How does the “elephant and giraffe” on the toilet differentiated men and women? Netizen: Integrated IQ is not enough urine pants


In our today’s society, no matter whether you are walking in the mall or the street, you can see a lot of luxury and tall toilets. Some signs will be used to distinguish between men and women’s toilets, so as to give us to go shopping. Eat, people who play are convenient.

But recently, the editor found that there is a interesting smell, that is, the sign of the toilet door is “elephant” and “giraffe”. This also makes the editor really unintelligible. Open the article and see it, it turns out to be like this!

A group of toilet photos burst on the Internet. One of them was painted with giraffes on the door of the toilet, and the other was painted with elephants on the other. It looked very cute, and it seemed very creative and very novel. A foreign netizen sent it online.


So the question is, which one is a women’s toilet? Is that a men’s toilet again? If this is a person who is in a hurry to go to the toilet, wouldn’t it be crazy. I just wanted to go to a toilet, and it was so unhappy! Intersection Intersection Intersection

The pictures of this group of toilets have also caused many netizens to discuss. Is the toilet for everyone, is it so mysterious and useful?

Do you still have to move my mind to the toilet? So what if the IQ is insufficient, what should I do directly at the door or urine pants? Various problems have caused discussions among many netizens.

In the end, the designer of this logo really couldn’t stand it, so I stood up to answer the questions. Speaking of the giraffe is a women’s toilet, the elephant is a men’s toilet.


But what is the reason for designing such an icon to distinguish between men and women’s toilets? Some netizens said: “When giraffes need to go to the toilet, they need to cross their legs, so they are women’s toilets, and elephants are sprayed with nose, so they represent men’s toilets.

This is very speechless, and this explanation is amazing, but fortunately, I finally know the gender represented by elephants and giraffes, but what if I change another pattern?

A good toilet must be so mysterious. I just want to say: Do you have to train first in the future?


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