In the autumn and winter, it is not too engraved, with Song Jiaxue, and even the scarf can put it to the windbreaker.


On November 26, 2019, Song Jia was in Beijing Airport, and wearing a khaki stitching tapered windbreaker. Saving on the side, slamming handsome, simply a cool.

Song Jiali wearing a black high-necked sweater as a bottom, black visually makes people look more thinner, and the black sweater is a single item in winter, and it is very suitable outside. The high collar is not only very warm, but also highlights the temperament of the whole person, and it is equipped with a windbreaker.

Song Jia did not choose normal jeans, but wearing a black casual pants. The smooth material is very textured. It seems to be generous. The loose style is very fashionable. It will not seem to be too dull, even in a thick Cotton trousers, Song Jia, this double-slim big long leg, is also full of HOLD. The foot of the legs has the design of the feet, adding the cool feeling, and the Song Jiaba gas, the low walking.

Song Jia wore a card of a card, but this windbreaker is not a popular style, with a scarf stitching, an increase in the fashion and visual highlight of the whole clothes. The lapel neckline of the windbreaker is more highlighting temperament. It is completely temperament that is fashion and classicity with the black high-necked sweaters wearing in Song Jia. There is a ruling in the clothes, but there is no bowel, and these buttons are embellished, and it can add clothes to the design, retro and trend.


The windbreaker is a long section, and it is more likely to have a slightly self-satisfaction of Song Jiayu, and there is a scarf stitching on the side of the windbreaker. This stitching method is really popular this year, not only Can make clothes look more fashionable and level, with khaki match, can bring warm feelings, black and white grilled, classic and fashion, simple atmosphere, is a perfect match, even clothes The river is more fashionable, very fashionable.


Song Jiaguan also made a small bag of temperament, black bags show simple and fashionable, the above English alphabetic design, which added fashion, the band is a silver chain, holding a very french style, completely Highlight the temperament of stylish atmosphere.


Song Jia’s feet wearing a pair of thick-end sports shoes, the same black shoes, the proportion of the lower body, wearing a thick shoes, the body is more tall, walking from the road to more powerful. Walking in the airport, the hair floated into the back, it was a wind, wearing a big box of black sunglasses, Song Jia, waving the hands and cool, cool and beautiful.

Song Jia’s whole thing is the most highlight of the splicing windbreaker, and there are many ways for splicing the windbreaker.


LOOK1 two colors splicing windbreaker + white high heels

A gray and white splicing windbreaker, very fashionable, very fashionable, two colors splicing is also very full, white belongs to warm colors, gray cold tones, warm colors and cold tones, one Not dull, fashionable, waistband in the waist is also splicing, the belt is not only highlighting the slim waist, but also visually looks more leveling, very mandate. A pair of high-tempered white high heels, it is simply a temperament goddess.


LOOK2 grille khaki splicing windbreaker + jeans


A card is a long windbreaker, completely highlights the unique temperament and charm of women, and the temperament V-character lapel is particularly level, classic double-breasted, vintage flavor is particularly strong. The windbreaker side and the inner layer have a classic gray grille, add some British wind, very fashionable, loosened windbreaker with a casual tight jeans to put a pair of high heels, simply too temperament.

LOOK3 grilled gray splicing windbreaker + wide leg pants


The gray windbreaker is very high-level, the black straps on the sleeves are simple and simple, and there are green grillat stitching on both sides of the windbreaker. The gray shirt of a silk fabric, looks a temperament, take a black wide-leg pants, perfectly modified the leg type, wearing a pair of pointed red brown leather shoes, retro and trend, wearing this body On the street, it is entirely “Modern Gyonad”.


LOOK4 plaid beige splicing windbreaker + boots

A pure beige windbreaker will look too monotonous, but if the symmetrical orange grit is added, the whole will be more smart, and an orange grilled belt can also function a role of modification. The inner collection of the black high-necked sweaters, not only keep warm, but also highlights elegant temperament, wearing a pair of black over the knee boots, very woman, walking, the gas field is open.

The tip of the splicing windbreaker is introduced here. In this winter, you can choose a splicing windbreaker to show a different style of charm.