Welcome to the necessary cycling equipment in summer, are you ready?


The upcoming hot summer is of course very suitable for cycling. Although it is not as pleasant as the climate in spring, it is unparalleled by the comfort of natural wind than sitting in a car and blowing air conditioning.

However, due to the hot weather, riding equipment also needs to be carefully selected. The safety and breatha are indispensable. Considering that the rainy weather in summer is more, waterproof and anti -prevention measures must be done well.


Summer cylinder


Many knights think that wearing a cycling clothes in summer is too hot, and choose to wear protective gear directly on the road. In fact, a good summer cycling service can not only effectively protect the joints, but also sunscreen and sweat, and effectively protect the skin surface when accidents and reduce the chance of injury.

The protective gear can only be effectively protected at the moment of the first hit of the car, because when the collision occurs, due to the occurrence of force, the protective gear will produce displacement and falling off, and it cannot be effective in secondary protection.

The protective gear in the cycling service is generally fixed, and it can be effectively protected multiple times under falling cars or other accidents.

Ride raincoat

In summer, the weather changes impermanence. It is still bright in the last second. It will pour the rain in the next second. In the face of this weather, it is also necessary to prepare a ride raincoat to emergency. Some knights will say, “I don’t ride a bike on rainy days, and it is not very useful to prepare raincoats.” Speaking, who can guarantee that there will be no sudden rain on the road of cycling?


Summer cycling gloves

Cycling gloves are very necessary in winter and summer. Many people choose half -finger gloves when choosing summer gloves. Although this will indeed be a lot cool, the safety will be greatly reduced. The full -finger gloves of regular brands are very good, so don’t worry about sweating.



No matter which season, the hood and helmet are excellent CP. I feel that the lining of the helmet is too troublesome. That set is definitely your necessity. The ice silk head is a good choice in summer. Bringing the head cover can solve the problem of sweating on the head. The material will not be too sultry in summer.