Ink painting dress, elegant and sweet breath, showing elegance and retro style


The elegant ink print design, no matter what color matching, is full of ladylike taste. Today, Dan’er recommended this dress with ink print elements, pure and generous, showing elegant retro style.


The young lady chose a ink printed dress. The overall color is simple and elegant, and more charming! With a pair of exquisite high heels, although very simple but outstanding.

The slim version is more figure


For the version of this skirt, this is a slim -fitting design. The style is very simple, showing the beauty of simple. The sleeveless design is not only cool, but also looks slender.

Really silk texture, ink painting pattern, cool and comfortable, showing a classic atmosphere

Ink painting -like sleeveless dresses, the silk fabric is close to comfortable, especially suitable for summer wearing, the colorful pouring ink printing extends to the hem, complementing the body, forming a wonderful visual effect. The beautiful color design version is pure and generous. This dress is based on white, printed with delicate patterns, and this pattern also incorporates the elements of ink painting. It has a three -dimensional feeling and giving people a lifelike feeling. Gives a feeling of Jiangnan Xiaoga Jade.

The design of the short skirt is more beautiful

The length of this sleeveless skirt is a little bit above the knee. The shorter design looks thinner and slender, so this ink painting skirt is more beautiful and more elegant!

It is more feminine with high heels

Dan’er has always felt that when wearing a skirt, especially the slim skirt, it is more feminine with high heels. High -heeled shoes with metal texture, pulling the body and elegant temperament! It shows your graceful posture, continuing the gentleness and sweetness, and it turns out that sweetness can also be so feminine.


Exquisite accessories are embellishment.


The correct matching of the jewelry can help the improvement of temperament. Just like the golden necklace chosen by the girl and the ballpoint pendant, the classical temperament is full, is it very good with the dress? The brown chain shoulder bag is full of elegance.

Long straight hair is more pure.


On the choice of hairstyle, the younger sister chose one black long straight. With exquisite and exquisite features, it adds a bit of gentle and elegant atmosphere. Wearing ink painting dress, high -key reveals high -level, showing the aesthetics combining modern and classical.


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