Six popular front filters evaluation: Is it IQ and taxation or not to expect it?


Recently, many friends are consulting the “front filter” question. As the first threshold for household water, the first threshold [front filter] finds that many friends do not pay attention. Some friends think that it is an IQ tax product.


Therefore, today I specially found 6 popular front filters in the market, while evaluating while solving everyone’s problems.

Let me summarize some issues that everyone cares about here:

1. How about the water filtered out of the front filter, can you drink it directly?

Many friends compared the [front filter] with [direct drinking water purifier], which caused misunderstandings for IQ tax.

In fact, the role of the front filter is to filter the home with water at home. After the tap water enters the house, the first impurities are filtered. Rough filter filtering does not have a direct drinking effect and cannot be directly consumed. This is to protect the safety of water -related water -related appliances, such as water heaters, direct drinking water purifiers, washing machines, smart toilets, etc.

2. After installing the front filter, will it affect the water pressure at home?

Normal tap water pressure is about 0.15MPa, which will be affected by the water pressure at home by the floor height and peak water time. Any influence. Some front filters have been improved in water flow flow. The water flux reaches 4 tons/hour, 5 tons/hour or 6 tons/hour. If you are worried that the water pressure can be selected in large amount.

If the water pressure at home is small, a booster pump is required.


3. What is the flushing, will it cause blockage?

This big can be rest assured. Choose the most reliable roll -breaking method. Generally, impurities will be easily dropped. Some of the impurities with strong adhesion. By scraping through all -round scrape, the impurities on the filter and filter bottle are directly scraped out. So there is no need to change the filter element at all.

Of course, so many mouthfuls are not reliable. In order to better answer questions, they specially selected 6 relatively hot -selling front filter products on the market, and completely eliminated consumer doubts through evaluation. These six paragraphs include

: Haier HP05, Qinyuan FMP308, 3M BFS3-40G, BKA S10W, Midea 12 and Whitton W0038.

These six models can actually be divided into two major factions:


first of all

Haier, Mei, Qinyuan

Mixed talks, the three started at the same time in the field of electrical appliances, and the product configuration process and quality are not much different, so three popular models are found here.

Followed by


Wholton, BKA and 3M

For one faction, these three are mainly wins in quality. Compared with the above -mentioned factions and configurations, they are better and more suitable for friends who are pursuing life.

And the starting lines of these six models are not large. The basic configurations of materials, filter materials, and flushing techniques are similar, and they are newly launched products in recent years, which are different from traditional large blue bottle filtering.


Well, not much nonsense, evaluate whether these 6 models are in IQ taxes or deputy in the above -mentioned questions. (Simply sort out the issues that friends care about, respectively:

Parameter flux, flushing process, material, additional function



Parameter flux 丨 accuracy and how much traffic is appropriate

The accuracy of the filter from the table is all

40 micrometers

There is no way to do this in China. It can only be suitable for filters with a accuracy of 40 microns. The filter is too large to filter the effect, and it will lose its own meaning; and the filter is too small to block I can’t hold it, so I can’t help it,


Like the early 3M front, it is 103 microns


, But now you see where there are still such a big accuracy.


The traffic is very different, 4 tons, 4.5 tons,

Even BKA has reached 5 tons and 6 tons,

And like Midea’s 12 and Haier HP05 have been upgraded from the original 4T to 4.5T a few days ago, why is there such a large demand for traffic?

In fact, mainly adaptability

, I have specially consulted the manufacturers. It is mainly a large and severity that can adapt to various complicated units and water pressure conditions. Users who like large units, high -level and secondary water supply phenomena will face the phenomenon of unstable water pressure. At this time, if it is at this time 3T’s traffic believes that your home is equivalent to a decompression pump. It is necessary to replace who is not troublesome, so a large and smooth front filter is necessary.

These six models are more than 4T except 3M.


And BKA has reached 5T, which can be more suitable for different units and water pressure


The rinse technology 丨 Which is more practical?

The six -type backwash technology is very different. The most common is that it is matched

Anti -rinse+double -sided scraping

The method is slightly gapd in details, and the gap between some auxiliary flushing functions.


Three models like beauty, Qinyuan and Haier,

The overall process is not much different from the flushing technology

, They are all rushing backwashing. The external pressure design is added on the basis of ordinary internal pressure. The 360 ​​-degree rinse effect is very good. and

Both are attached with double -sided scrapers


The two layers of the filter filter to easily scrape the impurities, which also eliminates the trouble of disassembling.


As for the second difference, the overall technology and flushing technology are better than the first faction.

And not only the rinse effect is better, but also more thorough.


Wyrton’s spin flow and 3M vortex flushing


In the technical field, one of the best designs. Both of them are rotated by high -speed rotation between the filter bottle filter to achieve the purpose of cleaning impurities, and they are rushed quickly, especially the pollution, which is more transparent than the traditional pollution method.

But BKA’s German Workers Experience 3.0 Rinsence Technology

I really feel that I am competent for the seventh -generation rinsee technology. Compared with the two models, one is still in the old society, and one has entered the new century.

Compared with the technology of the previous two generations, it is in


Internal and external filter bottles and filters

After all the efforts, the siphon, double -sided scraping, and 360 surrounds were gathered. While improving the efficiency, it can also ensure the quality. When used, it can clearly feel the tidyness of small impurities.

And everyone must understand a question,

For a large amount of prefix, its rinse must be clean

If you want fast traffic, you must not be blocked. This point BKA is quite good. The double -sided scraping strip uses a rectangular complementary soft scraping design, which is different from the integrated scraper. The thick scraping design can independently deeply scrape the surface of the filter surface and the inner wall colloid and viscosity impurities of the filter bottle. The scraping effect is better.


At the same time, this model also has a special feature for large traffic:

SMART FIT Stabilization Technology


This configuration is estimated to be unique in the front, which can adapt to the water consumption of the whole house to achieve the effect of stabilizing and not expense water. This is not a little bit to find that it is easy to use through the actual measurement.


Material 丨 Safe, life is the most important

Three places are the most important: tube port/bottle body/filter

These three places have to suffer all their own water quality.



31616 rust steel

There is no comparison, the best thing at present is it.

The pipe mouth is very important because it involves the long -term contact of the water source and water pipes. One is that it will not affect the water quality without corrosion. Like these models, lead -free copper materials are added. Wyrton and Haier have two models.


The overall effect will be better.

In addition, the bottle body represents its life and safety. In fact, I only see a Qinyuan and BKA. Qinyuan This 308 is a food -grade filter bottle design. In terms of water quality, it is indeed guaranteed.

And BKA is

“Aerospace -level polymer filter bottle”

Different from several other polymer filter bottles, aerospace -level represents higher test standards, such as pressure, anti -freezing, water hammers, etc. are the maximum tests, so it is discussed


Safety and durability

This BKA’s S10W is definitely the best.

Additional functions 丨 convenient and most important

In fact, this summary is that friends ask less, but this happens to be the most practical.

The current front filter is not much functional due to volume technical reasons. The front of the past few years was almost a bare bottle body and shell, and it was eager to look at it.


Like 3M, a bottle is alive, but who makes people quality?

With the development, except for the other five of the 3M

Pressure gauge, memory dial

Function, one of the two can detect water pressure to avoid losses. One can check the flushing records at any time to facilitate the next sewage discharge. Compared with the bald bottle body, it will be a lot practical.

And watching BKA, there are two more interesting configurations

: Wanxiang valve and opaque bottle body

Essence The biggest effect of the universal valve body is good adaptability and can adapt to different decoration environments. Especially the home pipes at home are staggered. The horizontal and vertical water pipes can be installed, which is quite convenient and practical.


“Visual protective cover”

This belongs to the details. Many friends will feedback the pipeline of the house, open -air, and will the front sun be exposed, will it cause a long moss in it? This answer is definitely possible. So if you have this situation, you must choose an opaque bottle or this

The front filter can protect its internal safety and hygiene to the greatest extent.

Summary comparison

The performance of these six models is actually in line with the labels of popular models, but there is still a small gap if it is used for evaluation.

The overall gap between Midea, Qinyuan, and Haier is not large. Midea’s 12 wins are in dual filter design, and the flushing effect is very good; Qinyuan is surrounded by food -grade filter bottles, and its safety is excellent; Haier HP05 has a special configuration in the material process.


And 3M, Whitton, and BKA don’t look at quality, but 3M is better than its craftsmanship, and the functions are relatively backward; Whistoraltin is more novel

As for BKA, its flux is large, and the flushing technology is still in Germany 3.0. Material aerospace -level polymer filter bottles, even additional functions need to increase the universal valve and opaque design on it.

I dare not say that its quality and cost -effectiveness are the best. In terms of “adaptability”, BKA’s S10W is very good. If you are worried that it is not good to install and water pressure, this must be the best choice.

“Visual protective cover”