Specializing in governance, striker F605 gas water heater makes you impeccable


It is said that people go high,

You can live in a high -rise building, but you have to fight the wisdom of the wind.

Even if you put on all the sound separate doors and windows, the sound of the wind is still scary,

According to estimates, more than 20 layers of wind pressure coefficient can reach more than 1.8 times the wind pressure coefficient near the ground.

What is even more terrible is,

When taking a bath,

Often trembling for the cold and hot water temperature,

I often wash the water heater and turn off the heat,

Such a bath experience is really a disaster for a severe perfectionist …


The striker’s mute wind resistance gas water heater JSQ30 -F605 specifically heals our perfectionism and allows high -level residents to take a bath experience impeccable.


She is not afraid of strong wind


Essence Even if we encounter a level 11 storm, we can enjoy constant temperature and water at home without worrying about accidents. Let us have no fear of wind and rain.

She is not afraid of low pressure

Essence There are dual low -voltage startup technology, work starting the water pressure as low as 0.01MPa, and the starting air pressure as low as 300Pa, so that high -rise residents can completely stay away from the dilemma of the water heater of the water heater during the peak of water and the water. If you do n’t live, you will live up to yourself.

She speaks softly


Essence Adopting a new generation of frequency conversion technology to reduce the burning noise to 45DB. Even if we take a bath late at night, we are not afraid of disturbing our family. Let us stay away from the noise and troubles and easily taste the time.


She constant temperature is like one

Essence Configure the unique dual temperature sensor to ensure that the temperature of the water outlet fluctuates within the range of ± 0.5 ° C, giving the skin a gentle care, farewell to the cold and hot, and satisfy our subtle small requirements.

She is energy -saving and worrying

Essence Yijie touch, winter sauna, cool bath in summer; 12L/14L/16L increased in three gears, rationally matched the amount of water, and really achieved water.


She is warm and guarded

Essence Power off, the temperature is still; 48 ° C at high temperature protection to ensure the safe bathing of the elderly and children; 4 Healthy healthy baths, clean the water quality control, care for the sensitive skin of the family, and ensure that the whole family stays away from bacteria. 54 Heavy and powerful protection technologies, guarding the safety of bathing in all aspects, and providing us with healthier and more peaceful bathing experiences.

She is beautiful and elegant

Essence The design is low -key and luxurious, the technology and art are natural, the beauty is elegant and calm, the elegant amber yellow, the technology of technology is deeper, and the two colors meet our different desire for fashion and light luxury.

Spring will always be attracted by exquisite and perfect things,

It is just right to take the spring light, and the years are not old,

Whether you are in high -rise buildings or prosperity,


Let us have a romantic appointment with the striker’s quiet wind resistant gas water heater JSQ30 -F605.