Tongmu old cluster black tea, the thick slippery soup and old trees are weaving in the years, which is loved.


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This old crust from Tongmu deep mountains, placed on my tea table for almost a week.

I never remembered to drink it.

I have been soaked in the fragrance of white tea and cannot extricate themselves.

From Chunshoumei all the way to the white peony, and then to the wild peony king, I tasted all the floral fragrance.


This is the endless manner, opening this pouring Tongmu old cluster black tea.

When soaking, the sun is shining outside, thinking that today is a good day. Such a bright sunlight, drinking old bush black tea is suitable.

Unexpectedly, I drank the second rush, and there was a wind outside the window.

Before the old monster in the West Journey appeared, the kind of wind scraped, not to mention the shaking of the mountains, but also the trees shaking, the tall magnolia outside the window was blown by the wind and the leaves, and the sound of the branches and leaves rushed.

A few times, the wind was smaller, and the huge raindrops came down.

Slap it on the fat leaves of Guangyulan. After a while, some of the flowing magnolia, the petals, fell into the soil, and made the green Luo under the tree.

When the rain, the air was instantly cool.

With this gust and rain, this old cluster of black tea is particularly windy.


Although it also comes from Tongmu, the old crust of black tea is completely different from ordinary black tea.


Ordinary black tea is about a fresh, a flower and fruit fragrance, and a longan soup.

The old crust of black tea is particular about a thick, a thick, a woody snap.

Because black tea is not as red and purple as Wuyi Rock Tea these years, the fragrance of the cluster of the old crust has not been fictional, various imaginations, and rumors -even like Wuyi’s old cauliflower. The taste is spread out.

Fortunately, the fragrance of the old crust, fortunately it is its original “version” -nly, the aroma of wood -the breath of the tea tree that has been circulating for hundreds of years -Tongmu is a natural protected area, the mountains are deep and forestry, and there are hundreds of mountains. The tea tree of the year is very common here, and it is very common.

Old trees, ecology is excellent. Under this environment, the fragrance of the cluster of Tongmu Old Cambodians is extremely strong, extremely deep, and extremely broad.

When the third rushing, the soup became thicker, thicker and smoother, and became more and more slurry.

The same strong cluster fragrance, like a deep water bomb, was buried in the thick and smooth tea soup of the old bush.

The moment I swallowed, I just felt that the fragrance was too strong, as if Changhong Guanri, the sword was like a rainbow.

Thicked almost unbearable.

Thinky is willing to add to this fantasy tea soup.


In addition, the rich gum texture and slurry of the fiber of the old tree also immersed in the tea soup deeply.


This fragrance, this thick pulp is reminiscent of the name of the Xianxia drama — the sterile honey is as frosty.


【Tongmu Laotong Black Tea Test Note】


Dry tea: The strips are all tidy, fine, slightly tongue, black, black, smell with frying fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried and caramel. It is a enthusiastic smell.


First rush:

The cover is a breath of fried nuts, plus a slight caramel fragrance, the fragrance is enthusiastic and unrestrained.

For a moment, I pulled people into a sweet atmosphere. As if the Spring Festival, every family set up a lot of candy, steamed a lot of sugar rice cakes, smoked a lot of chickens, ducks and geese. The taste of the grains.

The feeling of soup is even more beautiful.

The water is fine, soft, soft, the sweetness in the water is constant, and it is very soft and charming.

What’s more, the wooden fragrance of the soup -old bush in the soup, accompanied by this caramel fragrance, comes from profitable, the fragrance is smooth, delicate and moving.

After swallowing, there is a caramel, sweet and old woody fragrance on the tongue surface. This sweet and mellow soup feels like the friendship between girlfriends, warm and beautiful.


Second rush:

The first layer of the cover incense is the fragrance of longan; the second layer is the sweet fragrance of smoked persimmons; the third layer is a strong wood -flavored fragrance.

These layers of aroma are closely combined, as if a gem inlaid inlaid, aggregate into a unique bright light, it is difficult to distinguish and it is difficult to disassemble.

In the end, when these aromas are scattered, the old bushes wrapped in the caramel scent are cooked and old, and they are rich and soft.


Like a banshee with thousands of years, he raised his hands and suffered a lot of style.

The feeling in the soup is even more wonderful.

It is thicker than the first rush, and more juicy. Many internal quality is released in this rushing in large quantities, making the caramel, woody aroma, and bush in the soup became full and more mellow and powerful.

Such soup is completely unable to drink at all. It is too strong. You can only take a small mouth, little by little, and slowly.

With one afternoon, you can feel its grace, feel the unique sense of slurry and old bush, and generate gorgeous flowers in every corner of the mouth.

Third Chong:

It seems that the woody snap in Huiyuan’s old bush has become the protagonist of the cover incense, and it fluttering out at the moment of unveiling.

In addition, this cluster of fragrance is extremely rich. Even if the lid is closed after smelling the incense, the fragrance is also dark and turbulent. Wandering between the gaps of the lid and the bowl, the opportunity is scattered in the air around All the breath was immersed in the fragrant clouds and fog of Xiangyun, I wonder what year it was.

The taste in the soup is stronger than the previous two rushes, and it is fuller and juicy -the fullness of the thickness in the soup is wrapped in the tongue surface. The juice is the back of the tongue and the back of the tongue surface. The texture inspired the taste buds of the tongue surface, and the fluid was like Hong Bo’s feeling.

After swallowing for five minutes, the tongue was still fragrant, and the sweetness was sweet.

The fourth rush:


The caramel fragrance gradually faded, and the woody fragrance gradually became unique, occupying all our senses.

The fragrance is slightly cold, the honey -like fruits float, and the slightly fermented filaments are covered with the whole lid.

Slightly cold, the cover became the rivers and lakes with woody flavors. Although it is also light and weak at this moment, the recognition is still very high, and the breath is still clearly distinguished.

It is the hormonal atmosphere of the millennium ancient trees in the deep mountains of Tongmu.

Wild, deep, magnificent.


The soup is thicker, the aroma is more enough, and the fragrance is more strong.

One soup is in the mouth, which is a strong wood -flavored fragrance, rippling between the lips, which is accompanied by a thick soup feeling, the fragrance is soluble in the soup, and the soup contains the fragrance. Extremely.

The horse slippery frost is better to rest, it is a few people.


This old cluster of Tongmu is really loved.

Kaitang is a caramel fragrance, the most firm is woody fragrance, the sweetest is the honey -fruity fragrance …

And these incenses, in the slurry of the old fiber of the old bush, in the thick soup, the entrance of the soup, only feels thick and fragrant, the incense is thick, and the fragrance is thick.

Congxiang was wrapped in the water film generated by the rich internal texture, and it was slowly emitted, which became more and more stiff and more lasting.

The water slurry is like a coating, and the woody fragrance contained in the water is covered with the entire mouth and tongue surface, covering all the facial senses.

In addition to thick, I only feel that the wooden fragrance is full of cheeks.

This feeling is extremely wonderful.

Like a close friend who has been intersecting for many years, Wen Run is like jade, and each other is embarrassed.

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