Welding me on my feet! These 8 pairs of boots are thin and long -legged, and the boyfriend is exaggerated by the legs (live evaluation)


Hi, the younger sisters are okay! This is your little cute master ~


Winter is the season when boots are “rampant and domineering”

Whether it is matched with small skirts, coats or pants, boots can bring a sense of fashion ~


Not only for many years


Martin boots

,This year

Denim boots, tobacco boots


Slowly walk into the vision of the fashion circle ~

However, have sisters encountered seen

The model is good -looking, but the legs will be thick when you get it.



Although I don’t want to admit it, it is true that each of us cannot be perfect,

Choose boots or depending on the leg shape!

So today, Mengzhu finally came out! Bring to the sisters


Eight popular winter boots on the market!

Whisper BB:

It was originally 9 doubles. As a result, there was one pair of the most expensive for the longest time and not shipped, and it was dropped directly! angry!

Let’s come together, what kind of boots are your legs suitable for your legs ~

I chose 8 different types of different types of sisters this time-

Martin boots, tobacco boots, denim boots, straight boots, Chelsea boots …


The pairs of the selected pairs basically covered the recent popular models,

Both a certain treasure and the DD

, Different prices are selected ~


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I am lean type, in order to facilitate the reference of sisters with different figures, I also invited

Candy and fat lily with normal figure


Let’s see which pair is the most thinner for everyone!


Not much to say, let’s start our winter boots evaluation today!

I belong to

Skeleton is relatively small

The type, the overall well -proportioned ~



My sister can refer to my trial effect ~

A total of two pairs of boots were arranged this time. The V -port denim boots did have a sense of long legs, but the boots were a bit short.

Appears a protruding part of the calf!

I thought the denim boots would be thinner, but I didn’t expect

Knight boots are really YYDS!


Put on the part below the knee and look thin and straight!

The middle boots arranged several more classic boots.


Martin boots chose a 6 -hole this time, and the little man can hold it ~ but

Obviously, the flat model is obviously not as long as the legs!


The thick heel Chelsea boots are thin and thinner, and the mouth of the boots is tightened and the slender ankle is tightened.


If wearing black leggings or small black pants, the legs are thinner!




Thick -bottomed smoke boots put on huge legs!

I really love myself and stay directly ~ Because I was shot the next day, the light -legged artifacts were different, the color was dark but not very affected ~

In addition to the conventional boots and middle boots, I also tested the short boots by the way! Snow boots are more common on the market,

The boots are a bit bigger ~


It is still embarrassing to wear this high snow boots.


It seems that the legs are particularly curved, and there is no excessive feeling between the boots and legs.

Both pairs of wool shoes are flat bottom, one pair is a simple one pedal, and the other is a more lovely magic sticker.

It is thinner than wearing snow boots ~

Candy is exactly


Neither fat nor thin


The normal body shape, the whole body is relatively uniform,


It’s a bit fleshy but full ~


These two pairs of boots are loved! Cowboy boots are CANDY strongly requested to test ~

She put on denim boots, she looks thinner with her legs ~

These knight boots are really nice, and I and I have a straight leg! In fact, the sisters with relatively well -legged legs are not very large to put on these two differences ~


If the calf and knees are relatively different, the denim boots will show the legs ~


In fact, these three pairs of boots are not suitable for wearing short skirts.


Short skirts+light leg artifacts+boots will divide the legs into three sections, which looks short legs!


It’s not a very thin normal figure, you can choose

With small black pants or jeans


, All will be more effective than light leg artifacts

More thin legs ~


can be seen

Smoke boots to modify the leg effects are the most obvious

, Put on the smoke boots the most straight legs ~

Sisters can add coats or wear long skirts when they are matched with middle boots,

It will look better if you only show a small cut -off leg ~

This snow boot is also relatively large, not suitable for light leg artifacts or tight pants!

It will be more harmonious to wear loose pants ~

Two pairs of wool shoes are actually thinner, but Candy prefers magic stickers, suitable for small cuteness who love to wear skirts ~


Mao hair shoes can also be paired with knitted pants and environmentally friendly fur

, It looks like a whole noble feeling Jio!


Fat Sister Lily’s thighs are relatively well -proportioned, but


The calf muscles are developed and the legs look thick

After grinding for a long time, I promised “dedication” to help me shoot! (Mom ~)


Are these two pairs of boots? Lily all covered with thicker calfs,


The role of modifying leg lines is quite obvious ~

Looking at the front is really no problem, however


The back is actually like this:

root! Book! pull! Do not! superior!

Lily crying directly in the studio ~

Sisters with a calf around 35cm, either give up boots, or be sure to see the size watch when buying!


The middle boots that are not limited to the calf are slightly friendly, but there are also

Disadvantages to show thick calf!

Girls with thick legs are actually more suitable for wearing long jackets, covering the leg only when the ankle part is exposed ~

So it must

Can’t choose boots that are too tightly closed


, Like the pair of mouths in the middle, plus tight pants even more thick legs, thin ankles!

Wearing a long coat to cover the legs, and then the double -smoke boots are really extinct! The slightly fat sisters can also be cool ~

Because it is relatively stiff, the effect of modifying the legs is quite obvious, but the disadvantage is that

The tube mouth is a bit tight


It is not comfortable to wear. If the tube mouth is loose, Lily wants to buy it ~

Snow boots really look thick legs, no matter what body wears, so


Sisters who wear snow boots must not be equipped with tight pants!


The slightly fat sisters can be the same as Lily,

With long coats with hairy shoes, only a slightly slender ankle part is exposed, and the legs are thick ~

There are one snow boots and hairy shoes


Common disadvantages -big feet!

Therefore, the sisters should choose a slightly thinner on the selection of the version. This


Piece hair shoes is as flat as duck’s palm!

Three different figures have been tried to penetrate ~ Sisters should also know which kind of boots they are suitable for? Let’s do next


Take a look at the quality of the single shot!

The shoe shape is relatively flat, the toe is hard, and the shoe body leather is still soft, but it feels obviously that it feels like

Artificial leather, poor breathability!

The sole is thick, and there is no problem with the wiring.

Instep height

If this kind of shoe type will be a bit easy



It feels ~


The inside is thick, and it is not very soft to the touch.

The overall feeling is not good.


The shoes at this price are just pungent when opening the shoe box. It smells the taste of the fake skin with inferior fragrance.

It may stink at first at first


I don’t know if it will taste a bit more dispersion for a period of time ~



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The fabric is the same as ordinary snow boots


Suede surface

, Swipe the shoe -shaped heel, splicing the bright surface,

The shape is still pretty good ~

But when I bought it, I do n’t know if it ’s UGG’ s standard. It ’s embarrassing to find it at hand!

If you don’t mind, the label is completely accessible ~

The overall wiring on the details is relatively neat, and there is no line. but


There are some gels on the side of the shoes

, Workmanship is still general ~


Inside is super

The soft thick velvet, the feet are comfortable, the feet feel particularly good ~

The insoles are also thick, and it is soft to wear, but it is estimated that it is not so soft after a long time ~


There is almost no unpleasant taste that smells. The taste of the new shoes is within the acceptable range. It should be dried for a few days and it will not taste ~

This boots are relatively hard, but the boots are particularly soft.


It is more difficult to put on the calf around 35cm!

The soles are relatively thick, but the entire pair of shoes but the parts look at the feet are relatively heavy.

The loose band is incompatible and loose, but it is decorated, and can only be tightened and cannot be loose.


This pair of shoe spillover is relatively obvious, but the zipper is smooth, and there is no problem with the wiring ~


There are some lines inside, the whole pair of shoes is all

Thin without velvet


It is not suitable for too cold places!

The taste is a lighter flavor, which can be acceptable ~ It is OK to wear the overall comfort!

I have seen these pairs of these pairs today

So there is no link

Maybe it may be sold well hahaha

Sisters can see other boots in his house


The leather of this pair of denim boots is thicker ~ The feet of the shoes are also hard, and the boots are relatively soft.


It looks pretty advanced and the texture is good!


There is nothing wrong with the details, but the shape of the heel on the side is a bit strange, and the pointed head is a bit long ~


It is difficult to wear more than 35 legs!

The soft thick velvet inside, the south is basically OK!

The design is quite strong, and the quality is also very good ~

The taste is also a bad quality flavor, this bad review!

Hirosh it

It seems big

The disadvantage, these advantages are good feel, the hairy is very soft and fluffy ~ Although

The soles are soft, but a bit uneven!


The traces of the sole adhesion are obvious

, Flat shoes look large,

The number of codes is also two size!

And the shoes are relatively heavy!

The inside is also a smooth imitation rabbit hair. The whole shoes only have the advantage of being comfortable ~

In fact, it is not suitable for wearing out. It is quite warm to wear slippers at home!

There is only a little slight smell, it should be gone for two days ~ This price is not worth it than its quality ~

This pair of wool shoes and shoes are relatively hard, it is rolled




, I don’t feel good at my hands ~


Magic stickers can be adjusted and loose,

Suitable for sisters with high back ~

But this pair


Small shoe shape

, Different from the same numbering number in front!

The inside is thin and the shoes are lighter,


The glue traces at the bottom are not obvious but can be touched.

The taste is also a bit of smell but within the acceptable range.

The two pairs are similar, these pairs are more cost -effective than the previous pair!

These thick heel boots


Cortical is soft

, It’s more comfortable to touch ~ Shoes are thin,


Sisters who are not suitable for fleshy and back, will squeeze your feet when you wear it ~

The details of the wiring are pretty good, but

Boot mouth is tight

Wearing it is easy to wrinkle at the ankle, the three of us felt a little tight on the ankle!

There is a thin velvet inside, which is more suitable for sisters who are in late autumn and early winter or often staying in the office ~

It may be a bit cold to wear outdoors, and the thick heel is relatively stable and walks ~

The taste is also acceptable leather flavor. None of these pairs of wiring and shoe types must be said!

The only disadvantage is that the boots are tight, otherwise you can give five stars ~


These shoes are very stiff as a whole, and the cortex is hard.


It feels like walking is easy to wrinkle.

Tobacco boots are compared



The rope is the fake skin.

The elastic band on the left and right sides is very hard, and the elasticity is okay!

Double -layer thickened soles

, Put on a quiet Mimi to increase ~

The inside is thin, and there is no velvet at the tight belt ~ but


The velvet will be dropped inside, and a lot of hair is touched on the socks!

The details of the details are a little bit line, and the taste is also a flavor, which is acceptable.


The deduction is mainly in the inside.



That’s it for today’s evaluation


Don’t step on the thunder for sisters

I got the boss!

Don’t forget to give us a lot of praise ~