Coupe Star, Yue S, gives you a colorful atmosphere light to make life add some color


From November 1st, all foreign customers will reimburse two high -speed rail tickets when they purchase cars in our company and receive tickets to the company with tickets.

Colorful Guizhou-Changxing Bijie

September 30, 2021 to February 28, 2022

Activity promotional benefits

During the event, a preferential car purchase event is implemented, and newly purchased new retail companies in the urban area (including old -fashioned new and new energy vehicles) and 7 seats and 7 seats.

More than 100,000 yuan

Passenger cars, and subsidies for citizenship in the urban area, the city is


Built car, subsidy for each car



Earlier, the forehead is full, first order first.

Heartbow promotion in December

Gratitude and blessing

Event Enjoy Nine Concession benefits

[One heavy gift]: You can enjoy the mysterious gift package of the group when you go to the store


[Double Ceremony]: Pay 99 can be worth the strong insurance

[Sanzhong]: The car purchase is successfully delivered for 5 years or 60 times for free car washing

[Four gifts]: Send a lifetime free vehicle detection if you successfully buy a car

[Five Hearts]: Free car washing for five years or 60 times

【Six Rites】: Some models can be sent to LED headlights

[Seven Hearts]: Part of the models for four years or 120,000 kilometers are super long maintenance

[Eight Rites]: Booking a car on the day can enjoy a decorative gift package worth 2880

[Nine Liters]: Old customers can send 1,000 yuan after -sales vouchers or 500 yuan oil card


A news about Bijie District’s store has been widely spread in the car buying user group recently: The Far -part specific model of the Geely Motors sold by the 4S shop has launched a limited -time preferential promotion policy! As soon as the news came out, it attracted a large number of users to go to the store to watch the car test drive. Although the activity is attractive, buying a car still depends on the performance and the user’s preferences. What about it? You look down.

The latest discounts are coming; Bijie is moving forward Geely 4S store-Geely Automobile Store is a Geely Automobile five-star after-sales service station. It also has a value-for-money delay product for you to choose from. Rest assured, warmly welcome you to the store to inquire ~ Let’s take a good look at the car of Xingyue S …

The appearance of the 2021 Geely Star Yue S is strong, and the style of the intake grille is quite slender. The new style of black mid -net is relatively high -level. The headlight group is more exquisite. The internal lens is vertical. The visual impact is very strong. The air intakes on both sides are decorated with bright colors. The inlet in the middle of the air inlet is quite large. The front bumper is quite solid. The style of the front face is highly recognizable.

The side body of the new car looks quite smooth, the single -bidding waistline outlines the prominent power, the lines and waist lines at the bottom of the door are parallel, the anti -collision strip at the bottom of the door is also brightly painted. Clear and natural, multi -frame wheels are aggressive. The tail is a slip -back design. The lines on the trunk cover are very prominent. The slender taillight group is decorated with chrome trim in the middle.

The interior style of the new car maintains the style of atmosphere. The center console is tilted towards the driver’s side. The central control screen and the LCD instrument panel are basically on the same plane. The number of physical buttons, the sewing design of the seat is clear.

In terms of power, the car provides a 2.0T engine. The transmission is matched with a 7 -gear dual -clutch transmission. The maximum output power is 190 horsepower and 238 horsepower. The power performance is abundant and smooth.

Activity time

December 19, 2021 to December 19, 2021