Is Rolex a ceiling? You are wrong, the world famous watch is like this


When it comes to Swiss famous watches, many people think of Tissot, Longines, Rolex, and even Mercedes -Benz. The successful standards of Rolex are widely recognized. So is Rolex really the ceiling of the Swiss watch industry?

In fact, although Rolex is excellent, it is not a ceiling.

First of all, let’s take a look at the four major groups of the world watch industry

LVMH Group, Vendome Group, Rolex Group, Swaqi Group.


1. LVMH? That’s right, just

-酩 尼 酩-Louis Vuitton Group, his bag has always been the darling of the fashion circle.

2. Let’s talk about it again

Vendome Group, the group purchased successively

Famous, Earl, Jiang Shiconton

Three Swiss luxury watch brands, and will


The production field has expanded from jewelry to luxury jewelry watches, thereby ranking among the world’s three major clocks and watch manufacturers.

3. Rolex Group has a history of nearly a century of history. Rolex Group is currently the second largest clock company in Switzerland. The annual sales of more than 2 billion Swiss francs and 3,700 employees in Switzerland. The composition of the group is very “elite” -the production only for the first time in the world sales

Rolex watch and its brother brand Tudor Watch

. These two extraordinary brands make Rolex Group the largest luxury watch producer in Switzerland. Half of Switzerland ’s total production of gold in Switzerland is used in the finished table of Rolex Group.

4. The birth of the Swelry Group for the coming of the Swiss watch industry’s merger. The current Swatch Group is the world’s largest watch industry group today.


Watch brands such as Bronzeai, Omega, radar, Langqin, Tissot, Cavankley, Citroen, Mido, Hamiltong, Patmanman, Swaqi and other watch brands

. At the same time, there are many supporting manufacturers such as LASAG Company, watch movement production enterprise ETA company, buttons, and Renata companies such as clock movements.

The three big ceiling of the world famous watch

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe


Founded in 1839, yes


The only clock that exists that is completely operated by the family


. The Patek Philippe table has always attached importance to the design and production process. The watchmaking process is completed in the original Geneva original factory. It is the only one in many global brand watches all the movements of the “Geneva Seal” (Geneva Seal)



Audemars Piguet

In 1875, the village of Le Brassus, founded in the Jurassic Valley of Switzerland, is a local independent family company and one of the world’s most famous watch factories. Audemars Piguet inherited and carried forward the traditional Swiss watchmaking essence, always adhering to the brand concept of “controlling routine and creating innovation”, becoming the excellent Swiss “watchmaster”. Each Audemars Piguet clocks condenses the unremitting investment of watchmakers for several months and the hard work of the brand’s inherent craftsmanship. The flow of time is specifically and slightly in the hands of Audemars Piguet.

Vacheron Constantin

Jiang Shitun, which was founded in 1755, has a history of 266 years. It is one of the longest history and longest duration in the world. Founder Jean-Marc Vacheron is a profound humanist.

Vacheron Constantin

Known as the artwork of the aristocracy, it has been

The watchmaking industry is a key role.

The top watch grading list released by the Swiss Watch Industry Association below

Special table

1. Special table:

Patek Philips Patek Philippe

Audemagne Audemars Piguet

Vacheron Constantin

Lange A.lange & Sohne

Breguet Brequet

Haojue Roger Dubius


Blancpain Blancpain (complex models, ordinary models are one category)



Athens Jlysse Nardin (complex model, ordinary model is one category)

Frank Mueller Frantemuller

Glashutte Original (GUB39 automatic movement and women’s watches are one category)

Zhiba Irard-Perregaux (complex model, ordinary model is one category)

First -class

Rolex Rolex

IWC International Watch Co.


Cartier Cartier

Chopard Chopard

Earl Piaget

Jaeger-Le Coulter

First -class second -class

Zhenli Zenith

Kelek (seems to have been discontinued)

Kunlun Corum

Danielros Daniel Roth

Zunda Gerald Genta

United Union

Ruibao Chrono

Peanhai Panerai

Omega dmega


Yubao ebel

Two category first -class


Emperor Camel Table (Occupy Rolex’s Light)

Tag heuer luxury (elegant)

Paul picot

Martin Braun



Porsche Design Porsche (Qi Nianhua OEM, Design Win)


Xiao Berntein Alain SilberStein

Eberhard (Strong movement function, Chrono4 is amazing))

Vulcain Ergen (my own alarm core)

Bvlgari Bulgari


Ventura (designer table, most of the celestial platform level)

Second -class second -class

Longines longines


Movado Movado

Qinianhua Eterna (quality is different from Porsche)

Shangmei XEMEX

Solder Revue Thommen


Aiden Schwarz-Etienne;

Fortis Fortis

Minerva, Minerva,

Jacques Etoile;

Daniel Jean-Richard

Dima Tutima

Sinn Sinn

Nivrel (a few brands that also use Lemania881O0)



Rainer Brand


Xianhe Hanhart

Sidova Stowa (Joerg Schauer)


Baoxing Temption

Three categories


Hawiey ORIS

Tissot Tissot


Hamilton Hamilton

Mido Mido


Marcello C


Some German brands equipped with ETA (including 7750, Unitas), such as Limes, Kaufmann, LACO, and so on.

Four categories

Plum Blossom Titoni


Rome Roamer

West Malaysia Cyma

Ibo Road Borel

Bailang Duo PRONTO

Ai Qihua ogival

Time doxa

Sandoz Sandoz

Nivida Nivada


Olma olma

Baolu Hua Bulova

Swatch Swatch


Baoxing Junhans

Russian flight chronograph

Five categories

Seiko Seiko

West Rail City Citizen

Oriental (Double Lion) Orient

Casio Casio

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