Novice knights, do you know what are the motorcycle accessories?


Now more and more people have joined the ranks of motorcycle cycling to enjoy the feeling of rapid experience at a close distance. Of course, it is on the premise of respecting the rules of traffic! So there are more than some novice knights, it is very good to master the necessary knowledge. Necessary! Especially in terms of accessories, master the corresponding knowledge, it is very helpful whether it is purchasing or modified! The following editors will give you some related accessories knowledge!

First of all, we must know that motorcycle accessories can be divided into 6 most!

Including: transmission system parts, engines and accessories, manipulation system parts, electrical appliances and instruments, walking system parts and general parts.

1. Transmission system parts:

Motorcycle clutch, transmission, transmission manipulation device, motorcycle starting mechanism, motorcycle belt transmission component, chain module component, axis transmission component.

2. The engine and accessories:


The assembly crankshaft box, cylinder, piston, ring axis, valve, camshaft, fuel tank, filtering, fuel pump, oil pump, oil pump, carburetor, electric injection, inlet exhaust, water tank fan and other.


, Manipulate system parts:

The direction column, handlebar, handle and control device, soft shaft, lock lock, brake, brake pedal, trolley ABS and other braking parts.

4. Electric and instrument:

Battery, generator, starting motor, brush, rectifier, transcendence, split appliances, spark plugs, switches, lamps and signal devices, speakers, instruments, sensors, relays, wire beams, countmakers and other electrical parts.

5. Walking system parts:

Frame, mud, fork, shock absorption, shock absorption accessories, wheels, wheels, wheels, tires, car lock alarms, bumper, vision box, debris box, parking frame, handrail, windshield, windshield, windshield, windshield, windshield, windshield And complement.

6. General parts:

Seal rubber, plastic rubber, plastic hard pipes, hose, powder metallurgy, casting forging, stamping components, shaft sleeves, gears, coatings, adhesives, lubricants, other materials and other materials and other materials and other materials and other materials and other materials and other materials and other materials and other materials and other materials and other materials and other materials Processing, magnetic motor, motorcycle safety supplies, helmets, sunglasses.

Secondly, we must understand the type of motorcycle!


This is the model used by most people in Taiwan. The flat pedals and plastic shells are covered with parts and engines. It is the characteristic of Sudda locomotive. Recently, it has also extended personalized and ladies.


Off -road OFF ROAD is the favorite of the love nature people. It is good at driving mountain roads and rugged roads, small body, long suspension and tires equipped with special tire patterns are the characteristics of off -road vehicles. Recently Influence, the appearance of off -road vehicles also imitate the design of MX and Trail for competitions.

Street car

The Honda CB car series that everyone is familiar with is a typical street car representative. The straight position when riding is characterized by street cars. Street cars are practical cars. Performance still cannot be compared with sports cars.


Hippie car

The most representative hippie car is Harley Davidson. In addition to Harley in the United States, in recent years, Japanese car manufacturers have also launched similar models with Harley as an object. The tall handle, the extended front suspension, and the low seat cushion also symbolize the free and unrestrained style in the 1960s.

Sports car

The appearance of imitation of the GP racing line is the favorite of many young fans. It has the characteristics of multi -cylinder engine and lightweight body, high speed, short wheelbase and high performance characteristics. It is also the basic equipment for sports cars.


European and American people are engaged in the favorite of long -distance tourism. In order to drive for a long time, they especially emphasize comfort. In this kind of locomotive, there are usually considerations of consideration knights, such as sufficient storage space. There are also some riders in Taiwan. Type of car.

Road off -road vehicle

Between off -road vehicles and street cars, there is a high center of gravity and shock absorption. It is still recommended that you ride a wild car.

Commercial vehicle

In addition to mobility, cargo transportation in Asia is also an important function of locomotives. This car emphasizes simple maintenance and fuel efficiency and durable. car type.

Electric car

This kind of car is used as a source of power to replace the engine with a motor. At present, lead -acid batteries are used as an interface for electrical energy storage. It is estimated that it is expected to be replaced by fuel cells in the future. At that time, the battery life of motor vehicles can be increased to a more ideal stage.

Of course, the knowledge of motorcycles is not only these, and there are many and many. These knowledge is basically. For novices, it is necessary to master it!