporter observed that there were 3, 4 white stains in the lining of the bag, and everything probably the size of the finish, lightly Light squat does not remove stains. At the same time, it is more serious that the package of the bag is incubated, and the link on the left front side has no edges at the link, and there is no edge of the link, and many danders are scattered in the bag liner.

Industry insiders believe that this bag error is relatively large

The reporter also consulted a luxury recycling industry, and he approved the new package purchased by Ms. Zhang. It is considered that the luxury industry will have errors in some detail, but Ms. Zhang purchased. This bag is a larger error, especially the zipper part is a significant impact on the use. This industry suggested that when purchasing goods, it should be inspected in all directions, including lined appearance and metal accessories, try to confirm the quality of the goods before the goods sold.

Prada: It’s not a quality problem.


Ms. Zhang’s sales credentials show that the non-cost-reduction item purchased in any Prada shop is within 14 days from the purchase date, the goods remain unused, along with the complete original purchase voucher and the original packaging without any damage, Change other goods or exchange coupons for stores.

In this regard, Zhangdian, the Zhangda, the Prada store explained that this rule only for customers who are dissatisfied with the goods, if quality problems, will take return treatment, but if Ms. Zhang is a quality problem, still needs waiting Confirmation of the inspection department.

Return rules on sales credentials


The reporter received a reply from Prada. For Ms. Zhang’s complaint, consumers believe that there is a problem with the slit and oil edges of the package, and Prada has inspected the goods. There is no quality problem in the bag, which is in line with sales standards. The goods are also confirmed to be a new unwanted, and the sewing problem is hand-sewn, so different consumers have different definitions. However, Prada considered consumers’ consumption experience issues, which is currently in a refund process.


But for the explanation of Prada, Ms. Zhang said that it is difficult to accept, “I accept the way I accept it, but they said that it is not a quality problem, I don’t think it can be understood.”

In the past: Prada has been punished for quality problems

Because luxury goods are high, they have brand effects, consumers are actually trust in consumption, with quality problems in a short period of time, consumers are difficult to accept. However, the reporter gave the inquiry to the sky, and the Prada brand has also fallen into quality problems and punished by the Market Supervision Bureau.

On July 26, 2019, the Jing’an District Market Supervision Bureau made administrative punishment for “Prada”, because of its brand online sales “Prada” brand “double-sided duvet nylon windproof jacket” (SGN820 black or SGN974 blue model . However, it is detected that the garment does not contain feather down ingredients, and the market regulatory authorities shall order the parties to correct, confiscate their illegal income, and fined 5940.34 yuan.


Prada shop

Coincidentally, on September 26, 2016, Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau also made penalties to Prada, ordered it to stop selling shoes with unqualified products pretending to qualified products. In addition, its brand’s handbags and cardigies have experienced the illegal act of “unqualified products posing as qualified products”.

Source | News Morning News · Zhou Zhou Shanghai Reporter Rong Simica, Zhang Jiaqi

Source: News Morning News