Wind coat + minimalist wind, seductive and advanced


Autumn can be said to be the main battlefield of beautiful women. Dress, suit jacket, sweater … Each single product is very fashionable and distinctive.

The autumn meaning is getting stronger, and the trench coat appears! Because of

Walking a gas field

风衣 + 极简风,撩人又高级

I have been in the C position for many years, and no matter whether it is sweet, ladylike, and simple commute wind, it will give you clear.

风衣 + 极简风,撩人又高级

No wonder the windbreaker is everywhere in autumn!

风衣 + 极简风,撩人又高级

But so many types of trench coats,

How to choose and match

It’s a problem! The little cute people quickly took out the small book, and I was going to talk in detail.


The choice of fabric is important

风衣 + 极简风,撩人又高级

Large trench coats will not be changed frequently, so

风衣 + 极简风,撩人又高级

While paying attention to the aesthetics, it also requires high comfort.

For example, the cotton -made trench coat is comfortable, but after wrinkles, it is loose and invisible, dragging down the overall shape. Be careful with lightning avoidance.

风衣 + 极简风,撩人又高级

Some trench coats are straight, but the fabric is too stiff and uncomfortable, and the arms are bloated, and they are destined to be idle in the wardrobe.

I suggest that the little cute people choose the fabrics that are neither wrinkled, and soft and comfortable,

Light and easy to wear and very texture

风衣 + 极简风,撩人又高级

The overall look is fashionable and advanced.


Diverse windbreaker

★ Classic double -breasted trench coat

The unique decoration of military uniforms such as shoulder straps, cuffs, and double -breasted military uniforms make women’s trench coats more heroic. No matter how they wear, they are a proper temperament goddess.

风衣 + 极简风,撩人又高级

Not only that, the shoulder strap design can also modify the shoulder lines well, the waist is tightened, the clothes are hem, showing the shape of the “X”, the overall look is high and thin.


风衣 + 极简风,撩人又高级

When choosing a classic windbreaker

Reveal the calf

Otherwise, it will look short.

★ Short windbreaker

风衣 + 极简风,撩人又高级

Compared with long models, the short wearing of windbreaker is lighter, the length of the hem is moderate, and it is more convenient to commute or travel.

The petite figure is more suitable for wearing a short trench coat. It has two -meter -eight gas field and does not seem short.

风衣 + 极简风,撩人又高级

It’s simple and simple, it looks more comfortable


★ Long straight trench coat

Straight trench coat is the “minimalist version” of classic trench coat, which removes the extra decoration and tricks.

Simple and generous, very temperament,

Coupled with the hiding strength of the H -type long trench coat, it looks tall and thin.

The simple trench coat transfers people’s attention from the position of waist, chest, and hips, which is more suitable for pear -type and apple shapes.

★ Design Truth

The sleeveless bathrobe windbreaker can adjust the belt with your likes,

Have a small waist in minutes

The sleeveless design makes the originally rough sleeves more slender and thinner in the contrast of the wide collar.

风衣 + 极简风,撩人又高级

The trench trench coat with TR thick diagonal texture is good and not easy to wrinkle, and the soft texture adds gentle and gentle ladylike temperament.


Wind coat clever matching

Wind coat, single wear

Thin windbreaker is suitable for early autumn,

Cooling and breathable

Like a dress -like trench coat, don’t look too beautiful. The fitting trench coat reveals the curve of the figure.

风衣 + 极简风,撩人又高级

If you wear only one trench coat, you can add some accessories, such as holding a bright bag and a white shirt in your hand, and the color will become rich instantly.

风衣 + 极简风,撩人又高级


The capacity of the trench coat is integrated with the soft fusion of the skirt. It is simply a soul partner. The long skirt and long coat like a proper young female young woman.

Essence of temperament!

The solid color trench coat with a floral skirt is very eye -catching. Even if it is a belt, it can feel the romantic feminine characteristics from the double -layer lapel and the same color floral skirt exposed from the windbreaker.

风衣 + 极简风,撩人又高级

The short trench coat and half skirt are displayed in another kind of gentleness, and the trench coat is wider.

It is more slim with H -shaped skirt

Essence But the little man will be pressed, and it is more suitable with a short skirt.


风衣 + 极简风,撩人又高级

Jeans and casual pants are versatile and comfortable. Of course, you can’t fall, and you can match it at will.

The focus of wearing is

With high waist pants

风衣 + 极简风,撩人又高级

When creating a high waistline, while the body proportions are optimized, the trench coat blocks all the positions of the hip, which looks thin and long.

风衣 + 极简风,撩人又高级

Commuting is such a simple and temperament. Under the premise of unchanged clothing, the cute people can use their accessories on the accessories. Small accessories such as necklaces, glasses, watches, etc. make simple dressing more advanced.

After sharing so much, did the little cute people write down? In the autumn temperament, the trench coat is indispensable, and it is beautifully worn!