Should the car cover the car?


Many cars buy back new cars. I am afraid that their car love cars will be damaged in a slightest. So I want to buy a car jacket for the car. How should I use it?

One of the neighbors of Xiaobian uses car clothes. As long as you parked the car in the community, you put on the car. This is the same every day. It feels tired every day, but people are still happy. After all, his car looks quite new, and it can be seen that the car jacket is still effective.

However, for our busy office workers, it is really inconvenient to car clothes. It takes a long time to store and set up every day, and the clothes are placed in the trunk. And convenience, although the car jacket can protect dust and avoid the body’s staining, but the cost cost is really not cost -effective.

However, if your car needs to be parked for a long time, for example, one month cannot be used, and even if you stop in the underground garage, it is recommended that you use the car clothes, at least when you use the car, it will not be full of dust.

If you use a car every day, personally feel that it is enough for painting surface protection, such as coating to the car. This thing is still the more popular car supplies at the moment. You can get it one by one spray, and you can complete the work in 15 minutes, and the female owner can easily deal with it. And the dustproofness and waterproofness of the vehicle after coating. Although it is not as good as the car, it is convenient, and if it is not ash, it can be wiped with the dust with a cloth. The effect is still good.

In general, car clothes are a good thing, but it is too troublesome to use every day. It is recommended to use other methods to maintain the car paint of your car.

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