Martin boots only know “not bad”? These 6 major domestic brands, the price of 100 yuan is still very versatile


In addition to AJ and Yeezy, the hottest shoes in autumn and winter are the “Martin Boots”. With the hardcore street trend elements, fashion versatile also has a certain increase effect, becoming a classic shoes that are tidling. Essence

When it comes to the Martin boots brand, many people first think of classic

Timberland “can’t kick bad”


Dr. Martens



As the leader in the Martin boots brand, we take into account the excellent strength and high popularity, but because of the prices of thousands of yuan, many people are discouraged.


In addition to “not bad” and Dr. Martens, what are the cost -effective Martin boots brands that are suitable for ordinary people?


Next, I will introduce it to you

6 domestic Martin boots brands, the price of 100 yuan is still very versatile

You can easily start the autumn and winter fashion tide without “chop your hands”.


Madan Madan

As a domestic emerging men’s shoes brand, Madden’s comprehensive ranking follows Dr. Martens and “Kick can’t be bad”, and it can be described as the best in domestic Martin boots. It focuses on “breathable, comfortable, and environmentally friendly”. The style design conforms to the public aesthetics, and integrates the elements of the work. In addition to the high value, the price is also very close to the people. The price of more than 100 yuan can be said to be the first choice of the student party.

Xijun Westlink


Although it is a domestic brand, it has incorporated European and American elements in style design. Martin boots mainly cater to women’s aesthetics. Most of the styles are based on British style. Simple color matching combines preferred leather materials. Both the face value and the feeling of dressing are quite good. The average price of more than two hundred yuan is also very close to the people.



Aon Martin boots are more in line with the aesthetics of young people. The style is mainly based on the style of work and British style. The version has short boots and mid -boots to choose from, and the color matching is very rich. Essence The selection of materials is also very ingenious. The ultra -fibrous leather upper and the inside of the pork skin are paired with rubber soles to meet the daily wear needs.


Belle Belle


Belle is a mid -to -high -end brand. Zhang Yunlong endorsed and has a good reputation in the shoe ring. It is impeccable in terms of style design or material selection. The style is mainly British style, and business leisure is wrong. Considering the price, thousands of expensive are six hundred and seven hundred cheaper, and it is not recommended to the Student Party.

Hot Wind Hotwind

Not to mention the hot wind, there are specialty stores in major shopping malls. Most of its Martin boots are based on short -term versions. They do not pick their legs, and they can easily control small and high. Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, wearing a pair of short boots can instantly lengthen the legs of the legs.

Red Dragonfly Reddragonfly

Red Dragonfly is also an old brand brand. As the spokesperson for women’s shoes, Yang Ying directly launched the brand awareness, got rid of the slightly tacky style in the past, integrated fashion elements in design, and caters to the aesthetic taste of young people at the moment. Especially the high -end version design, tighten the calf lines to easily create a sense of vision of long legs.

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