Too dazzling! Gui A car is equipped with a strong light shot light, the rear driver: I can’t open my eyes at all …


Netizens report: Gui A car is equipped with strong light shooting lights

On the evening of November 20, some netizens reported that in the west direction of the Fengling South Tunnel in Qingxiu District, Nanning City,

A Gui A car was equipped with a strong light shot light, and the strong light was directly shot behind, so the rear driver couldn’t open his eyes.

Traffic police contact the owner


The owner expressed his willingness to rectify

After 930 reflected the problem to the traffic police, around 9 am today (November 21), the Ninth Nanning Traffic Police Nine Brigade immediately launched an investigation.

On the one hand, the traffic police arranged the police forces to discover the car on the road, and at the same time, contact the owner through the license plate number provided by netizens.


On the 21st, the police successfully contacted the owner,

There is a great safety hazard in informed its behavior, and the owner is required to restore the original state as soon as possible. The owner expressed his acceptance and was willing to rectify.

The Nine Brigade of Nanning Traffic Police learned further,


The model of this vehicle is a truck, but it does not apply for a truck regional pass in accordance with regulations.


For such vehicles illegally modified and illegally entering the behavior of the restricted area,

The traffic police department enforce the law through a pavement of Kaoba control and electronic police capture.

Installing the lights is harmful!

It is understood that the reason why truck drivers have to install this light are mainly to meet the requirements of night driving for brightness and irradiation. Many truck drivers know that it is illegal to install such lights privately, but still risks.

This seemingly inconspicuous small light line is very dazzling. Driving at night will affect the rear car, and there is a lot of hidden safety hazards.

Because the height of the shot lights is basically the same as the high degree of vision of the driver of the car. When the spotlight lights up with a strong light, the driver of the car behind the rear will cause a short “blindness”. Seeing the vehicles from the opposite side, it is very easy to have traffic accidents such as collisions and rear -end.

And privately installed the car lights to change the original car circuit,

It is easy to cause line failure, which causes the vehicle to spontaneously ignite

, Especially oil tanks.


Network map

According to Article 16 of the Road Traffic Safety Law:

No unit or individual may assemble motor vehicles or change the registered structure, structure or characteristics of the motor vehicle.

According to Article 15 of the Regulations on the Registration of Motor Vehicles:

Motor vehicle owners shall not change the brand, model, engine model, and registered motor vehicle appearance and related technical data without authorization.

According to the relevant provisions of Article 16 of the “Road Traffic Safety Law” and Article 57

Regarding illegal behavior of changing the shape of the motor vehicle and the registered related technical data, it was ordered to restore the original and imposed a fine of 500 yuan.

The traffic police reminds: The super -bright auxiliary lights, rear -shot lights, and side lights are illegal. During the driving process of driving, the riders must keep a safe distance if they encounter a car that drive the headlights and rear shooting lights. When conditions permit, take pictures and submit the license plate number of the illegal truck to the traffic police department.

At present, the Nanning Traffic Police Department has a remediation operation every week and has been investigated all day. If you find a situation similar to unsatisfactory, you can also reflect it to the 930 old friends.

Reporter: Zhou Xuan