careful! Your phone case may endanger health


Mobile phone turtle film screen exists

Various risks such as hurting the eyes

Don’t ignore the phone case

In the five -door decorative element

It may be hidden

Belly -quality materials and colorful decorations

May hidden toxic and harmful substances

“China Consumer Daily” reporter saw on the e -commerce platform that the price of the mobile phone case is actually different, and the price is available from a few yuan to hundreds of yuan.

However, the reporter’s investigation found that many consumers would be dissatisfied with the various effects of the purchased products, and consumers reported that the product had a pungent smell:

“The silicone mobile phone case used today is unpalaty pungent smell”

“The mobile phone case is very hard, and the mobile phone is hung when the installation is installed.”

“The material is very poor, it is not the same as the webmap.”

… …

Gao Jian, the technical leader of the Green Environmental Protection and Evaluation Laboratory of the China Electronic Technology Standardization Research Institute, told a reporter from the China Consumer News that there is a pungent smell, which is likely to be the toxic and harmful substances contained in the mobile phone case. odor.

In 2018, the Shenzhen Consumer Council issued a comparative test result about mobile phone cases. The comparative test results of the 30 mobile phone cases of 28 brands show that a small part of the mobile phone case detects toxic and harmful substances. These substances involve polychic aromatics, plasticizers, lead, benzene, formaldehyde, heavy metals, etc. The lead content of one explosive mobile phone case is seriously exceeded.

“The toxic and harmful substances in the mobile phone case may endanger human health through the volatilization of gas and migrate to the user’s skin.” Gao Jian said that some irregular manufacturers will use inferior materials in order to reduce costs, such as inferior silicone materials and glue. Adhesive; at the same time, in order to increase the appeal of the phone case, use colorful decorations. These inferior materials and colorful decorations may contain toxic and harmful substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrobide, polybrobide, phthalate, and polygon aromatic hydrocarbons.

According to reports, these toxic and harmful substances will have an impact on users’ health, such as harmful substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, etc. It will affect the human digestive system and central nervous system.

Poor quality “outerwear” can wear mobile phone


The mobile phone case is currently unparalleled and the label

On the e -commerce platform, the reporter also found that a variety of anti -falling functions were marked on the sales page of many mobile phone cases, such as AIRS airbags and falls, military -level drops, and airbags. , Explosion -proof, peeping and other functions.


“At present, some products on the market not only can not play the role of protecting mobile phones, but also may have problems that are easy to wear because they do not meet the requirements of quality specifications, and may even cause other aspects.” Gao Jian, for example, said that the mobile phone case is covered with a sleeve of the mobile phone case. The requirements for security mainly consider the flame retardant of the materials, that is, after the prevention of the mobile phone battery is accidentally on fire, the mobile phone shell sleeve material will not help the combustion. However, some inferior products do not consider this problem in the production process, and some products use inferior materials during the production process. When the product uses the environment changes, it may have adverse effects on the appearance or mechanical performance of the mobile phone.

“When buying other products, some detection certificates are often displayed on the sales page. The product packaging also indicates the execution standards, but whether it is a mobile phone case or a mobile phone film, it is good to have a regular packaging when receiving it.” Guangzhou Consumer Qiu told the China Consumer News reporter.

On April 22, 2019, the group standard T/CA105-2019 released by the China Communications Industry Association “General Specifications for the Code House Set” (hereinafter referred to as the “Specifications”) began to be implemented. As one of the standard drafts, Gao Jian said that before the release of the “Specifications”, there was no relevant implementation standard for domestic mobile phone shells. In terms of product manufacturing, the measurement standards were lacking to a certain extent.

However, the reporter asked a number of mobile phone case sales stores on the e -commerce platform. Most customer service said that he did not understand the standard and did not know what the product execution standard was.

The quality of the product cannot be ignored

Can’t use plastic bags to be sold at will

“Without special product standards, it does not mean that enterprises can do whatever they want in the process of production and sales.” Lu Yun, director of the Consumer Rights Professional Committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association, pointed out that the production of products should first follow the requirements of the Product Quality Law. Essence Article 26 of the “Product Quality Law” stipulates that producers shall be responsible for the quality of its products. The quality of the product should not have the unreasonable danger of endangering the safety of the human and property. At the same time, the name and content of product specifications, grades, and main ingredients should be marked. “The Consumer Rights Protection Law also stipulates that consumers enjoy the right to know. Producers or operators must make corresponding identifications on the outer packaging of the product, and they cannot be sent out with a plastic bag.” Lu Yun express.

In addition, Lu Yun pointed out that in the process of product sales, its propaganda should also follow the requirements of the “Advertising Law” and cannot do false and misunderstandings. Otherwise, it may not only be suspected of being fraudulent to consumers, but also need to bear the liability of compensation for one compensation.

“However, for these small objects that are not high, most consumers often take a way to deal with the quality of the product. It is difficult for consumers to identify toxic and harmful issues.” Lu Yun believes that on the one hand, relevant standards should be formulated and introduced, and on the other hand, it should promote the implementation of the standard through strengthening supervision.

Gao Jian believes that in response to the dominant method of “online” sales of such products, various e -commerce platforms should formulate corresponding management requirements and carry out special governance work to ensure the quality of mobile phone shells on the platform, and to pay attention to the current industry’s attention. Environmental protection and health issues are used as breakthroughs, and reliable consumption guidance is established.


Source: China Consumer News