From 3784 yuan! Apple iPad Air5 released: the cheapest M1 device


In the early morning of March 9, Apple held a new 2022 new product launch conference and brought a new iPad Air 5.

The new product still maintains the design of the previous generation, but it is unexpectedly equipped with Apple’s self -developed M1 chip, which has comprehensively improved its performance. The iPad Air 5 is priced at $ 599 (about 3784 yuan), which provides deep -space gray, starlight, pink, purple, and new blue. It will be accepted on Friday and will be sold on March 18.

According to Apple, iPad Air 5 equipped with M1 chip will bring up to 60%of the CPU performance improvement. At the same time, the GPU performance and AI performance will also be greatly improved, compared with the A14 equipped by the previous generation, it can be described as an all -round upgrade. In addition, the iPad Air 5 is also equipped with a LIquid retina screen, supporting P3 wide color gamut, 500 Nit brightness, and reflex coating.

The iPad Air 5 front camera has also been improved. It is equipped with a 12 -megapixel ultra -wide -angle camera and supports the center function of the task. It can bring a better experience in the selfie and video call process.

Apple also added 5G technology to iPad Air 5 to continue to retain the Type-C interface, but the transmission speed is doubled, and the transmission speed of large files is faster.

3784元起!苹果iPad Air5发布:最便宜的M1设备

In September 2020, Apple first used a full -screen design on iPad Air 4, and the screen ratio increased significantly, like a small size iPad Pro. In addition, the product also integrated the Touch ID function on the side power button and upgraded the charging interface to Type-C. For most people, this is a very satisfactory product.

But unfortunately, the iPad Air 4 only provides two versions of 64GB and 256GB, and the starting price is as high as 4799 yuan, which is indeed too expensive. You must know that the M1 version of the iPad Pro starts at 6199 yuan, and there are 128GB storage. The cost performance is simply hanging iPad Air 4, which makes the latter’s not optimistic about most people.

3784元起!苹果iPad Air5发布:最便宜的M1设备

Today, the iPad Air 5 has upgraded multiple upgrades on the basis of the previous generation. The price is cheaper, and it should be loved by more people.

Affected by the global epidemic, long -range office and Internet courses are becoming more and more common, and consumers’ demand for tablet computers is also increasing. It can be found that in the past two years, many mobile phone manufacturers and PC manufacturers have joined the tablet market. In addition to Huawei and Xiaomi, even OPPO also brought its first tablet product OPPO PAD. The competition in the tablet market is even more intense.

However, compared with the Apple iPad, the Android tablet has certain advantages in addition to the price, and the system experience and performance are still different. It is also voiced by most people. This is the big screen version of Android phones. The tablet market is still dominated by iPad. If Android tablets want to get greater market share, you still need to spend more attention in terms of systems and interaction.