History of Uncle Shoes 3: Air Jordan 13 2013RE sneakers


It was almost the end of the year, and the uncle was very distressed. He has been pondering how to get the approval of the leaders and approves the approval of the leaders and then buy a pair of shoes. One day, I got a big fat phone call: Brother, I just bought a pair of shoes, you show it!

“Um, do you buy shoes? What shoes?”

大叔球鞋史 篇三:AIR JORDAN 13 2013RE 运动鞋谈谈脚感吧,大叔我一直认为AIR JORDAN 系列是从11代开始进入艺术性和实战性完美结合典范的。10代以前的AIR JORDAN现在已经不适宜球场搏杀了, 随便一双新款NIKE中端款性能都比它们强,但是11代起用来实战还是不输于NIKE近几年的旗舰款。鞋子是大胖的,我也仅是上了下脚,但是大叔之前有过13实战的经验,简略说一下。前后掌分置的ZOOM气垫提供了良好的反馈,中底大面积碳板提供了充分的稳定性,人字形鞋底纹的巨大摩擦能让运动员想停就停,可以说,13是一双不可多得的实战鞋款。黑红款的特点就是贯穿鞋身的织物材料在强光的折射下能有反光的效果,而且又大大减轻鞋身重量并增强透气性能,可以说是13代所有配色当中最经典的配色。所以可以说是居家、旅行、运动都能胜任之鞋款,值得强烈推荐,当然前提是你能买到正品。


大叔球鞋史 篇三:AIR JORDAN 13 2013RE 运动鞋

“You are only 13, your whole family is 13!”

“No, brother, don’t you ask me what shoes to buy?”

大叔球鞋史 篇三:AIR JORDAN 13 2013RE 运动鞋

“Oh yes, you bought 13 ??”

大叔球鞋史 篇三:AIR JORDAN 13 2013RE 运动鞋

“Yeah, black and red.”

大叔球鞋史 篇三:AIR JORDAN 13 2013RE 运动鞋

“Putty, bring it when you meet at night.”

Da Fat Li said to set up his office, and took heavy rain that night to bring 13 to the place where we met. The shoes were bought by the big fat brothers from the United States, but according to the requirements of the editor, the search link of the Ma Yun family was still. (Taobao is deep in water, don’t buy it if you are not sure)

Because it is a gathering at a friend’s house, the conditions for taking pictures are not very good. Please forgive me.

In the box first, compared to the last Nikeid’s DHL, the express delivery he chose was obviously gapd, and the corners had creases.

大叔球鞋史 篇三:AIR JORDAN 13 2013RE 运动鞋

Box side product information code.

大叔球鞋史 篇三:AIR JORDAN 13 2013RE 运动鞋

Opening the box, it is actually a pseudo -box. You look at the paper and are suppressed by the shoes.

45 degrees front side.

After 45 degrees

Shoes support, frontal.

Look at a pair of shoes.

大叔球鞋史 篇三:AIR JORDAN 13 2013RE 运动鞋

Separate in the middle.

大叔球鞋史 篇三:AIR JORDAN 13 2013RE 运动鞋

AJ13’s unique leopard eyes.

This is the mode of turning on the flash. Look at the fabric on the side under the light of the light, and reflect the stars.

大叔球鞋史 篇三:AIR JORDAN 13 2013RE 运动鞋

Below the sole and carbon plate.

Take your feet, please do not spray.

Talk about the feeling of the foot. Uncle, I always think that the Air Jordan series has entered the artistic and practical perfect combination of artistic and practical combination since the 11th generation. The former Air Jordan of the 10th generation is now unsuitable for the stadium to fight. Any pair of new Nike mid -end performances are stronger than them, but the 11th generation has been used to combat the flagship model of Nike in recent years. The shoes are fat, and I only go to the foot, but the uncle had 13 practical experience before. The ZOOM air cushion with the front and rear palms provides good feedback, and the large -scale carbon plate of the midsole provides sufficient stability. The huge friction of the shadow shoes can stop the athletes. Practical shoes. The characteristic of the black and red models is that the fabric material that runs through the shoe body can have a reflective effect under the refraction of strong light, and it also greatly reduces the weight of the shoe body and enhances the breathable performance. It can be said that the most classic color matching of all color matching in the 13th generation. Therefore, it can be said that the shoes that can be competent at home, travel, and exercise are strongly recommended. Of course, the premise is that you can buy genuine products.

大叔球鞋史 篇三:AIR JORDAN 13 2013RE 运动鞋

When it comes to the 13th generation, I have to say that the uncle’s sneaker experience. This shoe is a pair of shoes that takes the uncle into Jordan, and it is also the second pair of Nike shoes bought by the uncle. It was after 13, the uncle fell into this Air Jordan pit. So far, it has not yet been climbed out, leaving only the gradually empty wallet. Therefore, the 13th generation is not only a pair of shoes, but also carrying many memories and thoughts. I still remember that in 1999, the uncle took the excitement and joy from 13 times from his parents. The first year of the 13 LOW uncle was worn until 2004, and it was not until Zoom’s explosion. In the next few years, the uncle graduated from college and opened the shoe shop, and there were various distribution re -engraving 13, but he was reluctant to wear it and gave it to his friends who were as obsessed with AJ that year. Now, there is no pair of 13 pairs in my hand. I have been thinking about receiving a pair of heart, but this shoe is too pretty, and the domestic market is too chaotic. The Ma Yun family has found a few pairs and found that the problem has returned.

In 1999, the uncle got this color matching. The shoes were no longer found.

Looking at these pairs of 9 yards 13, the uncle was really depressed. The shoe friends who read the previous post must know that the uncle’s feet were 8.5, and these pairs of 9 yards could not be worn. So the following dialogue occurred:

“Fat, let your brother see if there are 8.5 again.”

“Brother, I asked early, only 9 yards, otherwise I don’t accept two pairs.”

大叔球鞋史 篇三:AIR JORDAN 13 2013RE 运动鞋

“@#¥ &*!”

大叔球鞋史 篇三:AIR JORDAN 13 2013RE 运动鞋

Well, the uncle can only continue to think about other reasons to buy shoes. Air Max 2016 seems to be on the market. How do you tell the leader?