Interactive mini -games suitable for couples can enhance feelings


In addition to eating and watching movies, there are many interesting things to do in addition to eating and watching movies. For example Memories. So, which games are suitable for couples to interact? Let ’s take a look at 12 interactive mini -games that are suitable for couples to enhance emotional weapons with the editor of the Wedding Expo.

1. Voice for passersby

When two people are sitting on the street or in the store, they can dubize for passers -by and imitate their inner thoughts.

2. The stone scissors on the tip of the tongue

This game is called: “The stone scissors on the tip of the tongue”, the preparation posture is a normal kiss, because the two are closed their mouths, so you have to hum a “stone scissors cloth” together. The stone is shut up, the scissors are extended out of the tongue, the cloth is opened gently, playing this game, the atmosphere will slowly get hot, so you must play in a private space.

3. Two -point method of guessing words

Limited to a category, each thinks one word, and then asked the question of yes or no, and guess what the other party thinks. There are intelligent challenges, and sometimes it feels very good when it feels tacit. This is definitely the most time -consuming and most addictive mini -game.

4. Sitting up and flirting

Yes, this is a couple’s game, not physical exercise. If you want to blame Korean dramas. But one person sitting on another person’s leg and sitting up at the moment of sitting up, the atmosphere of the atmosphere between the couple is really able to create the atmosphere of the couple ~

5. Taking cards and undressing

As the name suggests, whoever loses will take off a piece of clothes until the two take off. Don’t ask me after I take off, it is not good to do something to do something!

6. Wire wrist

The rules of this game need to be changed. Boys use their fingers to pull their wrists with their girlfriends, and increase the difficulty ~ You can also press the chips.

7, role -playing

When quarreling, just play this game. Two people play the opponent when they just quarreled with each other. You say his lines, he says your lines, whether it is tone or action, you must imitate. This is too awkward. How can you be so arrogant just now, and then you will definitely laugh, and naturally you will reconcile. A must -have game.

8. Draw a portrait for the other party

It’s just interesting to paint! This is a process that is very quiet and suitable for observing the other party, and may be discovering different beauty.

9. Pillow battle

Tear the pillow open a small opening and hit each other, and cut off all the pillow cores.

适合情侣玩的互动小游戏 可以增进感情哦

10. Improve each other

When you quarrel with your lover, imitate the other person’s tone to ensure that you can’t quarrel.

11. Painting lipstick

Now girls are very enthusiastic about slogans. As a straight male and male friends, they are popular for their little babies. When they are in close contact, both sides must have a heartbeat, and they are filled with ambiguous atmosphere.

12. Interesting dice

When it comes to God Horse to be a god horse, it is almost ashamed. It is best to play in the private space.

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